Thursday, March 26, 2015

Needed some gray here

I didn't realize it has been over a week since I have visited with you all...time just passes faster the older I get.  It has been kind of gray here lately..had some wonderful storms here last night.  I love a good lightening storm...something about watching the light streak across the sky and the boom that follows shortly after..I can handle thunderstorms them as a matter of fact..I can't handle gray days that run into each other..over and get my drift..

So I made me some flowers..hubby isn't a flower type of guy..I think he has brought me flowers or a flower a dozen times in the over 20 years we have been together..that's ok too as they die and look awful after a few days..and probably could have enjoyed them more had they stayed on the plant..Oh hubby does bring in dinner, a chocolate bar, or treats from the local ice cream place from time to time..and he always calls to see if I need anything before coming home..yeah..he is a keeper..anyway..back to the flowers..

This is an e-pattern from Annie's Attic...called yellow rose of texas..  I didn't like the way the last few rows were if I make it again I will probably revamp them...all in all I like it...

Listed in my shop...

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A finished tabletopper and random thoughts

Hello..I think winter may just be about over.  The sun is out, about time.  It feels warmer out that it has been in a long time.  I think I just may have to go for a walk, and if Buddy behaves and stays out of my way while I try to pick up the house and run the vacuum..that word confuses me..spell check says this is the correct spelling..hmm any way I might take him with me.  For my new followers or those that just popped in Buddy is my dog..a 100+ pound German Shepard ..and the vet says he is underweight...and a big ball of hair...he is the reason I have to pull out the vacuum cleaner as often as I do..

I finished a PK (patricia kristoffersen) tabletopper pattern.  It is a swirl pattern..also a thread eater...but well worth it...and that is why I am posting today and not on Monday..figured I was just sitting here drinking my tea, might as well do a blog.  I couldn't sleep last night..last time I looked at the clock it was after 3 I got up, wandered around the house, got a drink of water..and wandered back to bed...and fell asleep..note to not take sudafed at bedtime..your eyes will not stay at 11 today I woke up..the dog is pacing and whining..and there is alot of light coming in through the skylight...I had to squint my eyes shut..I felt like I had been on a drinking binge..and I haven't done that since my early 20's..ok..I don't know why I went there..can't remember ..oh because I am drinking my first cup of tea at 11:30!!!! I haven't had breakfast and now it is lunchtime...well almost...yikes...

Back to the finished project..yeah..I am ADD and I think you are seeing how my mind are the pics of the can find the pattern in Esquiste Tabletoppers..a leisure arts publicatin...the name of the pattern is Swirl...I use DMC CEBELIA thread which you can find in my shop.  The color is #712 I call it cream and it is a very pretty color.. and this tabletopper is listed in my shop

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Finished the they are on their way to their new home....

This week I finally finished the order I was working on..and they are off to their new home.  I think I am going to use start mixing up colors..these turned out pretty well.. The snow has melted for the most part and now we are dealing with the rising Ohio river, and a few others..some are going to get flooded out..and on top of that it is raining today and it looks like that will be the trend for the next few days....time to grow webbed feet...
I hope you enjoy the pics..

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I am not going to do it

Hi Guys..nope I am not going to gripe about how the weather.  I am not going to gripe about the snow that has turned to frozen ice in my it has become an ice rink.  I am not going to gripe about how the wind is freezing the snot on my face...nope not gonna do it.  Not gonna gripe because I have no idea what a sunny day looks like, and how I am gonna turn up the heat, turn on my ott lamps and all the other day light bulbs...turn on some music and dance like I am in Hawaii...

I finished up a couple of doilies this week...I haven't blocked the 2nd one yet..maybe later after I get my quota of tea, and a few vitamins down me.  I am lacking motivation..I think there is a direct correlation between my energy level and the lack of sunshine.  So I am real serious about lighting up all my daylight bulbs, well at least the one above the hooking chair...and sitting under it for quite awhile today.  I am gonna pull out my Decorative Crochet magazines today..I want to make something..not sure what..but I want something different from what I have been doing...I have been making alot of Patricia Kristoffersen designs..I have a huge order and all of them are her designs..Love her designs by the of my favorite designers for sure.... 

