Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finished projects and Happy New Year!!

Do you remember me talking about the "steel blue" colored thread and the doily I was making. Well here is the center of the doily..
and here is the entire doily. I love this color..this is a Patricia Kristoffersen pattern, found in her book Simple Elegance. The name of the pattern is Aurora. Isn't the center just awesome. You can click on the pics and get a close up view. I think you can do that with any pics.
This is the tablecloth pattern for those who have been asking about the tablecloth. I am still working on one for my dining room table. Hopefully I will get it done in the next few weeks.

Butterfly doily. I needed to work on something that made me feel good. The butterflies are supposed to attach to each other, but I think I wanted them to be mobile, so they looked like they were flying..This is a pattern by Ann White. tell her Vikki sent you.
My inlaws didn't make it in for Christmas. They planned on driving here from New Mexico. The weather didn't co-operate. Which kind of worked out. I was able to get up to my mom and dad's for Christmas Eve and spend some time with my family. We had a great time. I guess when one gets older family becomes more important. Anyway I enjoyed the short amount of time we were able to spend there before heading home. My kids and their families will be here for New Years. This year it was all of the other families years to have them. I am happy that it works the way it does.
To all my blog followers thank you for all the comments this past years, the helpful hints, and the hunt for pattern books. I have truly enjoyed visiting your blogs and reading about you and yours. Although I have never met you I consider you my friends and hope one day we will meet and be able to sit and crochet together. Or at least go hunting for that special thread or yarn. Hugs and Blessings to you all.


Debi Y. said...

I enjoy looking at all your new doilies - they're always so beautiful. :)

CrochetBlogger said...

The blue doily is such a beautiful color!

Charlotte said...

Beautiful! Happy New Year!

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

Hey! I've been mia but I'm back! I love all of your doilies Vikki. They're so awesome and I enjoy coming to look at all of them. I'm very happy that you blog them. I will probably post later or tomorrow. I got myself a new i-pad for Christmas after using my sister's in FL. I'm trying to get used to it. xoxoxo

Faith said...

lovely, as is all your work...I rather like this color too...:)

Mindy said...

Still love that Steel Blue! I found a nice silver this past week that made me think of this color. Not quite the same, but I could still see how pretty that silver could be as a doily.

I can't even imagine how long that tablecloth takes you!! But SO pretty and definitely worth it.

The butterflies are really fun and whimsical! Gorgeous!

JENNIFER said...

Happy New Year to you and your family Vikki! It sounds like you had a marvelous christmas :o) I took everything down Christmas day, I wanted to start my hibernation earlier than I normally do....LOL! My husband with his month off, goes back to work tomorrow! YAY! don't get me wrong, I like it when he's off for extended periods but I don't get anything done as far as housework during that house is a mess!!!

The table cloth is to die for! and the butterfly doily is beautiful and very unique...nice job!! :o) It has been so nice to meet you and I consider you my friend to, I wish we lived closer, it would be fun to go shopping with you...Have a nice week friend!!! Hugs, Jennifer

MamaLezlie said...

Hey! I recognize that doily!!! :) You are doing BEAUTIFUL work, as usual! God bless!

paula said...

I am SO JEALOUS! I would love to make doilies, but #10 drives me NUTS!

Your table cloth is divine. I have one, or maybe two, that Grandma made. WIll be passing them on to my niece one day . . they are just beautiful!

Oh, I am going to start folllowing you and Buddy today :)} and the pictures of the house look so good.