Monday, November 19, 2012

Should I go all in and open a thread shop?

Good Morning my fellow bloggers, and anyone else who takes time to read my thoughts.  No pics today just some things going through my head.  And lucky get to read them.  First I want to apologize to all my blog friends for not leaving comments each and everytime I visit you.  I enjoy reading your thoughts, viewing your pics, and yes sometimes question your sanity.  Anyway..thanks for making my world a little more fun.  Today I am off to Joann's..maybe Hobby Lobby..and then Michaels..What am I after you ask..I am really liking all the nutcrackers..I am thinking I WANT THEM!!  It isn't my fault that I am going to be stopping at these stores.  I have to go to Best Buys and pick up a Christmas gift that came in...and in order to get to Best Buys..I drive right past Joann's,  and then Hobby Lobby..and Michael's is right next door to Best Buys.   Surely when I was sent out to make this pick up He knew these stores were in my path.  So it is not my fault.  I have coupons!!! Lots of them...Need to print out one for Hobby Lobby though..the rest were already in my purse..Anyone care to join me?  I really hadn't planned on going out today..but..duty calls.  I figured that I have about 6-7 hours more work on a doily/tabletopper in order to finish it.  I am not sure I like having deadlines to have things finished.  Crocheting is my hobby and if I make a few bucks..that's cool.  I am never going to get rich,  I would be homeless..who am I kidding.  Oh yeah the reason for this post...I am thinking about becoming a retailer for DMC Cebelia thread..and maybe a few other things..Like I is just bouncing around in my head.  It is becoming so hard to find the thread and it is getting so expensive so I thought if I could sell it online..maybe a little cheaper I could do it.  Now my question is this..would you if I could sell it to you cheaper than most order and buy your thread from me?  I would probably sell it on Etsy..or Ebay..I dont know how to create a web site so until I know it would be feasible to have my own site...Anyway..I am just trying to figure out it I would have a customer base..or would it be me being my best customer..Please please leave me your opinion on my business venture..I truly want to hear your opinion.  Blessings..


JENNIFER said...

Hi Vikki! I don't buy thread but I do buy doily's so if your using thread on doily's I buy, then it would be a great idea!! I think it would be great for all those that buy thread, there are a lot of doily makers out there. :o) I wish I could go to Hobby Lobby and Michael's but my hubby is home for the week...Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! hugs Jennifer

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Your know they say when the dealer starts using that's when it all goes to you no where! But since you use and want to become a dealer...that could be a good thing.

I don't buy thread on line...I am a touchy feelie kind of girl...but I am more than sure others do...oh, and I only buy the cheap, cheap stuff...Aunt Lydia girl here. But then my doilies are only for me so it's ok.

I'd say go for'll never know until you try...and of course it might help you get the thread you use at an even lower price, too.

Oh, and when are you starting the snowman SAL with me?

Hugs and blessings my friend.

Anonymous said...


Faith said...

Vikki, I love your ideas..I don't have an idea how to go about it, but it is great..Support your local thread dealer..that would be you..I could do that...I don't buy tons of thread, but there are colors I would like that I cannot fine at the usual haunts...It sounds exciting...keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vikki, I love DMC Cebelia thread and I have a hard time finding it, too. As a Hoosier and former resident of Evansville, I would be interested in ordering from you.

Jenny said...

Hi Vikki, I think it's a great idea! In my case, I'm disabled and seldom get out. For that reason I'd be glad to support your efforts. I also live 30 miles in each direction to the nearest Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc. My local Walmart has stopped carrying Aunt Lydia's and is only carrying Red Heart (which I don't care for). I believe that being a crocheter, yourself, you would know more than most folks, what we look for. Wishing you the best of luck!!