Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What color is this?

 HI you all..I have a question...what color is the above doily?  I know what I think it is, but who knows..anyway this doily was an order from my etsy shop.  I don't think they are happy with the color..the colors I used were mocha, white and what DMC calls maroon/burgundy.  Now I thought I knew what color burgundy was, and when I googled (yes I googled it) what color is said a shade of is this doily burgundy or red?  It doesn't really matter to me if the customer takes it or not.  I prefer they don't take it if they are not going to be happy with it.  I am wondering if there is another thread Elizabeth threads (good thread) that makes a "burgundy" that is a different color.  I know DMC only makes this one for Cebelia.   Speaking of Cebelia thread...

Sales of thread are slow..I am hoping it picks up..if not I may have to rethink my strategy on selling it by the box.  My idea was that I could keep the price lower because of listing fees and selling fees, for 5 instead of one ball at a time.  And I could insure dye lots..but I am thinking maybe most people (not me) prefer to buy one or two balls at a time and not 5.  I am a hoarder so I buy stuff in as to not run out.  I hate running out of a thread and then having to run out just to finish a project and find out the store doesn't have it, or the dye lot is off..may be it is just me..what do you think?  I am not going to make a decision on that until the listing for most of the thread expires..until then we will see how it goes..I would have to raise my prices per like $5.00 a ball..maybe more I will have to do the math.  Oh well I will just put that decision off for awhile

On the crochet front..I have 2 of the 10 doilies done for the one order..only 8 more to go.. I have 1 pineapple doily done of the 6..only 5 more to I am hooking away.  As for blocking as I go..well that isn't getting tomorrow my plan is to block some of the things I have finished..I get lots of things done tomorrow..favorite day of the week..tomorrow..Any way I would love to hear your opinion as to the color of the doily on this post and what say you about selling the thread by the ball instead of the box...Blessings my dear blogger friends..


Faith said...

Hi Vikki,

It looks burgundy, but when you put the doily on a burgundy background as in the looks more red.

it is a pretty doily none the less.

Lauren P said...

It looks like a dark red - I think burgandy is more maroonish.

I bought some! I just don't crochet enough to buy a ton of colors at once! Plus you need more than one ball for a larger doily so I like the amount of 5.

Erika's Crafts Corner said...

I would say it is Burgundy, but the other ladies are right, when the light changes it looks a little bit more red. The color families look very simular.

Jennifer said...

I agree with everyone else, it looks like burgundy or a darker red, I think its a beautiful doily any way you look at it :o) ok, so my mom came for her Christmas visit and pretty much nagged me to put my blog back up... since it's the only thing she looks forward to at work...LOL! So I'm back. I hope your having a wonderful new year so's been busy here, I had my face lasered so now I'll look like a fat baby for the next 5 days or so....I have been working on a new en devour which if all goes right I'll post about...and then you have just the regular old stuff that happens every day lol! Have a great week sweets! hugs Jennifer

Debi Y. said...

It looks red to me. I think the fabric you have it sitting on is pretty close to burgandy.

The doily looks lovely by the way. :)

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I'm with Faith on this one.

Go to Michael's or Hobby Lobby and see if you can find some Aunt Lydia thread in burgundy. I have red and burgundy and when you put them together, you can see the burgundy is darker. Red's more in your face. It's a beautiful doily (as always). :)

Not sure about the thread. I know for me, I use the Aunt Lydia or the Red Heart Brand. I've never used the one you are selling so I can't honestly say how you should sell it. I hope sales go up for you though. :)

Hugs and blessings always dear friend...and what of Buddy. Why haven't we seen a pic of him lately?

Charlotte Huffman said...

The outer edge looks red but the others look burgundy. Either way, it's beautiful. Great news that your shop orders are booming. Mine hasn't moved. :-(