This is made with DMC Cebelia,  #603.  I call it hot can find this doily and the thread at my shop  

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Argh!!! I think I need to move ....south..way south....

It has been just plain crappy since Monday morning..I haven't left my house, even to go to the mail box...and that is just a few yards from the garage door..I can't find my boots, and I am not going to get my shoes filled with snot..I mean snow..then my socks will get wet..and my feet will get cold....I have hubby grab it when he pulls up the drive.  I had to detach little snowballs from my poor dogs foot pads when he comes back in from doing his business..nope I do not like winter...I doubt if I could go anywhere even if I wanted to..I have a truck and anyone who has any amount of common sense knows that there is no weight in the back of a normal truck..hence..I slip and slide like a kid on a water slide..forget about making it up the small grade to my house..not going to happen.

So you might think my house would be free of all the dust bunnies, and floors would be spic and span..beds made..toilets sparkly much as I have really tried..I cannot get into housework..I walked around with a broom yesterday, and moved a few things on a table...and stared at the lovely pattern left when I moved a doily..think I will keep it for awhile...

Remember the box of thread and the orders for the doilies..see previous posts...for more info..but here is one of the doilies I have finished up for them..this is the third the color combos..I am working on one to put in my shop...I have not been listing anything new and kind of staying focused on getting this order my inventory is lacking..and sales have slowed something awful.  

Anyway I want to shout out to all my new followers...thanks for stopping by and leaving me comments...I love comments...lets me know someone is still reading my thoughts, and looking at the are the pics from the doily.....

Like the color choices..had to really work at getting the color changes in the right spot..

Friday, February 13, 2015

A surprise in the mail.. and pics of this week's finished doilies

Hi my fellow bloggers, or threadies, and friends..I hope you have all had a great week and looking forward to a wonderful weekend.  Not much goes on in my world, and I like it like that.. 

I know you only want to know about the surprise in the mail...I went to pick up a few things at the store the other day..nothing exciting, you know milk, bread, and something to munch.  I pulled into my drive and I see a box sitting outside my door.  I am thinking I haven't ordered anything lately...I rack my brain trying to think if maybe I did and didn't remember.  I really didn't think I had..trying to keep a lid on the pattern hoarding, but the box was too big for that..nope didn't order a you know the groceries were forgotten while I made a dash for the box...nope..didn't recognize the return I sat the box on the counter and went to get the groceries..I had to make myself because I really wanted to open the box, remember I am ADD (attention disorder).  I get distracted quite easily..anyway came in with the groceries..even made myself put them away..good thing it was just a quick trip so there wasn't much to put now it is just me and this box.  

First of all I did not..repeat did not order this!!!  I look through the box and there are about 27 balls of Lizbeth thread..all bagged up with pictures of doilies with exact color charts...oh wow..anyway to get to the point...this ended up being a customer order for 8 doilies and wanted them made in certain colors and color changes.  It is just unusual for the customer to send me I don't have to make any decisions or color choices for awhile..I kind of like almost felt like Christmas...

OK want to see what I finished up ..and blocked...I have finally got into the habit of blocking as I go...I am so glad that I made myself do more looking at piles of doilies...and without any further talking..had a cup or two of tea..can you are this weeks doilies...
These are all Patricia Kristoffersen designs...this one can be found in  Doilies with a twist.  

This one can be found in Victorian Spiral Doilies

and finally this one can be found in Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies

Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Doily, and an interview...

I haven't been up to much.  Finished a purple doily and even have it blocked..I like how it turned out.  I have it listed in my shop so go have a look if you are so inclined.  

Yesterday was our Anniversary..we are homebodies so we went out for lunch, got a couple of movies to watch and a bunch of junk food..hey it works for us..a vampire choice and a zombie movie his choice..they were decent movies.  Anyway no one in the world "gets" me the way Rich does.  And after 20 some years..yes he is still my best go to guy..and I would do it all over again....

