Friday, July 8, 2016

One Proud grandma!!!

I haven't been moving the hook too much in the past 3 weeks...I have my oldest grandson with me.  He just turned 14.  I am blessed beyond measure because he wants to be here.  Someday he will be too old for his grandma and his life will be busy so I am truly enjoying the time I have with him.  I did get this name thingy done for a customer..and while I was making it may grandson stood behind me...and yes it drove me crazy...I didn't know he was watching and learning...He asked if I had any extra crochet stuff, so I dug him out a ball of yarn and a hook....he wanted thread and a small hook...we did start out with it, but he soon realized he wasn't quite ready for it.  So with the yarn I was gob stopped shocked....he is a lefty and since he has been about 4 or 5 he wanted to help me...and I tried teaching..we got as far as a chain...every year he comes down and every year we go through the learning of crochet...well this year by George he got it!!!! well kind of...but he got it!!! I have posted pics of his wrist bands...he did them all by himself while watching tv !!!! So yes I am one proud grandma...his dad may have a problem with it, but his grandma....NOT!! 

The name thingy (Breadcloth) is made with DMC #20 thread, and is color 3033 (taupe)...I make these by requests can contact me at for more information ...

Thanks for stopping by..yep one proud gma!!!

Friday, June 24, 2016

I am drinking my first cup of tea this morning and realize I haven't blogged for about a here goes...It has been a wonderful week...I have a new grandson!!!!  Megan my youngest daughter and her family have been blessed with the adoption of a new child.  Meg and her family have been waiting for this baby for at least a year now.  If you or someone you know have been down the adoption road, you know how rocky this road is.  So praise be that our family has grown.  I haven't met him yet..but I am working on getting up there to meet him.   I would post a pic of him...but me techno challenge...the pics are in my phone...and I am on my laptop..not sure how to get them from one place to that's for another day....Trust me he is just as handsome as his brothers...and I love him although I have yet to meet him.

Ok here is last's weeks is a pattern design by Cylinda Mathews, Crochet Memories...
This was a CAL from a few months ago,  but I just got around to doing it.   I like this girl's designs, very well written and easy to follow along.. she has a website  Crochet can find her patterns there..she also has a facebook page... this doily is approx. 22 inches across and has 13 flowers, made with DMC Cebelia thread and Lizbeth.

I tested another pattern but it has to be blocked, and pictures taken and sent to Grace before posting pics on here.  So check back in a few days, I may have it posted by then.  One can only hope.

My oldest grandson has been visiting since last you know you have to feed teenagers?  If you don't they remind you...and start planning meals from the minute they get up?  Did you know boys eat a lot and I mean a lot more than girls?  Just a heads up...

IF you need thread or are looking for a really nice thread be sure to check my shop out.  I also have pattern books from my destashing effort...I still have some to list... you can find me here 

have a wonderful weekend..and be sure to find the joy and count your blessings...

Monday, June 13, 2016

Pattern Testing

Wow it is hot here in Southern what can I possible do all day long?  Yep...I am hooking it. I have a tablecloth, a flowered doily, a runner and a test pattern on my hook.  If you know me you know when I have this many things going...that I tend to freeze up.  But I am doing ok with it.

I finished this up over the is a test pattern.  The pattern was designed by Grace Fearon...the name of the doily is IVY...You can find her on Ravelry.  Not sure if she has this pattern up for sale yet, but she has others that she offers. 

Let me tell you about this is not...repeat not for the beginner..I would say it is for the experienced who has full knowledge of all stitches..and understand the lingo.  Remember not every designer uses the same words in the same order....I no problem with the instructions, but did have to slow down and read the instructions all together...but it is a wonderful design.  I feel that Grace is a wonderful designer.  I love PK designs with texturing stitches..and Grace is right up there with Patricia Kristoffersen in her designs...and looking forward to more from her. 

I used a LeeWards #6 hook, DMC Cebelia #3033, size 10 thread....the color doesn't show up well...

anyway I hope you all have a great week...

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wow...I can't believe it has been a month since I last posted..goodness the older I get the faster time flies.  I have been telling myself I need to get my to my blog for at least a week or two.  I try to read some blogs and blogger says page JO and Moe...please know that I am trying to stay in touch...OK..what is new in my world...not a whole lot.. Went to Florida with my mom and one of my sisters to visit another sister.  That was a fun sister has never flown before.  She really made me laugh..Mom broke her foot a few weeks back, so she was wheeled around in a wheelchair..found out she has trust we are going to run her into something on purpose..Hey I will be honest get a lot of help getting through the airport, ticket and security if you are in a wheelchair...I highly recommend it..

