Monday, April 14, 2014

Sending Money to Uncle Sam...and a few random thoughts

I haven't been up to much around here.   This time of year plays havoc with my sinuses...nose spray, psuedafed, and tylenol are on the menu.  I love the warmer weather trust me, it is just all the blooming that drives me crazy.  I am having another surgery on my ears yet again tomorrow.  We are hoping and praying that this time will if you would also pray in agreement as there is nothing my God cannot do.  

This week I did finish and block two doilies..there is still a few doilies in a pile that need to be blocked, but hey, you all know how I feel about blocking.  Too bad there isn't a little fairy that can block our creations while we sleep.  Come to think of it...if there were a fairy that came in I think I would rather they clean my toilets and such..I like housework even less than I like blocking...anyway I have listed the doilies on Etsy like 5 minutes ago..and well they are already blessed am I?   

I am going to be going out later today to mail a check to Uncle Sam.  Yeah!!!  Seems like that Uncle always needs a check this time of year...and he wonders why I don't have a real job?  We would just have to write a bigger I will just stay home and play with my thread and maybe make a few reinvest in my hobby..

I have joined a group on   I think these ladies..oops they aren't all ladies, but you get my drift..are some of the most talented threadies out there.  The name of the group is pkdoilies if you want to look them up on yahoo under groups..feel free to join.  The have a CAL once a month and do Trish Kristoffersen designs.  You all know how I feel about this of the best..  These people are encouraging...and willing to help.  So any experience level person is welcome and if you have any problems with a pattern these wonderful people are more than willing to talk you through it.  You know how some groups there are some unhappy, caddy people?  I haven't seen any of that drama as of if you are a thready  check them out.

I am placing another thread order in the next few days..I am increasing my inventory of #20 thread...I am thinking white, ecru, cream and if there is a color that you want me to carry let me know asap and I will order it to have it on hand.

I have to get moving as I have some things to do of the computer...and a doily to make or block may you all have a blessed week.  

Monday, April 7, 2014

Vacation is over.....

Good Morning..well we got back from Florida all in one piece.  I have given my husband a new nickname...Rocket man..  He drives too fast for my comfort..speed limit is 70..he thinks he should go 80.  Not...and it is a 10 hour drive from here..and he only stopped 2 times.  I think if we drive on another trip I will have to put my foot down and become a really crabby passenger.  I am too old to sit in one position for that long ..and he wondered why his ankles were swollen when he got home.  Other than the drive..the trip was wonderful.

We found the sunshine and a little warmer weather.  We didn't do a whole lot..but lay sit on the beach and and walk the water to find some shells.   I was always putting sunblock on..asked hubby if he needed he says..he Italian and says he doesn't who am I to the third day his feet and calves are sunburnt.  Meanwhile this red headed grandma knew to put sunblock on and is quite comfortable.  I will be honest..I told him the dreaded I told you so.  

Ate some really good food.  I am not a seafood person.  I do not like things I have to shell, things that have eyes or tentacles that need to be removed before eating.  I do fish..tuna, red snapper, grouper..yummy..but they don't take good pics..but my dear sweet sunburnt hubby here are a few pics of his favorite meals..

No..No..I didn't even pick up a hook while on our trip..just enjoyed being together in the sun..on the there are no pics of finished works..Now that the vacation is over it is time to get back to the real world and get some things done.  I have a couple of doilies I need to crank out for an order..there is already a stack of two that need to be blocked, and believe it or not I think I have to make another thread order already.  For those of you who read this blog that order #20 thread from me, I would like you to let me know the colors you want. This size is more popular than I thought and I really want to have what you want ..I was gonna say need..To us threadies..yeah it is a the rest of the world it is a want.  Any way..may you find all your blessings today and tomorrow..It is good to be back.

Nope not gonna eat it if it's looking at me..nope

appetizers...nope..rather eat some fried mushrooms for me.

Too much work for so little food...this is for hubby..steak for me.

Now love this stuff..twisted tea..yummy

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Older I get..the Faster time Flies

Wow..has it really been almost weeks since my last post?!! Where does the time go?  Let me catch everyone up then..we had a birthday party for my youngest grandson on Pi day  (3/14)..probably be the only birthday I will remember when I get really old... Went up to see two of my daughters and their children over the last weekend...brought home my oldest grandaughter for her spring break..hopefully her mom will pick her up before my next trip this weekend to Florida.   I am going to go look and find warm, sunny weather...heading to Pensacola is a short 10 hour drive so we don't spend alot of time in the we can really enjoy our little get away..we are only going to be gone a few days, just enough to make ourselves feel seems to have been one long winter season.

