Monday, August 6, 2012

Things that I finally have finished up in the last week..

 This yellow thingy is my CAL that I was doing with Stitchy Mcfloss, Faith, and Glor..I started it last night and the pattern calls for #3 thread..I don't have any of that size flying around I thought size 10..and well I should have used two strands as this is not big enough for a potholder..only about 5in across.  So girls..maybe I will try this again with 2 strands of thread..
 This doily was on the hook when I went on my trip to NY.  I finally finished it and blocked too by the way..It is a pattern from Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies..Patricia Kristoffersen..Used color 816..DMC..maroon..
 I have been wanting to make this one for a long time..wasn't sure if it would look good in the maroon, as it was still in the basket from the first doily..Hey it is what was close and kept me from having to go into the craft room and make any decisions..sometimes choosing a color takes me longer than actually making a doily..
 This is why I wanted to make this doily..I love different stitches and textured..after making it..I think a yellow, white, ecru..maybe even one of the discontinued colors that I have hoarded and waiting for the perfect pattern..This pattern can be found in Ultimate Doilies..Patricia Kristoffersen..
 This doily..I thought it would use up the rest of the dye lot of the maroon..well it didn't.  So I am thinking I will make some coasters with what is left..This doily was found in Year of 5.  I don't like this pattern as much as I do some other pineapple doilies..It was weird to block..had to pull it into shape..If you have ever worked a Josie Rabier pattern you know what I this isn't one of hers..Not sure who designed this..
Anyway that is my week in review.  I have moved my hook..went to be with my middle daughter and enjoyed being with her..and I have shampooed my carpet today..found enough dog hair to make a small the rest of the day is mine to do whatever I want...any guesses..  I want to say hi to all my new followers..just happened to look and see that I have picked up some new blog friends..and to all my "old" blog friends..glad you stopped by to have a look see..Blessings my and old..


glor said...

Hi Vikki! Your pretty petals is beautiful. I used the other pattern and used size 10 thread as well. I think these are so pretty. Your doilies are magnificent! WOW! Your work is beautiful. Looking forward to more CAL and maybe a SAL!!! Have a great evening.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

You are such a show off! You doilies are beautiful. I always feel so lame when I look at the beautiful doilies you make. Mine are well...lets just move on shall we.

I sent you an e-mail about an up coming SAL that Glor and I have been talking about. Also sent it to Faith, too...maybe we can all get together again for a CAL/SAL.

Welcome back home and just when are we gonna get to see a snap of Buddy. He's so cute. Cracks me up about the dog hair! He's a giver alright. :)

Hugs and blessings always my friend :)

Faith said...

hi Vikki, I started using a 7, it seems I use that size all the time, but Stitchy said she was using a B, I didn't have one, so I used a B instead. But yours did come out do such beautiful work...

Mary said...

Your CAL potholder is gorgeous! You always amaze me with the number of doilies you crochet. I would love to do the CAL but I am behind before even starting and working every day will definitely put a crimp in my crocheting and crafting. I havne't been home long and I need to water my flowers and before I turn around, it will be bedtime. Beautiful doilies as always!

Anna said...

Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful !

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

I love them all in the maroon. For some reason it shows the definition much better.

Each time I sweep I get enough hair to make a small dog too. Leo sheds very bad. xoxo

Charlotte said...

Beautiful doilies! I need to shampoo my carpets, too.

Sara @ My Merry Messy Life said...

Beautiful doilies! I haven't ventured that far out in crocheting yet. Thanks for linking up at Hookin On Hump Day! Next time, please link up an actual post and not your site URL. Thanks!