Friday, July 6, 2012

Too Hot to hooking

 Last week was too hot to do anything but stay inside and grab a
 I thought you might want to have a look at what I really did get done this week...
 Believe it or not..I did manage to get some housework done..and really I did cook

 a couple of meals..
My grandson spent a couple of nights with in all it was a very good week

The first 2 doilies are Kristoffersen designs..can't remember right now what books, but if you really want to know leave a comment and I will look it up for you.  The last one, the runner, is from an older book and is one of my best sellers at the craft show..This one is in Ecru..

It is supposed to be another hot weekend in Southern Indiana..temps over rain in site.  We now have been asked to conserve power and water.  I believe anyone who has to pay their own bills and utilities have been "conserving" as much as possible..I guess I could just shower once a know not funny.  We haven't watered our lawn as it would be a battle that we would lose, haven't washed our car..wash full loads in the washer and dishwasher...put thermostat on 80 or above..oops can't do that..75 yeah..not 80.  Tried that, felt like it was one hot flash after another.  My hands were sweating..the thread and hook wouldn't move so 75 it is..

I believe my goal for this weekend is to get dressed at least one day..cook at least one meal..and definately try to stay cool and hydrated..You guys do the same.. Blessings my blog friends..


Charlotte said...

Beautiful! It's hot in SC too! Luckily my hubby would rather have a bologna sandwich than a hot meal! Stay cool and keep on hookin' !

LindaCrochets said...

They are all beautiful! I really like the 1st one...I can just see that in multi colors! Great job!!

Mary said...

Beautiful! I love each one. It has been the same weather here. Miserably hot and so dry. I have to get out later and water my flowers. My yard is brown but it will come back when we get rain. Looking forward to the cooler temps. Stay cool!

glor said...

These pieces are incredible. Always so perfectly done.

Anonymous said...

You are so right, to Hot to cook but love to crochet. Beautiful Doilies.

One Crafty Lady

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Your doilies are always so beautiful!
I love coming to your blog because I know I am going to see lots of beautiful thread work.

Hope Buddy is doing good...would be nice to see a picture..but no pressure! :)

It's so hot that I have to force my lazy butt to go get mail after the sun goes down...and then I run as fast as my short stubby legs will carry me! I am more than sure the neighbors are all loving that sight! :)

Hugs to you and my pal Buddy, too. :)

Toni said...

Hi Vikki,

Thank you so much for dropping by and following my blog. Been a follower of yours ever since I started crocheting and really, really love your works.

Thanks for being one of my inspirations.


Debbie Meier said...

Your work is impressive and thank you for showing them. I have just lost my mum and she loved doing different projects.
Thanks you.