On the crochet front...not a whole just one doily..I don't know why I seem to be on a slow crawl..but I am.  The thread eater is in the same spot on the table..and hasn't been touched for quite awhile. For those of you who do filet crochet, at least big crochet pieces..I am in awe.   I can't seem to get motivated to pick it back up and I only have about 40 more rows..and probably 5-10 more balls of thread..yikes...still thinking about finding a stopping point and calling it done..

The plan for today, what is left of it anyway, is to grab a hook and just grandaughter is going to have control of the remote control at least until something comes on I want to watch..She is like her grandma and loves pajama days.  
Dane and his first birthday..

The one and only doily that has been made in two weeks..made with DMC Cebelia thread....find it

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Just finished blocking a doily..yipee..something other than the thread eater.  The thread eater is folded and sitting in a basket, within arms reach of my hooking chair.  It may sit there awhile as I am truly burnt out on it.  I just needed a break to work something I could actually get done.    

I am late on my Monday post as the weather has turned really nice at least for the last few days.  I have already been out and about and truly enjoying the spring type I could live with this all year around.. 

I have started another doily..and I want you to see the mess I make when looking for a pattern...I don't know why I bother putting the books soon as I finish the one I am working on I will just make another mess looking for the perfect pattern.  Hubby had a good idea...that I should make all the patterns in the book I am currently using..hence no more pattern search for awhile.  Well..that would work if there weren't other patterns in my head.  I want to make the  Between meal centerpiece..and then the royal pineapple pattern....I am just not sure the colors I want to use.  On my hook right now is a color that has been discontinued by DMC...I love it..the color is not is a little darker..but not as dark and #842 (coffee).  And then there is a blue ...also discontinued..I am thinking for the Between Meal is like a gray blue..but who knows by the time I finish what I am working on I may change my mind.....

I am rambling, so I am gonna sign off for now....may you always find the blessings..they are there..sometimes you just have to look a little harder..
my mess...

same mess a day later.......

Buddy enjoying the sunshine..and standing guard

blocked and drying....

Monday, March 3, 2014

Say My Name........

I am looking out my dining room window at the trees as they sparkle like diamonds.  The glitter, the sparkle from the ice that has accumulated on their branches truly inspires me to .......screw this..I hate winter..I hate the sparkly branches, the icy driveway, the snow covered rows...I swear the next time they want to name a winter storm...they better name it Vikki...Hey that is only a letter or two away...then maybe just maybe I will have a reason to listen to the weather experts...they will say my name over and over and over...ok...I am done..rant over.....

Being as it is cold, and icy, and snow covered..and doesn't appear to be warming up anytime soon...maybe Wednesday we will see above freezing plan for today is to get some doilies listed in my shop.  I have not listed anything for quite awhile.  To be honest it is because I have a hard time trying to describe my doilies..and I have to take pics..and I am not so good with the picture thing..but being as "Titus" rolled through and I am not going out..I think I will try to get some of them up.  

Progress on the tablecloth you ask?  Well I have about 36 more rows to do...I once again have set it to the side to play with other thread..and different patterns..I have found out something about myself making this thread eater....I hook better after I take breaks from it and work on something it might take me a little longer to finish thread eater, but I will be happy while doing it..

I am out of here for now...not that I am going anywhere.   I have all day..maybe a couple to get doilies posted in my shop...and a hook to move..a house to clean (like that is going to happen)...thanks for stopping by and hope you all stay warm and safe if you are in the path of Titus...see wouldn't you rather hear my name?  May you have many blessings in your travels this week..
I will get these doilies up and posted in my shop...that is the goal for today..

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My WIPs...and a few thoughts...

Well I did it..I put the thread eater on hold and picked up a purple/lilac thread..# 210 in DMC cebelia color chart.  It is weird how color can pick you up.  After working weeks with ecru on the thread eater I can't tell you how good it felt to have some color to look at while moving the hook.  It only took me a weekend from start to finish on this beautiful doily..and to have more stitches to work than just dc's and felt good.  Filet is beautiful crochet, but it is time consuming and to be honest boring..boring ..and did I say boring....but I needed the break as I felt like just stopping on the thread eater..My plan for today is to pick up the thread eater and work a row or two..maybe more if the mood strikes ( I have my doubts)..and if I get tired or bored of doing it..I started another doily...

