Friday, August 28, 2015

UPDATE on DMC threads LAST 3 DAYS before price increase....

Good morning...better hurry up and get this done as in a few minutes it will be afternoon...and I am still in my pajama pants.  Going to be one of those days.

Ok here is the update on the BABYLO thread...I won't have it in my hands until more like the end of September.  Boo Hoo....but I have been crunching numbers and trying to figure out what the cost will be...and I believe it will be about the same as Cebelia.  Which brings me to my next topic...the price will be going up..not my fault..with that in mind I am going to change the way I offer it to my customers...I am going to sell it by the ball..the reason for this you ask...I think maybe it will be easier for someone to buy thread if they don't have to by a 5 ball lot.  If one wants they can still do that...I will guarantee 5 ball lots to have the same dye lot...for those larger projects..I just can't make that guarantee for those that want 2 or 3 of a color...I will try to get the same dye lot..just can't make that promise.  I am hoping this helps threadies that want to use Cebelia, but don't need 5 balls...BabyLo will be offered by the ball also...makes it easier for me to do it this way...and this way people can mix and match colors..or even do both Babylo and with all that being said...on September 1st...Cebelia will be sold by the a price of $4.35 + shipping....

So for those that hoard thread...this is the last weekend for you to get Cebelia thread at $4.00 a ball ( I am doing mix and match colors)....but you have to contact me.  You can get in touch with me through Etsy...   look me up on facebook Byhooks4u and message me or shoot me an email at  

May you have a wonderful and blessed weekend...I look forward to hearing from you..

Sunday, August 23, 2015

I am really liking black doilies...

Good Morning.. I just finished this one is from Year of Doilies book 2....

This was a little hard to block.  I looked at the pic really good in the book and the stitches appeared to be loose and not pulled tight..I needed to do that because it wasn't blocking really well when I tried to smooth everything went all weird shaped..  I like the black doilies..I like the way they extreme..maybe it is just because we don't see so many of them..and most of us started crocheting when the norm was white or ecru...

I also want to remind those of you who use DMC Cebelia  that DMC has raised their prices...I am holding off raising mine until  the first of September when I put in my next order.  It is then that I will have to pay the price increase.  I started selling this thread because I couldn't find it in colors in any of the stores around here.  It was at this time I decided that wouldn't try to make a profit, but to just keep in the hands of those who like me love a good quality thread.  So you have about a week until I have to raise my price...I will even do a mix and match of colors long as you get 5 balls I will send it to you at the price of a box..which is $20.00 + postage until September can get in touch with me through Etsy..facebook(byhooks4u) or email

I also want to do a shout out to those living in the west that are having to deal with wildfires, smoke, and all that goes with having to be aware and ready to leave...I pray that you are safe, your families are safe, and that you and your families are able to walk away untouched... 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Frog, Stitch and Stash

Good Morning...I meant to get started a little earlier today.  It just doesn't happen.  I get sidetracked so badly anymore that it is just a lesson in frustration to have a from now on I am just going to wing it..

I received these in the mail the other day...these are LeeWard Hooks..I like my Boye hooks...but these...see the long shaft?  These are made in Japan..I think prior WWII..don't quote me on that..
This is my second set...the first set has a hook missing..I love these hooks.  They just glide.  If you have vintage Boye hooks..and like would love these..

 This is in the frog pond...I do not know what happened here...tore our about 3 rows..and it is still messed up...I don't usually have have made this pattern many I know it is not the pattern...but it is in the frog pond..
Here are my WIPs (works in Progress)  on top..a tablecloth..that has not moved from row 56 for a very long the silver bowl..a halloween doily that I started last night...and in the other bowl with white thread is a pineapple runner..I must buckle down and get this one finished as it is a customer order..

Just finished this up last night...believe it or not ..this is the same doily ..just on different backgrounds...the color is the frogged one...#745 on DMC color chart..weird how different it looks..
I received this in the mail the other day along with a bunch of other books...this is one I already have so I am going to list it in my Etsy shop..but if you are interested let me know ...I am thinking $15.00 plus shipping..Oh Yeah I also have  
Pineapple Elegance..a Kristoffersen pattern book..that I have an extra of...thinking $15.00 for it also...send me an email   if you are interested...

