Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yipee!! Happy Happy Joy joy!!!

Well hello..once again I am blogging on Wednesday..usually out of the norm for me. However it seems that I have things to share on Wednesdays..Ok I will have my BIG BOOK OF DOILIES with in the week..Thank you to my anonymous friend..whoever you are!!!! My etsy shop is doing ok..for that I am grateful. Helps me to stay stocked up on my thread stash. I am listing this oval doily today, thought you guys might want to have a look first. I just love this pattern..I have it on my dresser, only in maroon. I listed a couple of other doilies today too, in case you want to have a look see. I am making a runner as my work in that the craft show is over I seem to have gotten back into the swing of things. I have lots that I want to make and new patterns I am wanting to work. I found an older Trish Kristoffersen pattern I didn't even know she had published. It is called Pretty pineapple doilies. And I thought I had all of her doily books. Hope you all had a great day. Until next blog moment.


Mindy said...

Congratulations!!! Yay!!

LOVE the oval pineapple doily, too. =)

Mary said...

Vikki that is great. I am so happy you will have it. The doily is gorgeous. I love ovals in just about anything. Crocheting is slow here. It has been a hectic week. The weather is so nice, I have done outside things. Darling granddaughter will be here tomorrow afternoon and all day Friday. Her fall break. Happy crocheting!!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Your doilies are always so beautiful. :)

Wonderful news about your book, too. :)

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with many blessings. :)

Ana Luisa said...

Good for you! :)

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

I knew when I saw the title of your post that you had been successful. Good for you!!!

Love the oval. I wish I was as good as you are. And had the patience.

JENNIFER said...

Hi Vikki! The church that had the festival is a catholic curch but not the church we were married in. Even the priests were drinking beer...LOL! have a super day! Hugs Jennifer