Friday, October 14, 2011

A couple more doilies.

I am liking the gray thread. It has been discontinued by DMC and I only have a couple of balls left. I need to make something really awesome with it as I may never find it again. Too bad it was discontinued..I am so liking working with not only do I have to decide which pattern to make, but also the color..takes me awhile to decide. Sometimes even when I do I end up frogging it because I don't like the color with a certain pattern..just me I guess. But I really like both of these..I think maybe I might try reds, pinks, and blacks with the really colored doily..maybe even Christmas colors..what do you think? Every one have a great weekend


Debi Y. said...

Both of your doilies are very pretty - I especially like the color one. :)

Mindy said...

I love these!

Your color combos are always so great. I have to try more variety. =)

Barbara said...

These are lovely!

Lostinblue said...

I love these! Both so pretty.

I've never tried to change colours on a thread doily (mind you I've only made two finished ones so far) but I might have a try at some point. They look so good!

Do you just weave the ends as normal?


Mary said...

Trying to comment again, hope it works this time.
Vikki, is the second doily from Annie's Attic booklet called Irish Beauty Doilies? The name of the doily is Twilight's Touch? If so, did you find any mistakes in the directions? I have that booklet but had so much trouble with the first doily I tried to make from it that I just said waste of money spent for the booklet and put it away. Maybe there is hope? You did a great job on both of these! They are just gorgeous!

Mevr. Snoeshaan said...

LOVE the colored doily, beautiful!