Monday, October 17, 2016

Too much thread!!!

I have been pondering this all weekend long.  I received 2 rather large boxes of DMC Babylo thread last week.  For those that don't know but I have trouble ordering this one my distributor only orders it for me..I am patient with it.  Last year about this same time..I placed an order for Babylo..a rather large one.  To make a long story short, not all of the order came in.  So apparently a year(last week) most of it came in...and without notice my card was hit with the cost of the thread...anyway...I talked to the distributor and have made the decision to not carry this thread anymore (there were still more on backorder).  So what I have in my shop is it.  I have decided to reduce the price to the lowest point I can and when it is gone it is gone.  Too be honest I pulled a few of the colors to keep for myself...I am a hoarder...yes..

There are colors that I have never seen in a really bright orange, an almost neon color yellow, a lime green, and a really strange color of red, purple, blue color...I am keeping all 10 balls of it for my stash..just a weird color.  There are shaded pinks, yellows, orange, blue, green, reds, and browns.  For those that don't know the difference between shaded threads and variegated threads...shaded threads only have hues of that color...for instance..shaded reds will only have shades of reds, and dark white....and shaded blues will only have shades of whites..perfect for those roses and flowers we love to make.

I did finish a doily this past week...It is called Charlotte, a design that is still in the testing stage, designed by Grace Fearon...I used Alize Miss Batik..self striping thread #4144   it is about 14 inches across....

 Really need to move this thread.....way to much...even for a hoarder such as myself
 Grace Fearon's Charlotte......made with Alize Miss Batik #4144.....self striping...can you see the textures?  I really enjoy her patterns.
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Charlotte Huffman said...

WoW! Thread overload! Great name for the doily!