Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just off the hook

 If you have been following my blog long, you will know that I am a thready through and through..I love this. This is a pattern of    There are 3 different sets of booties that come with the beanie.  I just happen to prefer these.
I had to find a doll that has a newborn size head just so I could see how the beanie would fit. long as the baby doesn't have a big head...But the pattern is just sized for newborns..I am going to see if I can add a few stitches here and there to size it for an older infant as we all know they grow so fast.
While looking for a model for this hat...i found a site..can't remember it now, but this woman makes these dolls that look real..I mean they look just like a real baby.  I would love to have one to use as a model, but the price is out of my comfort zone for a doll.  I think maybe I am going to make sets of these and put in my Etsy shop, and for my one show.  

My floor isn't finished yet..before the sealer and enhancer can be put on the grout has to dry or cure for 2 my house still isn't back together, soon.    I can walk on it..just can't spill on it.  Now I am a I am hoping I can go another week without a problem.  Buddy can't go in there cause the dog hair would be too hard to try and get up.  I sure don't want any dog hair sealed up.

I really don't have much going on...5 more doilies to make for the order of 10, 3 more to make of another..and one Christmas doily and all my stuff will be caught up.  Then I can focus on my show..if this keeps up I won't have much.  My Etsy shop has been busy..more so with special orders than anything else...the thread is moving a little.

For those of you whom are digging out from the storm out safe, keep warm and go grab a hook...To all my blog friends...Blessings and may you always have enough..


Cris Crochets said...

LOOOVE that set!!!!

glor said...

What a beautiful set. How sweet, I can just see a newborn in this now. Don't know how you keep up with all the orders, but I'm not surprised at the number of them, your work is amazing! Have a lovely day and weekend.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Awww they are so cute. I hope you are making some for the new baby.

Hugs and blessings dear friend. :)

homeschooljewelrymom said...

Very pretty! I've never tried much in thread, but I love all your work :-)

Anna said...

Really cute !
Have a nice week.

Bobbi said...

How cute.
I've seen those life like dolls at a craft show...they were kinda spooky. They were so real looking laying there you excepted them to move! remember Chucky

Gramma Rita said...

Such an adorable baby set! :)

Charlotte Huffman said...

I put down the yarn for a while and started on the doily that you are making 10 of. I wish my Etsy shop would take off..I could use the money. I need to add more items. Happy Valentines day.

Donna Heber said...

Hi Vikki,

These are so adorable! A beautiful set for a cute little boy. Happy Valentine's Day to you.

Jennifer said...

Hi Vikki! Happy Valentines Day! :o)
That's such a cute set for your new grand baby, I love the little booties. Hugs Jennifer

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Hope all is well with you and yours You've been very quiet lately.

Blessings always

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful set!!!