Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just a quick note to show you guys what I finished over the weekend.

Hello all my fellow bloggers. I wanted to show what I just finished up..this is a design from Elizabeth White..BellaCrochet. I am loving this.. it is a simple pattern that goes quick until you get to the holly leaves..but once you get going on them you can knock them out in no time. I think I am going to make a set for myself for my coffee table. Still working on the tablecloth..I think I am on row 50 or so..with a long way to go..I picked a pattern that doesn't repeat too often, but still takes quite a bit of time to get around it once so I am learning that I can have two projects going as long as I don't think about the other one..and yes..the penquin is coming along nicely too..that is 3 count them 3 projects at once!! By the way..I don't like going from using yarn down to thread..takes awhile to get the "feel" back. I can go from thread to yarn but not the other way. Weird Huh? Anyone else ? I am curious. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


JENNIFER said...

Hey miss Vikki! I LOVE your new Christmas set!!! I have never seen anything like this before, it's stunning :o) You amaze me at how fast your able to make a doily... and not just easy doily's but intricate ones. can't wait to see the table cloth...It sounds like you had an interesting weekend. I have chaotic DAYS! EVERY day...LOL! Our puppy is so loud she has given me a headache more than once this week...She loves my hubby to pieces and she only quiets for him, here I am doing all the dirty work and he gets all the love! so not fair!!! LOL! :o/ Have a nice evening! give your pup a smooch from me...Hugs Jennifer

Mindy said...

Wow! Gorgeous. 3 projects--sounds great! I finished up a doily last night and started the next one today. I'm taking a break now--it's a dark burgundy color, and it's easiest to do it during daylight hours. So I'm working on a purse strap (yarn) while it's nighttime.

And I tend to agree--going from thread to yarn is easier than yarn to thread. ;-)

Mary said...

Ooh, gorgeous!! You are so fast. Ihave three things on the hook now. I started another afghan with the flower blocks, only this one I am doing in baby yarn in pastel colors for the flowers and the blocks. I have the doily about half-way finished, the pattern you sent with the thread and a little dress potholder. I agree, it is easy to go from thread to yard but not so easy the other way. It does take time to get the feel back but I do it anyway. My sis-in-law said she always had more than one thing going so she didn't get burned out on one thing. She crochets beautifully but doesn't crochet much anymore. She plays Farmville on Facebook. I am supposed to get my pc back tomorrow. I do not like typing on this laptop and I haven't been able to download any pictures or post on my blog. Can't wait to see the tablecloth. I know it will be beautiful.

Anna said...

Vraiment superbe ensemble !
Bonne semaine.

Fran, said...

What a beautiful set... think I need to make one. I had to laugh at Mary comment about her sister-in-law.. yeap dang the face book farm.. would you believe I haven't farm for almost 2 weeks.. and yes I am back to my crocheting, just finished a doily that is like your grandma's. LOL
Love you baby girl

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

This is so pretty...and the holly leaves are lovely. BellaCrochet has some really pretty designs. :)

I totally understand what you are saying about the feel of going from the larger yarn to the smaller thread.

Wow, 3 projects at once! I remember those I have more UFO's than Area 51 in Nevada.

Can't wait to see penguin pics. :)

Wishing you a lovely day.

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

As usual your 'stuff' is beautiful. You are so quick!

I don't have a problem going from one media to the other, either way. I love both. I did have a hard time this weekend with chunky yarn and making a hat. I started out with a Q hook and then went down to a P hook. Now THAT was weird. But I made a hat in less than an hour for a little girl and was amazed. I went searching for more chunky. lol.

I hate to tell you how many I have going. :o) xoxox

JENNIFER said...

Hey Vikki! Your sister has a nice blog to, I'm now a follower of her blog as well. :o)

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