Just a reminder...DMC is raising their prices again....I am holding off raising mine until the end of this month...when I place my next order....

Thanks for stopping by...hoping I didn't bore you too much...many blessings...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Good afternoon...I am trying to get things done and it seems I am getting nowhere fast..somedays are like that..I did finish this ....

It is a pattern from one of my Japanese books..I have realized that I crochet much slower from a diagram..and my eye muscles hurt after awhile.  I have started making copies of the pattern and use a highlighter to keep track of the rows that I am on..had to get a good magnifying I could see the stitches..and sometimes that doesn't even help..there are 36 rows to this two rows are the same.  I am finding this to be true in quite a few of the patterns I have done out of this one book..this one is made with DMC Cebelia #10..and is white..  oh yeah don't forget the price will be going up at the end of the month for those of you who purchase thread from me....anyway the finished size is 25 inches from corner to corner and 19 across.  

I got some pattern books in the mail today..some of which I already I think I may list them at my shop later in the week...anyway..thanks for stopping by..may you all have a blessed week.

Friday, August 7, 2015

DMC Cebelia prices going up

Good afternoon...I am going to keep this short.  DMC has raised their prices on Cebelia thread...with that being said I am not going to raise my prices until the end of August so that those of you who buy thread from me can make an order before the price increase of 50 cents a ball....that is 2.00 a box...  Until the end of August my price will remain the $20.00.  and until the end of August I will mix boxes of if you want a ball of yellow, a ball of red and 3 other colors..I will price the order of 5 balls at the box price...I cannot ensure dye lots on the mixed thread....but can of the box of 5 of one color..... so now is the time to order your thread..before the price goes up....

To place an order of a mixed box you will have to contact me..through etsy's contact seller  button.  If you follow my facebook page you can message me from facebook.   Look me up on facebook  ByHooks4u if you don't want to go through Etsy .  Have a great weekend

Monday, August 3, 2015

And the light goes out.....

Hi everyone hope everything is going well in your part of the world.  I got myself up early..even put some clothes on...combed my hair, washed my face...all so I could run out to Lowes to find an ott lamp bulb.  I was in the middle of making this ....
When my bulb in my ott lamp decided to die....notice the black thread....almost impossible to work with black under a normal light.  So I get online thinking I could just order one...nope ..there are too many replacement bulbs with too many different numbers...and the price..crazy..I could almost buy a new I posted my dilema on a facebook group..and someone suggested Lowes and any other store you might want to go to is a half hour drive there is an hour of my hooking time gone....But being the smart girl that I am I took my bulb with me..and lo and behold Lowe's did have my bulb!! and it was only $10.00....and I was checking out their ott lamps....yep half the price of JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby....just saying....

So this doily is an Ann White of BellaCrochet....a free pattern...and it is quickly turning into one of my go to up quickly...anyway..I used Cebelia black #310 and yellow..I call marigold and a shaded orange Lizbeth thread....Oh I was cleaning up my room and I found a box...loaded with Lizbeth thread...about 100 balls....all brand spanking new.....I need to clean more often....

I am trying to make room on my shelves for the DMC  Babylo thread...I got to looking through my stuff, needless to say, I have stuff...and then there is the stuff that I thought I would make...I have stuff that I have started to make....and then there is the stuff I didn't even know I had.  I have more than enough I am seriously thinking about doing some select destuffing....just in the thinking stages right now.   I think on that note I am going to grab a hook and think about what I am going to make with my stuff...many blessings to you

Monday, July 27, 2015

So Excited..a new thread adventure

Good Morning..I hope all is well in your world.  It is hot and humid in mine so I am staying indoors.  Don't let me fool you..I stay inside most of the time.  The heat and humidity just gives me more of an excuse to grab a hook.  I did finish one doily last week..and I am working on a runner I hope to have finished sometime this week..and maybe start another one..both are customer requests..I like the requests as I don't have to decide what pattern or color to can take me a long time to decide what to do and what color to do it in. 