I got home from my trip and found that I had a couple of big boxes of DMC thread waiting for me.   Of course it is Cebelia...but there was a box of BABYLo......brand new colors!!! The colors are awesome....I can't remember who suggested I look into Babylo..but thank you whoever you are...I love this thread...It is right up there with Cebelia...

I moved in April....To be really honest...I am not sure I like where I am at.  It is only temporary, but I need just a little more space.  I can't seem to get my craft room organized and together....I need help...seems like it is just there..some of it is still in the important stuff thread, hooks, and patterns...but the rest...not so much...

Hey if you get a minute ...check out the is in my shop

I am still destashing my pattern books and am listing more as I find them...also as always DMC Cebelia Size 10, and neutral colors in size the best price you will find anywhere.. 

Thanks for taking time to read my thoughts, may you be wonderfully blessed.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Good Afternoon,  thanks for stopping by.  I hope all you guys had a wonderful mother's day, whether you are a mother or not.  My girls all live away from me so I didn't have my daughters with me so I wasn't able to see them but we did text and talk.  My mom is also a distance away, but she knows I was thinking about her..and hoping that she was able to feel the love.  Hubby was working so I stepped in for him and took my other mother to lunch and did a little shopping..I bought a new shower curtain and bath mats...whoopee,.. came back to my home and had dessert...cupcakes..yummy..

I only finished one doily this week....I think this doily has one of the most complicated rows of stitches I have ever done.  The effect is awesome and the doily is just you can guess which rows I am talking about by looking at the pics.. anyway...this doily is made with DMC Cebelia #712 in size 10 (can be found in my etsy shop)   The pattern in a Patricia Kristoffersen design and can be found in her Ultimate doilies book...I really really like how this turned out...

So can you guess which three rows I was talking about?

Thanks for stopping by....I hope you all are able to find your blessings this week...

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Good Morning....thanks for stopping by.  Our move was a rough one.  I am getting too old to do this stuff.  I don't like having to pack up my stuff...unpack and find a place for said stuff.  I have a lot of stuff....not to mention that we moved from a rather large house for two people to a much smaller space....and to think this move is another temporary one..if I think about it too much I will go crazy....I am going to pay someone to move me the next time..and I will go on a trip or something until the move is complete...that includes the unpacking too....I understand why psychologist say there are 3 large life changes that cause the most stress in our lives.... death, marriage/divorce, and a move....I think the last one mentioned is the trigger for the other two....anyway the move is complete...I still need to find a way to get my craftroom organized...the thread is on the shelves as are the pattern books..but I feel so out of place...and it feels so crowded...and unorganized...oh will get there....any way.....I kept a hook...some thread and a pattern out that I could work on to keep me know that knitting and crocheting have been medically proven to relieve stress right?  Well I kept a large tablecloth pattern and lots of thread handy..where I could find it...ok I am not going to lie...I carried it around like a toddler with a favorite blanket....I have about 20 more rows left to do on it....I guess if I wanted I could put more rows on...I will have to see how it fits..I need to dig out some more ecru thread...hopefully the change in dye lots won't show...I started out with 10 balls...I have 1 more ball after the one I am on....It's ecru..surely there won't be much of a difference..right?
Ok I think I have caught you up...oh yeah...BABYLo thread came in...I have like 22 or more colors of it.... you can check them out at my shop   there is a shade of red that is gorgeous...and a shade of brown/tan that was discontinued in Cebelia, but is available in Babylo..... Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my thoughts..have an awesomely blessed weekend.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Trying to pack to move....that is the first pic....anyone want to help....I really have so much to do..and my computer isn't working..I am using this stupid chromebook...which isn't easy..can't print a to upload my pics from an sd card...and then maybe I can upload them to another place...I am taking this stupid thing back...I have 15 days to do that...well it is going back..

The second pic are my projects...not going to block them probably for awhile as this move has me frazzled..on top of my laptop not working...

I am usually fairly patient when I deal with customer service people..after talking to a support person..and we have a language problem..not so much the language but the accent...I am struggling to understand him ....after over an hour I get disconnected.....darn...they have my phone number in case that happens...but they never call me back...I assume that meant my recovery disc is on its way.....a week later..which is today..I call back...and have to go through the entire thing again..only she and I understand each other a little better...but alas that was not gonna last....we get I wait no call I call back and now I am just so pi....ed I get another person..and this accent is off the I have to go through the whole thing again....DELL get it together.....hopefully my disc is coming...I am so upset with Dell's customer laptop is still under warranty..but it won't be if this takes too .......I have no laptop..but I think I am gonna take this chromebook back and maybe get a cheap laptop...maybe.....but the chromebook is going back....anyway thanks for reading my rant....

