Monday, May 9, 2011

thanks to all..

Thanks to all who have left comments trying to help me figure out how much to charge for making the dress. Seems like I have very wise blogger friends. I am in the process of making the dress now. The pattern seems to be easy to follow, so that is no big deal. And it seems to be working up very quickly. It is kind of fun to be working on something other than doilies. I think I should make different I have been lurking around..there are some beautiful granny squares out there so I think I may make an afghan. At least I am thinking about it. But for now I will finish up the dress a post some pics when it is completed. Thanks again for all the comments and helping me out. Hopefully Friday I can post some pics..


Faith said...

Hi Vicki,
I wish I would have known it too...I thought about asking if anybody had a book. Or if they would share the pattern. I didn't that was right..I suppose if I could not have found it anywhere I would have turned it loose on the blog. I fell in love with that is gorgeous. You know I even looked through your site to see if you had the pattern completed...I didn't see..did I miss it? You do such beautiful work. Looking forward to your dress all finished up. I never would know what to ask for a price either..

Mary said...

Looking forward to seeing the dress and happy to hear it is going easily for you. You are so talented!