Not much has been going on in my world other than more snow/ice/freezing rain coming my way for the weekend..yippee..I want Spring to kick old man winter in his snowballs....oops..did I just say that? 

I want to thank all of you who have offered words of encouragement and love in the last few is odd that just a few years ago..all of us hookers would be in our own world, doing our own ourselves.  Now we can talk, share and encourage each other in our own way...There was a time I didn't think I wanted let alone needed a blog..but after doing this for a few years..2 I think..I have realized that I have met some like minded people, people who enjoy doing what I do..people like me.  My mom and sister set up my blog for me..because I am not good with computers..because they had/have blogs..and now I think I am the only one that continues blogging.  I like the relationships that have been made on here.  I look forward to reading your blogs, reading your comments..and seeing where all my visitors are from..And guess what..I have friends from all over the cool and awesome is that?  Ok I have rambled long enough...I am hoping you all are blessed today..and have a day filled with hugs and love...enjoy the pics of my WIPs..
Weekend  accomplishment

Just in case I get bored...

The thread eater...

Friday, February 21, 2014

Thinking about burying the thread eating,,sucking the life out of me tablecloth...

OK..the reason I am late with my blog post is that I have not completed a thing for quite awhile...I think maybe valentine's doily was the last one actually completed..and I was thinking you might be getting tired of seeing the progress on the thread eating, time sucking tablecloth.  I know I am really tired of working on it, and need a change of pace...It takes almost 2 hours to go around it one time..I am on the 9th ball of thread and I think there are close to 50 more I am thinking maybe another 10 balls of thread as the rows have more stitches as it grows.  If I make myself at least do one row a day it is going to take almost 2 months to get it done...and if I do 2 rows..4hours at is going to take about another month.  I am really getting burnt out on it..if I could find a spot that would look ok with me stopping I would, but I want to finish this monster.  So here is my plan...I am going to put it aside for a day or two..and do something with some color..something that I can see completed and feel like I have done something.  My doily inventory in my shop is down and I haven't listed anything new in I really need to make some doilies and runners to list...I do special orders and that has kept me busy..however I want to feel like I am finishing is the thing..I may need you guys to remind me that I have a tablecloth that needs to be worked on from time to time.  Those that have followed my blog for awhile know that I have a tough time having more than one thing drives me I am going to put the tablecloth/thread eater to the side..and hopefully get back to it..before too long.  So I have been in my room looking at patterns (another process) then picking the color(yet another process)...takes me hours to decide what to do and what to make.  I have decided I need I chose lilac..and a small pineapple pattern...I will show you when I get it done.  

Thanks for taking the time to stop in and find out what is happening in my small spot in the world.  I hope you all are well and that you find the blessings everyday.  

Saturday, February 15, 2014

where I got my books....

This is just a quick post to answer the question that I received from many readers of my blog..while I would love to answer each one of you individually, it would take ...I got all of my Japanese pattern books from these 2 sellers...

Pomadour24  ....this shop is on ETSY  and is located in took about 3 weeks to receive my books from Japan..  

Rose.tree a shop on Ebay.  She is located in Urbana Illinois. ships quickly..

Both of these shops carry a wide range of crochet and knit patterns..all Japanese patterns..

so just go to etsy or ebay and just do a search using the shop name..

Friday, February 14, 2014

Why I can't seem to get my housework done...

We are under yet another winter storm advisory...seems to be the norm.  Now one would think that being as I shouldn't go anywhere due to weather, I would at least get my bedroom clean..that has been my goal for about a month now...anyway...logical to think right? is my story and I am sticking to it...being as it is trash day and the garbage man doesn't put the lid back on the garbage can, but throws it  I felt the need to get it in the garage before the ice and snow hits and bury it.  So I am outside getting the can and lo and behold my mail lady is driving up...wait she I wait...she hands me a package that will not fit into my box.   Surely this isn't what I think it is I say to self....self answers..oh yes it is!! And I say to self..I just ordered them on Monday..surely not....self  answers..oh yes it is..  I take the package inside and set it on the counter all the while self is it, open it!!! I did get the trash can in the garage...although that might be the only thing that gets done today.....