Oh yeah..Ann White of Bella Crochet blog is interviewing me..I don't know if it will be posted this week or next.  So if you want to read more about me and my doilies check out her site.  Ann is a wonderful designer and hosts a facebook page or group called threadies.  Anyway her blog is if you want to check her out.   The threadies group on facebook is a wonderful group of ladies that have a passion for thread crochet..the group has designers, hookers from new to experienced,
it is strictly for thread crocheters..check us out..I think you will like it.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

6 doilies

Good Afternoon..I hope you all are well.  These are what I have been working on for the last couple of weeks...all are special orders for a client.  Thought you might want to have a look.   They are finished and ready to mailed out.
This one is done in Ecru size 10, a Kristoffersen design, can be found in Spiral Doilies

This one is done in Aquamarine or teal..#992..same pattern as the ecru one 

This one is called Haley and found in Victorian Spiral Doilies, Patricia Kristoffersen design,  The color is #3326 , called wild rose..can be found in my shop...

Another Kristoffesen design..can be found in the book Coffee and Cream doilies.  The color is #816...maroon.  I know it looks red, but for the life of me I cannot take good pictures of red colored doilies..
This doily is another Kristoffersen pattern..I think in the book Spiral doilies..the thread was sent to me by my client..Aunt lydias..antique white and purple?  You know me..I am a thread snob, but I really like the way the colors look together.

This is a pattern called Cockscomb from a Doily series put out by White is a Josie Rabier pattern..not really fond of her the way they look, but the blocking is something else..this thread was sent to me by the client..Bamboo thread from Aunt Lydia..Now this thread is extremely soft..would be great for baby stuff, but doilies, but not too good for doilies.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Just a quick post...

I just finished this one up last night.  It is blocked and ready to go.  Made it with DMC Cebelia thread, color #3326..they call it rose..I call it can find the thread at my etsy shop.  There is a link at the end of this post.  This is an order for a the color they picked..I think it turned out nicely...  oh this is a Patricia Kristoffersen design and can be found in Victorian Spiral Doilies...this doily is approx 19 wide... 

Have a wonderful and blessed day... 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Remember the wrong pattern? Here is the right pattern..finished

The sun is out and it is really mild outside today..supposed to be close to 60.  I just may have to go out and find something to do just so I can enjoy it a little more.

Do you remember last week's blog and pictures?  You know the one where I thought I was all finished up on an order, only to find out that I made the wrong pattern?  Well I did the right pattern and they are blocked and ready to go...hip hip hooray for me... Here are pics of them..Love this pattern...

The lighter one is ecru and the aquamarine is #992..both are DMC Cebelia thread..size 10.  The pattern can be found in Victorian Spiral Doilies by Patricia Kristoffersen.  I really like her designs.

This week's goal is to do another spiral doily..a pink one and then I think a maroon doily not a spiral...I am behind a little on my orders because of my screw up, but I am thinking I might be caught up by the end of fingers have been busy..but I am a hooker..if I wasn't doing these patterns I would be doing something else..You know there is always something on my hook ....sometimes a couple...right now I have 3....and you know that is driving me crazy...a couple have been put on the back burner in order to get some orders finished up..any way it saves me looking through all my books trying to decide what to make and what color to make it these orders are a good thing..

Ok I need to get off the sucks time big time...and even though I have all this hooking to do I still need to do laundry, and pick up my I am out of here for today.  I hope you all have a wonderful week full of God's many blessings...and thanks for stopping by.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Last week's accomplishments....a black doily

It is still dark, dreary and damp here in Southern Indiana.  We escaped the ice or freezing rain.  Just rain.  I hope somewhere out there someone is enjoying some sunshine...send it my way when you get through with it.

I thought I had finished up an order then I looked at the order...I had made the wrong now I have to remake or make again the two doilies I thought I had made..putting me behind on some other projects.  However, the client was pretty cool when I told them what happened and said to go ahead and make the order that was lined up behind theirs because they were in no hurry and thought they found another they wanted all is well....