Friday, March 25, 2016


Good afternoon...hope all is well in your world...just a quick little note to catch everyone up....Babylo is here and listed in my etsy shop.    if you want to go have a look.  This is the smoothest thread I have ever worked is a long staple cotton...twice it has a wonderful sheen just like the Cebelia...and the colors...well you have to see for yourself.  I only received half of what was the rest is back ordered..who knows when it will get here....

Oh Yeah....I am moving so I am going to close my shop up..put it in vacation mode I should say....April 10 will be the last day for you to buy from my shop until around April 20...maybe earlier..depending on how much unpacking I need to me craft room is a moving nightmare....more boxes are needed than the rest of the house combined...almost embarrassing.....almost...

There is a red and a shaded orange that came in a day later..and they aren't pictured here....the red is a beautiful shade....I tried to take a pic..but I just can't seem to get the color to show righteously.  Anyway for you threadies out there....I know you are feeling what I this stuff... 

Have a great and wonderful weekend...And a joyous Easter..He Lives!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Babylo is on its way...a self striping doily and a move....

Just got word from my supplier..BABYLO is on its way to my house!!  Bad news is that I am only going to get half of what I ordered. supplier can't get it from DMC USA..but has to work with someone from France...and DMC France has to rely on DMC Bulgaria for the BABYLo....and from what I understand..Bulgaria has a dye problem..and I just need to keep ordering and back ordering...But at least I am getting some of my being as I don't know what I am getting it will a really good surprise when opening the box.   Should be here at my house by mid week...

Ok we sold our house...went up north to look for a place to live..well..not much on the market in the area we want to be...we put in an offer..they countered..their counter was we backed out...our house is closing on or before April that kind of puts us in a bind for buying...and I don't like feeling like I have to buy we have chosen to stay in Evansville and rent an apartment....that allows us time to look...and make a good rush.  I feel good about that...We will have a garage..for storage..we need it as my house is 2200 sq. ft...the apartment is 983....this ought to be hubby already knows the deal...all thread..all pattern books, hooks..and yarn...will be going into the for the rest of our things..well that has to be worked out.    I will be shutting down my etsy shop for a week or two until I get everything up and if you want thread..pattern books..order before April 10 or so...and I probably won't be back up and running until at least the last week of april..we will see

I made this doily..It is a Mary Werst design...this past week...Made with Alize Miss is a self striping thread...this thread is fun because of the way it works itself.  I had no part on how the striping I imagine no two doilies will ever look the same..even with the same dye lot....this doily has alot..and I mean alot of front post stitchwork..the texturing is so awesome.  

Well that is what has happened in the past week in my world.  I really need to get busy and clean a room out today ...I will let you all know when the babylo gets here...I just have to make a decision to unpack it and get it listed ....or wait....argh......thanks for stopping by and reading whats going on in my life or my head.  May you all be have a wonderfully blessed week...

Monday, February 29, 2016

A Couple of finished doilies....

Good Afternoon.  I finished up a couple of doilies this past week...thought I would share them with you.  I have listed them in my Etsy shop  in case you want to look at more pics.  I also have over 50 pattern books that I have listed as part of my destash project.  I still have a few more binders to go through but I think I am finally seeing the end.  I have some Afghan books, mostly hardcover that I will be listing sometime this week...and I think I have a few more doily books in a pile...almost done...I keep telling myself that.

Not much has been going on in my world..which can be a good thing...going up north this coming weekend if the weather holds up...not going if it decides to be winter again..looking forward to seeing my girls, grandkids, sisters, and mom and dad..been too long.

 This one on top is made with DMC #842 size 10...It is a Kristoffersen pattern, called Glorious..can be found in the book Wonderful Doilies.... I think that is in the pile I plan on listing in my store later this week...
This made with Alize miss is a self striping thread....I had nothing to do with the way the colors came together...It was fun to watch it work itself....I like the fact that I don't have to make color changes and weave in the ends...This pattern is called Brenna and is also a Kristofferson pattern..

I hope you enjoyed the pics...Have a wonderful day.  And thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts.  

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Seriously destashing my pattern books......