I open the package...oh you know I am looking at the patterns...loving them..can't wait to get I tell myself that I have to at least make the bed....self says why? You are going to get back in it.....I shake my head I must get the room clean.....self says it will be there know how we get things done tomorrow.... The hooker in me is shouting to go grab that hook and work the the thread...

Ok..I made a deal with myself and the hooker....I say self..we will make the bed...and we will put the clothes away...but then the hooker says I have to share with my here you go and here I am ....still haven't done my chores..I am so going to ground myself..oh and don't tell my dad I have had conversations with myself and my inner hooker...he will worry about me...hugs my dear friends...

Monday, February 10, 2014

Still working on the tablecloth....

Good I am sitting here drinking my second cup of tea for the day I realize that I have nothing pressing to do today.  Hmm...laundry is done...vacume was ran is clean..bathrooms were scrubbed Saturday  guess I will have to find something to do..maybe work on my hooker butt..could go on a walk..nope too is only 15 right now they high being 22..yippee!! the low tonight supposed to be nope I am not going out..The only way I would go out today is if my house was on fire..and then I would have to make a stop to try and save my hoard of if you see binders and papers flying out a window you know my house is on fire..please pick them up before the firemen come and spray them with sure to look for my hooks too..they don't make them like they used to..I can replace all my thread and doilies..but not the patterns and hooks...Good Grief..I did go off there for a as I was saying I have no plans on going outside today.  It is just too cold.

I am making progress on my is a thread eater and a time sucker..I am on ball number 6 and according to the pattern I am halfway done...  Tell me many people do you know that have enough balls of thread of the same dye lot within their be able to make a tablecloth on a whim...I am such a hoarder...shoot you can't go in a store and get enough balls of thread of the same dyelot and plan to make something this large...I am thinking it is gonna take close to 15 balls, maybe a little more to complete this thing....I am such a hoarder..well it helps I am my own supplier..hee..hee....  Hey if you ever find yourself needing large amounts of the same dyelot in thread..get in touch I might be able to help you out....I have attached pics of progress so you can see it.   Hopefully I will have it done in the next few weeks..right now it takes just about an hour to go around it..the more stitches like the next row..has dc all the way around is gonna take in a little over 4 hours I will have added another inch...I can't think about it in that way or I will never get it done....I should have done a quicker I have too much time and thread into it...I just want feel like I have completed something you know the feeling..

Ok here are the pics..hope you all have a good week, look for the blessings because they are just have to look a little more sometimes...thanks to all of you who take time to read my thoughts and to those of you who keep me sane and give me the encouragement to finish this project..thanks we all need a good kick in the pants sometimes or a few words of encouragement, or sometimes just a laugh or two...and you all bring me that...hugs and blessings to you all..

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I found It!!!!

a quick update I found my mistake..only had to rip and tear a small portion..I am so glad I walked away...I just thought I would let you all know.  I timed how long it took to get around the thing right now..I am a few rows farther than the pic...anyway it takes about an hour and 20 minutes to do one row..and the rows only get longer from here... so not only is this tablecloth a thread eater..but also a time sucker...I timed this because somebody always asks how long...ok I am iced in today..salt trucks have passed my house twice in the past scraping of snow or shoveling going is all it is indeed a hooking I need an excuse.  Stay safe and warm and go grab whatever makes you feel good..

Sunday, February 2, 2014

OH NO!!!!!!!

OK I am working on a tablecloth...using a diagram... I thought I liked the diagram thing....I have changed my mind...I have lost my place ..I don't know what row I am on..did I skip a stitches aren't meeting up right..where is the end of the row or the beginning..I can't tell as I am ripping it apart....ARGH!!!!  I am not sure where I am on the pattern...I am thinking I have to rip all the way to like 6 rows back?  at least until I can recognize on the pattern where I am...jeepers...dang dang dang......I don't like to rip and tear out at all...I usually don't have to...I really want to wad this up in a ball and walk away...and the amount of time I have into this stupid thing..and to have to re if I rip to where I recognize the pattern I will be ripping out like 10 hours of work...maybe I will just frog it for now and put it up and let it rest as WIP maybe pick it up in the future...I have 3 balls of thread invested in this yeah I will pick it back up..maybe not today or tomorrow.. 

