Sunday, September 27, 2009

craft show

I am so sorry it has taken me over a month to post. I have been busy trying to finish up things for the craft show that was held this past weekend. Now that it is over I can hopefully get back to normal. My room, craft room that is, looks like a bomb went off. I have patterns all over that need to be put back in their folders. I have remnant balls of thread that I have no idea what to do with as they are probably odd dye lots. I think I need a bigger room. As for the show it went very well. I am always happy when no one tries to talk me down. Anyway I thought I would blog before I get on JoAnn's to see if maybe my thread would be on sale. If not I guess I will have to wait. I posted some pics of my display for you guys to take a look at. Oh yeah by the way all of the doilies pictures I have posted, I sold... you can click on the pictures for a closer look(so cool). I sold quite a few of my doilies and I am going to have to work some thread and hooks to replace the ones that are gone. So I guess I am still going to be busy. But I like it!


Fran, said...

Great job Vikki... I know that you do beautiful work, people can see that, so why try and talk you done.
Yeppie, for a your wonderful day.
Go more tread! LOL

pattas said...

I have to say "Stunning " beautiful work you are blessed with a wonderful eye for detail :))