This is last weeks project..Black runner.  I wasn't sure how this pattern was going to work up in such a dark color.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The pictures don't really show all the details, but the small details do show up in real life..looks kind of elegant.  This is an order for another customer..

I hope she likes it...It is made with #210 DMC Cebelia..this thread has a very nice sheen so the black really looks good.

This week's projects are trying to make the two that should have been made aquamarine and an ecru doily.  When I finish those two I have a couple more to get out...a rosey pink one, and a maroon one.  So I really need to get out of here and start moving the hook.  Maybe if I sit under the ott lamp I can convince myself that I am sitting in sunshine...I hope you all have a great week and thanks for taking the time to stop by....Many Blessings

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The past week at a glance.

Not much has been going on around here.  It has been too cold for this lady to venture out..not that I go out alot anyway..just saying it is too cold even if I wanted to go somewhere..which I don't.  

I just finished blocking these two doilies..Patricia Kristoffersen design..can be found in the book Doilies with a twist.  Being as I just blocked them and they are wet the colors are a little darker..I will take more pics tomorrow when they are dried..the lighter one is done in ecru and the green one is done with what I call teal or aquamarine #992

 Ok now this is the top of my table by my hooking chair...can you guess how many projects are sitting on it waiting to be finished up?  Those of you who have been following me awhile know that this drives me crazy..and almost puts me to a stand still....maybe that is why I am blogging right now instead of hooking...ummm..ignore the M&M's..sometimes you just need a chocolate fix..and the bandaids you ask..well I was making a tree and had to use two strands of acrylic yarn...can you say blisters? I guess I can put them away..
 And finally because some of you have asked about my fur baby...Isn't he just awesome..he has his hair, hair and more hair...he is the reason I own a vacume cleaner..not really, but he is the reason I have to use it almost everyday...He is a big boy..last time and the vets he weighed over 100 pounds and he still looks thin...changed his dog food and now he is eating better..

Well that's all I got...I will post a better pic of the green doily when it dries so you can see the true color of this has become a popular seller in my store in the past few weeks.  Thanks for stopping by and I am off to grab a hook....

Friday, January 2, 2015

3 adults a pooping, 2 kids a puking, and 1 bottle of immodium...............................

That sums up my family gathering on New Year's.  No more words needed. Thank goodness so far my hubby and I have avoided being sick.  Maybe popping all those vitamins really do help.  

On the crochet front..not a whole lot happening here.  I have an order for two doilies, so the year is starting off well.  There is a blanket CAL I want to do, but I am waiting for the magazine to get here...I can't remember which magazine it was in, but if you feel like joining in let me know and leave me an email and I will let you know the magazine.  I have two other things on my hook as well..and yes it is driving me crazy.  There has been so much going on the last couple of weeks so it seems.  The hook hasn't been moving, I haven't been blogging, and I haven't kept up with alot of people and things.  So today to start, I am doing my blog and saying Happy New Year to all my dear friends on here..
I have this one on my hook

This one is also on my hook and then there is one more but I don't have a pic of that one yet.
 Well I guess that is all I've got for now..Thanks for stopping by

Monday, December 15, 2014

Candlestick hook.....

Hello...I was visiting a blog the other day..I visit it  often and drool over the hooks this man makes..telling myself one day I will bid on one of his hooks.  http://jimbo'  Anyway he was having a giveaway of one of his of course I entered...and guess what I won.... It is a candlestick looks like a candlestick, but if you lift the light bulb....lo and behold a crochet cool is that?   Go stop in at his blog and take a look..pretty awesome talent.

I started the newest pk doily..yes I am working from my kindle..not liking that at all, but hey I gotta do what I gotta do....I think this doily may look better in one color now that I started it in two colors.  I will see this through, but I think I may want to try it in just one color...we will see.    Today is a blah cloudy and rainy day..A good day to just sit and hook..which is what my plan is.  I hope you are all doing well.  Thanks for stopping by.