Another winter storm advisory...this is the forecast..rain changing over to freezing rain, sleet and then when the temperature drops later this afternoon..snow..significant I want you to notice they said significant you want to know why they said signigificant accumulations..and not an amount?....Because the general public would reach through the tv and rip their mouths right off their face..oops..did I really just say that....DIE WINTER DIE...

ok with that rant over..I am going to go into my stash, find a pattern that I can diagrams...find a hook and a couple balls of thread.....go sit in my hooking chair, work on my hooker butt, turn on the ott lamps, maybe two..just for the affect....close my eyes for and pretend I am on a beach with the sun on my face..thread in my hand...and the noise of a football game off in the distance...

I want to thank all of you who pop in to read my rants or hear my thoughts...and to those of you who leave know you help keep me sane...Blessings...

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hooker Butt....

Hello my dear blog friends..I hope everyone is staying warm.  And for those of you who are in those places where the sun is shining and the air is warm...please enjoy it for us that are in the cold, and have the heat turned up and dreading our next power bill..please, please enjoy it.. I don't know if it is because I am getting older or what, but I really don't like winter..I don't like having to wear layers and layers to go outside..I like just running in and out..I don't like having to warm up my truck before I can sit in it without freezing my rear end off...I don't like have to scrape the windows..that is why I warm up the truck...I am grateful that we put skylights in the living room as at least I have more light.  I don't know about all you guys but I need sunshine..or I just get the I need more light..and no the ott lights don't really count.  They do if you need an excuse to sit and hook under it all day..and get hooker know where your butt starts taking on the shape of your hooking if you are like me and tend to gravitate towards your hooks and threads and your favorite chair..make sure you get up and move around once an hour or don't get hooker butt...and it is good for your circulation too.  Just saying..and if I have offended anyone..I am sorry..but that is how my mind is working today...You know those direct tv ads...I bet this would make for a good least some of us would get it....

I finished this doily..finally.  I don't know why it took me so long, but it did.  Too many distractions I guess.  I had a few orders to make, and a pattern to test..but now my time is my own and I am making a tablecloth...refer to last post..I am making the second pic..mostly filet so it moves quite quickly as long as I don't lose my place as it is a diagram..

I see I have new visitors..Hi there..I hope you will leave a comment once in awhile to let me know you were here and I can read your blogs if you are a blogger..if not I still like to hear from you....oh speaking of which..I have tried to leave some comments on a few blogs and I can't..I don't know why..I can leave comments on some but not on others..I don't know what is my friends if you don't get comments from me just know that I am trying..and I am reading your blogs.. 

I am off to warm up my truck, get layers..and run to the post office.  I hope you all stay warm and cozy..many blessings always..

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Good Morning..I am late in doing my post this week, but for some reason I have been slow on the uptake these past few days.  I have finished a few things..nothing much really.  I am trying to finish up a doily that has been resting on my end table by my chair for weeks now.  I am working on clearing off my table as it hasn't seen the light of day since ....forever..and it is a pretty piece of wood..we had them handmade especially for our home...I am thinking about making a I said thinking about it.  You want to know what goes through my head when I am contemplating a big project...ok well here goes...What color? 
What pattern?  the conversation goes like know this is a big project..a thread eater..gonna take lots of you have the time..and then when it is done..can you protect it..can you keep people from spilling tea or coffee on it..or will you become all weird and pull it off everytime someone even thinks about eating or drinking on it?  Can you keep you husband from setting his dirty work bags on it?...Is it worth the hassle..and that is why it is still in the thinking stages...sounds like  work huh? Ok I can show you pics of the ones I have narrowed it down to..maybe I should just do a big ole topper?  

Oh yeah for my thread customers out there...our postage rates are going up  January it is going to cost a little more for shipping..sorry..I don't think the stamps are going up..just shipping costs on parcels over 10 ounces..just thought you might want to know.
Thanks for stopping by and reading my thoughts for today..may you all find the joy today.

This is the doily I am working on ..that has been lying around for weeks.

One of the three I am considering for my next project...opinions please.....

The second tablecloth I am thinking of...or do I make this....

stick with a I have narrowed it down to these three...maybe I should just make all three?  So which one do I do first?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Finished and already gone.....

Just finished blocking last night..contacted the customer who ordered these lovelies this morning..and now they are on their way to their new home.  Just wanted to show what I have been working onto the next project....