I made this doily with DMC Cebelia thread..color #842..kind of a brown taupe color, the flowers are made with #754..a peach..and well the dark brown is a discontinued color..that I have just a few balls of..Speaking of balls of colors...I am excited here..
Hopefully by the first of September I will be carrying BABYLO thread..made by DMC...and yes I will still carry Cebelia..but here is some info on the babylo and then I think you will see why I want to have it...DMC Babylo is a singed by flame and twice mercerized which gives it its strength and softness, and silky, clean and even finish.  Strong and easy to work with this thread offers 4 thicknesses, and up to 47...yes..47 colors..size 10 comes in 50 gram balls, 292 yards a is also 100% long staple cotton..
I won't be able to carry all the colors right away as I don't have that kind of money, but if all goes well I hope to eventually have them all..and yes only size 10 for now...  Until now this thread has not been available in the states..  I will be selling babylo by the ball..I will keep you informed...and wish me luck..;

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Good Morning...I was looking for my go to pattern book..I couldn't find it anywhere.  I looked in all my binders..I mean ALL my binders (that is alot)..looked by my hooking chair..looked on and in all the end tables..looked on every shelf in my craft room..tore this house apart looking for it.  It just what do I do?  I got on Ebay..yes they had it now..yep I surely did...and it got here really after I made to follow...if you have visited me much you probably have figured out which pattern I am talking about..So after making these..I go into my craft room..which has been cleaned up after the is on the I have to clean up after myself..anyway...there is the pattern book....I know it wasn't there last I have mailed out orders of thread and a doily or two using that very spot.....weird..just plain weird...Oh yeah..I thought I lost my driver's license...I did..and after I had to pay to replace the one I lost....guess what ...2 not 1 but 2 licenses show up on top of my is expired..the other is the one I thought I lost...two freaking years ago!!!! is my go to pattern...made with white DMC is with a 6 boye hook, and the other is done with a 7 hook....why did I change hooks?  I think my chair ate the 6 will show up sooner or later.   I am going to be making a thread if you want something from the DMC line that I don't currently a color in #20 or 30 let me know and I will order it for you..or traditions, or cordonnet..perle cottons.     You can shoot me an email at or contact me through my store or I guess you could even leave me a comment here...Have a wonderfully blessed week...

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

No ripping this week

Good Afternoon....I am going to keep this short life has quieted chatterboxes or bored 13 year olds so we are back to normal.  I finished this up the other it blocked yesterday.  I am so proud of myself for not letting the blocking go..if you all remember I had a bad habit of not blocking and before I knew it I had a stack to do...I still don't like blocking, but if I just bite the bullet and do doesn't seem so bad.   This doily is called Pineapple Song.  It is a Patricia Kristoffersen of my favorites...I made it in DMC Cebelia..cream #712.   You can find the thread here

Have a wonderful week

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Good afternoon...sorry I have been awol, but I had my 13 year old grandson for a couple of weeks.  I am not used to having any one around me everyday all see I am a railroader's wife.  I don't usually have to cook and feed someone everyday.  You do have to feed 13 year old boys...ALOT!  I think they tell time by the meals they eat...I am not used to having someone around that gets bored..what is that..being bored?  I don't get bored..there is always something to got out the card table pulled out the jigsaw know the big ones..1000 pieces ...he got my daughter who was down for a visit from Cleveland, help get the edges together..thinking it might help him stay motivated..well we thought wrong..the puzzle went no further...he asked me to teach him to crochet...ok..this is my wheel problem right?  Ok first of all he is a lefty...but we got the chain down..and maybe a version of the single crochet stitch..then he thought he was ready to make doilies...he wanted to be able to do it all and when he realized that it was all a learning process..gave up on being the grandma that I am thought a trip to the library and maybe a book or two to read....once we got there..he informed me that he didn't like to he left without a I left with 5.....He said he like to cook...ok...found out the only thing he likes to cook are desserts.....grandpa came home and finally...found something that he grandpa and him rearranged my living room...putting the couch right in front of the tv...I let that go for awhile..until I realized I was living with not 1 but 2 couch potatoes....Yes..I pulled the plug..literally......pulled the gaming...until they did something..mow the lawn..grab a broom or dust rag..something.....Oh you know 13 year olds talk alot?...well they make noise..I started shutting it out after awhile...I think everything that came into his head came out it mouth....oh well....made me think of my I used to go over to her house alot...and I loved spending time with her...and did she go through what I just went through with know...if she did she never said a word...just gave me a rag and some windex and had me wash windows!!!  I hope that I showed my grandson love and that he felt love...I do love him and know that someday his life will get too busy to visit his I say a prayer of thanks, and for God to take the reins everytime my grandkids come for visits....