In the next few days I am going to be listing these books in my etsy yes I am destashing in a big way.....I still have some binders to go through so there will be more in the future....if you see something here you want you can message me from facebook...byhooks4u is my name....and I can send you an invoice through pay me listing fees....or you can just hit my etsy shop   and see if they are listed yet...these are just some of the books......
$8.00 +shipping

$10 +shipping

$8 + shipping

$10 +shipping

$10 +shipping

$8.00 + shipping

8.00+ shipping

15.00 + shipping

10.00 +shipping

8.00 +shipping

10.00 + shipping

20.00+ shipping

10.00+ shipping
 Like I said these are just a few of what I will be listing in the near future....and I still have binders to go through.....argh!!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Marriage a thought or two.....

This is going to be a little different for my blog...I am curious as to how others view the institution of marriage..I was on facebook the other day and found an interesting post on marriage..and it got me to thinking...ok first I want you to know I am very happily married..and truly believe in the institution of marriage...have I lost you yet?  I am not pushing my feelings or beliefs on anyone...marriage works for me and my life..If you are living with someone and it works for you..that's great.  I don't get angry or upset because someone believes or feels differently about stuff...ok with that being said...

I am happily married.  I have been divorced..and I suppose children that have been affected by divorce have a different take on marriage.  My parents are together and have been for over 60 years..were all those years happy?  I doubt it....raising children, paying bills..and not putting Christ in the center of your life would put a damper on happy...but my parents got through it and found the cornerstone that makes a solid foundation.  

I lived with my husband before I got married..I was never planning on getting married again for many reasons...I didn't want anyone to control me, I had trust issues..and the man that eventually married me is quite  younger than I am..13 years younger...why would he want to be with me as I would wrinkle, get fat, and sag long before he would right?  

The questions I have for those that aren't married, but living with someone and have for a long how is that going to work for you down the road....ok for example...your significant other gets hurt and is in the are not next of LEGALLY have no ties with this person...and a decision has to be made on your significant others course of treatment?  With the laws about patient privacy in the medical does this work...will the drs even talk to you about what is going on..or will they keep you i the dark?  Can they legally disclose the information...

Ok..that's one question....the second is this...I am a housewife..I don't have an outside I really don't have any income...if something were to happen to my husband ..I wouldn't lose my home, my does that work if you aren't married?  LEGALLY would I still be entitled to his bank accounts, retirement, our home....or would that life that was built simply be gone?

Now I know it sounds like I am in marriage for "things or money" I am not.  I love my husband..I love the life that we have built together...but I am a realist...I know bad things happen...sad things happen..death happens...accidents happen...and that little piece of paper can make a difference when the bad things happen.   What is the plan for the unmarried...because bad ugly things do will it be for the one that is left to pick up the much harder will it be because of no piece of paper?

My husband and I don't divide what we that I mean..this is yours..this is mine type of is all ours...yeah he stays out of my craft room and out of the thread...and I stay out of the video games and the garage....but it is still ours...there is no division of property...if he wants to go into the craft room...i might raise an eyebrow..just like if I am going into the garage he will probably follow me...but it is still ours...we discuss any big purchases..we discuss our wants and needs..There is no yours...there is no it the same as for the unmarried?   We both give more than we take....does that make sense?

That little piece of paper..that says we are married....defines who we are in this world to each other..and in the next...we are one flesh.. 

Hope I didn't hurt or offend anyone..that was not my intent.. Many blessing to you all...

Monday, February 8, 2016

Not much is going on in my world..that is a good thing right?  I have been destashing some of my pattern books...I am almost a hoarder..I have found I have found that I have multiple copies of some books...I do know how that happens...really I do...I go to ebay to look around..find some pattern book I want...but it is in a lot of I have to bid on the lot...yes I get outbid quite a bit...cause I am bidding on one book and the rest are bidding on all the books...but once in awhile I "win".....I don't know why they call it aren't really winning a thing....anyway I digressed there for a moment...any way I win the books...when the books get here I pull the one out that I really want..and put the rest in a be put up later..well sometimes later comes and sometimes it doesn't.  Now my house is on the market and I really don't want to move a bunch of pattern books that I will not I have listed a boatload at my etsy shop.  And I am still destashing...I am almost a I am listing the extras just to prove I am not a hoarder...You might want to check back at my store from time to time just to see if I have listed anything new...I have created a section just for the books...also I have created a clearance section for those doilies that have been hanging around for a while...I found a whole bin of doilies that I have made and not done anything with...I think I will list those in the clearance section too.   I finished up a few doilies last week...  Enjoy  the pics...and be sure to check out my shop if you are looking for patterns..     Thanks for stopping by...may you all have a wonderful week...
Made with Alize Miss batik...self striping thread...pretty cool effects.

another pineapple runner in white..DMC Cebelia

this is a free pattern from leisure arts...well it was last week...made it with DMC Cebelia #712..cream..