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Got to stay off the computer....

Good Morning...well it is for another 10 minutes.  I have been on this computer for a couple of hours now.  I only got on with the intention of writing up my blog post this morning, but I got distracted....I went to Etsy...oh  some wonderful pattern books found me all the way from Japan.  So yeah I ordered them...I will show pics when they get here.  You have time to kill go to this shop...wonderful patterns..  Pomadour24 at etsy.  Needless to say I bought two books...I don't know how long they will take to get here but I will be watching for them.  Like I need more pattern books....If you have never looked at Japanese patterns for doilies you might want to..they are all in diagram design and pretty easy to follow..once in awhile you have to wing it (had to tear one runner out as I didn't realize I needed to work each end from the center..I don't read Japanese.) ...Ok and then I got a few emails from some ladies showing me a Christening gown that was just made into a dress..beautiful..anyway it is made with thread...can I make it....yeah if I had the another pattern hunt....I found it..of course..not too many patterns out there I can't find..although just because I find it doesn't mean I buy them...some are just crazy prices.  I know when something is out of print (OP) it does make it harder to find, but come reasonable with the wouldn't be selling it if you were using it..right?   I just can't see paying what I see some are asking for a pattern...30 for a book that only has 2 patterns in which I won't use cause it is I will turn them onto the pattern..if they want it that bad they can buy the pattern for me to use...if not oh well.....It is no wonder that so many people violate copyright I have been all over the internet this morning laundry is piled up waiting patiently for me..dishes are on the counter..dishwasher needs to be unloaded,beds need to be made, man I have some stuff to do before I can grab a hook..Speaking of hooks what on mine..I am still making the last of the runner set..hook has been slow in moving..but I have big plans coming up for my hook....I will show you all later after I get started..anyway I really need to get off the computer, but first I have a couple of emails to take care of and then off to the housework..Blessings my dear friends..

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello Mr. Frosty and Old man winter..

Good Morning...hope everyone is staying warm and toasty.  My thermometer is saying it is doesn't read wind chill  so it is really cold.  The snow pretty much missed hitting us here in Mount Vernon Indiana and stayed mostly to the north of us....I wish the bitter cold had missed us too..but I do have things to do, and my house is warm and toasty..and I don't have to go all is well.  Now for those of you who were and are in the path of this storm..please take it seriously and plan for it...the cold air that follows is a if you have to go sure to pack a survival bag in case your car breaks down or you get swallowed up by a snow drift..and stay home if at all possible.    And please if you have outside pets..bring them in..

So what am I doing to occupy myself you ask...I finished up a runner last night..blocked it this morning.  I plan to start on a smaller one to match...I will post a pic..but you have all seen it before.  It is still pretty though.  I am going to make the smaller one in the same pattern but make it about 36 inches.  I really need to make myself a hat, but I don't go out when it is cold or snowy if I can help for my next project...I have a doily that I need to finish up...and then I have a filet of the last supper I want to do..started it and then realized that it was going to be huge so I am going to go to #30 thread..and then I have a friend that got me thinking I want to make a new tablecloth....I have a pattern that is gorgeous...I will post a pic ..anyway. I need to get things picked up around here so I can pick up the hook.

Thanks for stopping by..stay warm and safe....Blessings to you all.
Just finished one up like this..and going to make a smaller one today

Thinking of making this.......

or maybe this one next...

or maybe this me to decide!!!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A glimpse back into 2013 and looking ahead to 2014

I want to take a minute to thank each and everyone of you who took time out of your busy lives to read my blog and offer words or encouragement and to be scolded from time to time...this year.  My blog followers have grown from less than 50 last year to over

This year has been a good year for me and my family.  My youngest grandson was given to my daughter and her husband.  We will be forever grateful to the young woman who thought my daughter would be the best mother for her son..and that my son-in-law would be the best father..and to God for forever blessings us...

This year I have made a record amount of sales in my etsy shop...I started carrying DMC Cebelia thread (mostly to protect my supply), sent 13 large tabletoppers to Greece (biggest order to date),  made and sold more doilies than any previous year.  I have been blessed.

This year I have made some really good friends..some people who "get" me.  Friends that accept me as I am and don't try to change me..friends that encourage me and lift me up when I am down.  I have been blessed.

So that is my year in review...Please enjoy the pics as these are some of my favorite creations over the past year....