Wednesday, December 26, 2012

 Good Morning!! We have snow..and alot of it.  Here in Southwest, Southern Indiana we under a Blizzard Warning!! I think I will stay hunkered down.  I wonder what ever will I do?
 Ok..poor Buddy..this is the first snow he has ever seen.  I couldn't get the back door opened..too much snow..had to push and push the snow back..after awhile I got enough space so Buddy could wedge his way out.  Good thing the yard is fenced in or there would have been more snow in the back yard..The wind is really whipping it around.  I don't think he really likes this white stuff..I had to give him the boot in order to get him outside..and he really had to go..
Finished this up last night..I know, I know...This isn't on the list of to do's..but I needed a distraction..Well I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  My girls and their families are supposed to come down for New Year's.  However if the weather is bad I think I may tell them just to stay home and we will catch up with them later when the weather is better.  I don't like the idea of them being on the roads because they feel like they have to be here.  I would rather them just be home and then I wouldn't worry about them..oh well..I will deal with that later in the week. You guys have a wonderful week and a Happy New Year if I don't get back before then.  May you always find the joy..Vikki


LindaCrochets said...

I see lot of snow! Poor puppy...he just doesn't understand!
We had lots and lots of ran as it went through about 3AM this morning, but thank goodness we didn't have the the awful wind/toronadoes that some people had across Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi! Our family left yesterday morning before lunch to try and stay ahead of the storm as they were heading southeast from here. They made it home ok!
Love the new doily. Is it a PK design?

Preeti said...

Lots of snow! We have snowfall in northern part in the states near Himalyas. I had been there once for a week. In the beginning it was new and enjoyed but three days later, we got fed up with that freezing weather. It looked beautiful in morning though with all the snow clad pine tress.

Your doily looks very pretty :) nice color too!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Oh crap that is a lot of snow! Poor Buddy...he does look cute though running around back there...hope he doesn't get lost in all that.

We are getting rain and sleet. Fun stuff!

Yeah, I am with you, I'd rather loved ones be safe and stay home than be somewhere just to hit a date. Besides, it might be nice to have Christmas prolong the season. :)

Love the doily...I am working on mine, too. I have a red one that I worked on for Christmas, just doing the edges and soon I'll give it a photo shoot.

Blessings and hugs always and keep warm my dear friend..