But, I did get this finished up..I don't usually have to rip out because of count is usually right..but for some silly reason I was distracted and had to fix mistakes..It is finished and blocked....took alot more thread than what I is one of the patterns out of my japanese book ...see last I had to guess...took over 3 balls of DMC Cebelia...size 10.  It is 33 inches across....

Have a wonderful 4th of July.    

Monday, June 22, 2015

It's here!!! It is finally here...

I was stalking my mailbox all last week...well at least until last Wednesday..until it arrived...Thank you Jennie Gaskin of Country Yarns (  for looking through her stash of Japanese pattern books just for me....she had two of these..and so kindly said she would help me out...I have been looking for this book for a couple of years.  I wouldn't have known about it except for a dear know who you are...sent me pics of doilies..and a pic of the book they were in...and if you know me..I am a pattern hound...if I want it I will find it...or someone will help me find it..again..thank you Jennie from the bottom of my heart...ok before  I post pics from the book, you have to scroll through lasts weeks accomplishments...all of them are they are finished and ready to go to their new homes... that you have looked at what I finished up....onto what you are really waiting for....these are just some of the projects in this awesome book....enjoy.....

 Now I just have to finish up what is already on my that is going to happen....decisions decisions..what to make first..what color?   

Monday, June 15, 2015

tablecloths, butterflies, and a book.....

It has been awhile since I have posted anything..just in a slump I guess.  The weather is hot and humid..we could really use a day of nice and easy rain...I know some of you have had more than enough of it.  

I am still making my tablecloth...but I have had to put it on the back burner until I get a few orders done..

It is coming along but slowly..I like this pattern as I can sit it down and not lose my place..something to be said for that.

I have an order for two in white, the other in #712 (creme) both in DMC they are done..I also have received a couple of orders for those name thingys.  I am not sure what they are called..I think at one time they were know during the time there were community ovens..put your breadcloth on your bread when it got pulled out ....
Also received and order for those pineapple chair protectors for the arms of store has been really slow so this will help keep my hobby going.
Oh yes,  I almost forgot..someone found this book for me in their stash...she had 2 of she graciously has sold it to me..
I have been looking for this book for almost 2 years, so I am happy to be getting it in my hands..there is a tablecloth in this book that is just one of the prettiest I have ever laid my eyes I am stalking my mailbox later this excited to be getting my hands on it.
That's it for now..thank you for all stopping by and reading my thoughts..have a blessed week.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Looking for this and starting that.....

Good Morning...I hope all is well in your world.  I went to Branson Missouri.  Had a wonderful time with my mom, my sister, and mother-in-law.  We went to a few shows, ate out, played cards and dominoes..all in all a great time.  If you get the opportunity, NOAH..if the play is in or near your is a must see...

ON the crochet front....I am and have been looking for this book for a little over a year.  If anyone has a copy, or knows where I can get my hands on this baby I would be most happy..well as long as it isn't crazy prices in the know how some really over charge for an out of print book...but if you see this book in your travels..please please let me know..

 The book is called It's Flowery*Crochet Lace and is an Ondori Publication...I think it was printed in 1998....I wish the pics were better but I can't get the ones off facebook to come over to my not tech savy....

This is my latest project..the only thing I have on my hook right now...You and I both know that will change as this is a big project and I need some self gratification.  I am making this in ecru DMC Cebelia...I think it will take 10-15 balls..maybe more..we will see.  I plan on making this for my table.  It is a pattern that I think I can pretty much stop as it looks to repeat..with some small variations here and there.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by..and have a blessed week.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Looking for a new T-shirt and feel good about yourself?

Good afternoon everyone..sorry I have been so out of touch, but truly I have been busy..not sure doing what..but my time seems to just disappear.

My youngest daughter and her husband are back on the merry go round for adopting another child...if anyone knows the cycle it can be quite expensive and it is not unusual to have fundraisers to help with the if you are looking for a new t is a link    My grandchild is out there somewhere just waiting for my hug......

I made this last her is made with DMC cebelia size 10..and cream is the color is a Patricia Kristoffersen design...-

Ovals patterns are hard to find and this one is just gorgeous...