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A swirl tabletopper doily

I finished this up this week..thought I was going to run out of thread..and that would not have been a good thing as this color was discontinued years ago.  It is funny how when I thought I might run out I started crocheting that was going to make a difference...I had to make myself slow down..and it made me giggle.  Hubby asked what I was laughing about and I told him I was going to run out of thread and I was crocheting faster to keep it from happening..He looked at me like I was nuts.  Have any of you done this?  Like hooking faster is going to beat the running out of thread thing...anyway  I had enough thread and a small portion left over..worried for nothing...see the hooking faster worked..

I used DMC Cebelia ( not a surprise there)..this is a discontinued color so there won't be anymore made in this color..too bad to as this is a really nice color.  It is an antique blue, vintage blue, faded blue jeans blue.  Has a really nice sheen, but all Cebelia does..

This doily uses alot of different stitches, the center is highly textured.  The body of the doily just kind of waves at you.  This is one of my favorite patterns designed by Patricia Kristoffersen.  It takes alot of time, and patience, but well worth it.    I am listing it in my shop this week ..for more info feel free to pop in there and take a look..

That's all I have for today..may you all have a blessed week and enjoy whatever you put your hands to ..fruits of our labor

Thursday, January 21, 2016

R. I. P.

 My dog died this week.  He was a 6 year old large breed German Shepherd.  The vet said it was a spinal embolism...a bleed in the spinal cord that was making him so sick.  Buddy was not acting right for a few days..Friday he acted like he was favoring a leg..called the vet and they could have gotten him in..but I couldn't find anyone to help me get him in the truck..Buddy weighs over 100 pounds..had to wait until Monday to get him there.  By Monday he couldn't move his back legs at was awful.  He would try to stand, he would pull himself around the house trying to stay with truly broke my heart.   So Monday we take him to the vet...and the news was not good...I lost for those who don't understand the bond that one has with their matter the breed or pedigree...they become a part of your family...dogs are pack animals..and our family became his pack.  Buddy could open doors...would talk to us...loved us..was happy to see us every morning..and I miss him dearly.  To have him put down was one of the hardest decisions I have ever I keep him and try to make him more comfortable? said he would not get better...we could have given him muscle relaxers and anti inflammatory drugs..but it would not fix I made the decision to let him go.   So buddy..know that I miss you terribly..  

OK.....I started this on Monday...had to have something to do..and believe it or not..crocheting comforts me.  My mind goes quiet and I find peace.  It is not made with DMC thread...I wanted to try this thread that self stripes...I saw a few on a group I am in on facebook and they look pretty good...The thread is called ALIZE miss, Batik...I found it on etsy...anyway....the thread is not a tight thread..and is extremely soft and doesn't work up like Cebelia or Babylo...the color results are amazing, but the thread just doesn't hold a candle to Cebelia or the end result is a nice looking doily, but not what I consider to be heirloom quality...but I am a thread snob......If I want a multi colored doily without having to make a bunch of thread changes I might use it keep from having to weave in loose ends....

The color changes are pretty neat huh?  

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog...may you all find joy and peace in your lives.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Just a quick post and a picture or two

Finished the runner up last Saturday....only two more projects sitting on my table....Ok..what's up  with the books you ask....I am trying to destash in order to make room on my shelves for the huge order of BABYLO thread I am supposed to be receiving sometime this am going through my hoard of patterns..I have doubles of some and triples of I am selling them off....I have a facebook page.... byhooks4u  just put me in the search bar and I will pop up...anyway that is where I have them listed for now..I am still looking through my stuff...I am amazed at all the stuff I have stashed away...I am thinking about my collection of OLD TIME CROCHET I keep them or do they go?  I don't use them very often..but man...if I get rid of them ...I will never be able to use them again....I just love the old patterns ..hmm I think I would regret letting loose of them...but anyway...I still have some binders to go through and am pretty sure I will find more know how that happens right?   I see some book or pattern I "need" on ebay but it is with a bunch of other I bid on just that one book....that is probably why I get outbid so much..I am bidding on one book..and the rest of the pack is bidding on the lot...anyway...shoot over to my facebook page..take a look if you see something you want, send me a message ...I will eventually be listing them in my etsy shop..but the price will be going up as I have to cover listing and final selling fees...if they are still here in a week or so..

thanks for stopping by....remember DMC Cebelia thread and BABYLO can be found in my etsy shop....postage rates are going up on the 17th of January....just saying