Monday, October 17, 2011

My birthday present and my Christmas trees

I thought I would show my new earrings from my dear hubby for my birthday. They are so pretty..The stones are green I think topaz..not sure though..
I think Stitchy McFloss asked me if I made snowflakes and such to decorate my house for Christmas. I told her that I didn't, but made Christmas trees.. Well here they are..up and ready!! I leave them up all year..I like the colored lights and they look good in that space..I don't want to have to decorate for every season..I am lazy..These trees are crocheted with Red Heart thread..2 pieces held together through out..I usually have a blister or two by the time I am done. The white tree in the middle I believe is 3ft, the two green are a little under 2 ft. I have another that is 4 ft, that I wil put out after Thanksgiving. I am wanting to make 2 more this year a little smaller that the 2ft, and one more big one..They have a frame made with dowels and wooden embroidery hoops (hubby makes the frame for me). I put lights on the frame and pull the crocheted tree over like a sock. I hope you can enlarge to see the detail. I guess one could put ornaments on them..I don't. They look so nice without all the stuff..just lights..
My dad made the church for my daughter's wedding..she didn't have a place for it so I kept it, the duck was also carved by my dad and the santa too. The Train is my husband's contribution. Well I am off to try and make some order out of my craft room..once again...Have a great week my dear blogger friends


LindaCrochets said...

Birthday??? Happy Birthday!! (Mine is the 18th). Love your trees!

Mindy said...

Pretty earrings!!

PS--those trees? You're nuts!!! Wow, that must have taken SO much work! And blisters from it, too? Wow! They certainly are beautiful. After all that work, I'd leave them up year round, too. =D You do such amazing work.

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said... you have a pattern for the white one? It looks like layered shells. They're all pretty but I love the white one.

The Garden Bell said...

Happy, Happy to you. Wait xmas stuff already...icks I better get cookn'.

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

:o) Send me your email address to and I'll send you pics of my tats. I thought I had done a post long ago on my tats...I'll have to look. :o) I do have my left sleeve totally done. On the right I have a large tree all the way up and at the top is my two babies, PeeWee and Misty. I am getting the 'itch' again and want to fill in behind the tree on the underside of my arm. I have two good sized tats on my left leg below my knee, a large on on my right leg below the knee, and a larger one on the top part of my right leg from the knee to my hip. I have 2 on my chest and my very first tat on my left shoulder (back). I wish I had the money to finish my right arm. I feel lopsided. :o)

Bobbi said...

Richie did good,
kinda early for Christmas isn't it?

Did you get your room cleaned? Come and straighten mine now.

I posted a new card using your 4 coaster doilies. I knew you wouldn't mind. Catherine loves them. I showed her your blog, and she loves your work. She thinks we are talented LOL -- I am going to bring Catherine down sometime. She's never been to a SUPER JoAnns! can you believe it!

Later sis.. love you.

JENNIFER said...

Hi Miss Vikki! It's totally crazy here!!! My honey is at the dentist as we speak, he just had a root canal last year and a tooth another one! It's so windy here it sounds like the roof is ready to come off, it's cold and has rained all day. We have to wait for the insurance company to cut a check which is made out to our mortgage holder....then go to their bank for approval which is way across town and then maybe I'll be allowed to have a new roof put on...This has been so ridiculous. I was going to post some pics today but my camera decided to erase all the ones that I had taken days ago, or was it my hubby??? hmmmm. To top it off my husbands Birthday is friday and he may not be able to eat...:o( It's been a crazy week to say the least. I hope your having an awesome one though! Those earrings are gorgous!!! you must have been a good girl :o) I love jewelry! Now, those christmas trees are so neat, I have never seen anything like that before. you are a very crafty crocheter(?) ..LOL! I hope to take more pictures and post something by tomorrow. Have a nice evening... Hugs Jennifer

Ana Luisa said...

Sorry so late, happy birthday!