Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thanks Charlotte!

 I heard the doorbell...and what do I see?  On my porch a package for me!! Thanks Charlotte..I got these on Monday.  What a wonderful gift. 
I finished a yellow doily..Haven't blocked it yet.  I have a couple of orders I need to get finished..almost done with one and barely started on the other.  I really need to get moving.  I hate it when I have stuff hanging over my head.
My youngest daughter and her husband are moving away :(  It is a promotionforhim at his job.  With a pretty good size raise, and moving expenses are being covered.  It is a great opportunity for them, but I hate it.  I don't like it one little bit.  They are even taking my grandson with them...:(  Anyway they have to be in Atlanta Ga on March 1.  I guess they are wanting to live north of Atlanta..Roswell I think they said.  I guess it could be worse..could be even farther that the 400 miles..  So I am hoping they sell their house quickly so as not to have to pay a house payment and rent.  I guess that is the way it is now have to go where the jobs are. 
Maybe tomorrow I will have some pics of the things I get done today.  Oddly warm here are open.  Can you believe that for Feb 1.  Oh yeah my hubby and I will be celebrating our anniversary on the 4th.  It just keeps getting better..Life is good.  You all have a great day and thanks for stopping by to hear my ramblings..


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Lovely doily! :)

Yeah, it sucks having to leave home to follow a job, that's what we did...I still miss home, but I am slowly learning that any place I can put my stash, is a good place to call home. Maybe ya'll can meet in the middle, somewhere in TN for visits. Thank goodness for the internet, it can help you keep in touch with your GrandSon. :)

Happy early Anniversary to you and your Hubby!

Blessings always :)

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

Well gee...400 miles is all that you'll be away from them? That's not bad. I thought it would be further. Atlanta is 4 hours from me, not sure about Roswell. Skype...that's what I do with my daughter and her girls. I wish I was closer too. It is what it is. :o) The weather here right now is gorgeous. Trees and plants think it's spring. I bet we are going to have a horrid summer.

Charlotte said...

You are so welcome. I have already used 4 balls of the thread you sent me on the blanket. We never understand why things happen like they do, but there is good reason. 400 miles is not that far and gives you a good excuse to travel :-) Happy Anniversary!