Monday, January 31, 2011

just an update

This is one of 30 doilies that I have made that need to be blocked. It seems to me I would have learned by now to block as I go. Someday maybe that will happen..NOT! Ok the real reason for my blog today...I haven't posted for some time now and I realize that I am a hoarder when it comes to thread. For those of you who do not know, the price of DMC thread has gone way up, and according to "yarns and threads by Lisa" (a blog that I follow and the place I buy my thread) DMC is raising their prices again. I am contemplating putting in a big order.. Now I must tell you that I have lots of thread..Look at the pics from previous postings.. I don't need it. But in the future I will..Does that make sense? I am thinking I may be like some of those poor folks on the show Hoarders. Will my girls one day have to dig me out from the stacks of thread? I need feedback from someone to tell me what to order or not to order..that is the question.
Oh...I have found some lovely thread to work with..NAZLI GELIN.. this thread is #10..very soft and appears to hold its' shape. Now I haven't blocked anything that I have made with it so we will see what happens when I get around to it. Anyway it is Turkish far I like it..I ordered it online from Yarn Mountain and Massanutten Hookery..shipping is reasonable and extremely fast. Ok now remember to leave me a post as to whether or not to place an order..Lisa's thread price will be going up in if I make an order it needs to be placed sometime in Feb..OH WHAT TO DO? Thanks for taking time to read my thoughts..let me hear yours..

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Bobbi said...

Hi Vik, I haven't visited your site in quite awhile.
I think it's same about thread prices.... LOL
Love ya'