I am heading out to Branson Missouri with my mom, mother-in-law, and sister this Saturday...going to be gone for about a week....leaving Buddy at the Pet Spa..and hubby is gonna miss  This should be sister just took up knitting..but she is a phenom...and wants to go to some shop down there that sells a certain needle..and has Cebelia thread..that was her hook to get me to go with her....I think she forgot that I sell it and already have quite a stash...yep going to be fun...anyway...may you all have a blessed week.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Good Morning..Not much is going on in my world.  I went up north and had a short visit with my mom and with two of my daughters over the weekend.  Went garage selling over the weekend and found an old treadle sewing machine.  I wouldn't have bought it except that it worked, and had the wooden cover for the machine.  The only thing is I didn't take the truck up, but took the car.  So I couldn't get it back to my it is sitting at my daughter's home in her son in law tried, measured and remeasured and no matter what the thing wouldn't fit.  I wish I would have taken pics so I could show it will just have to wait until they either come down or I can go up with the truck...darn..should have planned better.

On my hook right a tablecloth and an oval runner..oh yeah and the filet of the last supper.  I did finish up 2 purple doilies..made with dmc cebelia size 10 and the color is 210..and can be found in my shop

The pattern can be found in Mary's Doilies....these are already sold..

I got a new computer so I am trying to get used to is weird how things can be so different.  I went to Dell as they can still give me windows 7.  Hubby has windows 8 on his laptop..and I really don't like I was tickled to be able to get windows 7...with a free upgrade to windows 10 or 11 if I choose.  

Well I guess that is all I have got for plan if I stick to it is to get my floors mopped and maybe a load or two of laundry We really need to get the garage cleaned out..garbage clean up day is Wednesday and the village will pick up all our trash, except for paints and tires and I figure I might as well get the garage cleaned out..hubby is more of a hoarder than I least my hoard is somewhat organized..anyway..have a great day and enjoy moving the hook.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Got some magazines? I am destashing

We got back from Florida last Friday and this is the first day that I don't have to run out to do one thing or another...So it is my first pajama day in like 2 weeks.  You guys know how much I love pajama day..I have missed it.  

I went through my crochet magazines and pattern books in order to make room for more of my stash of crochet stuff...I surprised myself that I didn't have more doubles of pattern books..but I did find I have doubles of magazines..and even a triple of one. So thinking to myself..I could list them in my shop one at a time...or I could take photos and offer them to you blog followers in lots at a reasonable pay postage..I can't figure that in until I know zip if you are interested either leave me a comment with an email address and I will get back to you as quickly as I can..

As far as the crochet front goes...I have 3 yes 3 projects going at one time...A filet of The Last Supper..started in Florida, a tablecloth frogged and started a different pattern, and a spiral doily, so I would have something to finish ..the other 2 are big projects and I have to satisfy the need in me to finish something once in awhile.....

Here are the pics of the magazines if you are interested.........
Crochet Fantasy..4 special publications and volume numbers 5,11,29,43,45,124,128,132,133,172,173,177
asking 35.00

Decorative Crochet
volumes 42,30,24,19,32,27 (2 of 27) and 28..also in this lot Annies Newsletter #50
Quick and easy crochet Jan 1998,  and finally Hooked on Crochet #18
asking $25.00
Last but not least...alot of Workbasket magazines...I didn't want to mess with these as some of these are in rough shape.
I am thinking $12.00

So if you are interested please leave me a comment or send an email to a blessed week

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Don't move your head....

I have been dealing with vertigo for about a month now..went to the physical therapist and had my head moved trying to get the stuff inside my head back where it is supposed to be...tells me not to move my head for the next 12-18 hours..ok..I have to drive home..moving head...getting out of the truck...moving head....drinking a glass of ice tea....moving head...I think you get the picture...

this is my next project...started it last night...
I finished this up last it blocked yesterday..took pics today..moving head...I made this with a color that has been discontinued #619 if you want to look it up on DMC chart.  It is darker than cream, but lighter than tan...I love this color..I don't know why they stopped making it.  The pattern is from an old time crochet magazine, but I think you can find the pattern for free at one of those sites that have the free's love of crochet..going to be listing it in my shop..I think..

Isn't this just a beautiful pattern?