Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day shout out....Thank you

Good Morning..Today is Veteran's Day.  Both my grandpas and 3 of my uncles served in the armed forces.  If I am not mistaken they all have seen their share of battles and have their own demons from doing so.  They experienced the horrors of war that I have only read about and I cannot imagine how much affect that has had on their lives and the lives of my cousins, their wives, and my grandmas.  I remember my cousins as they came back home when my uncle Dave was in Vietnam...even then I didn't fully realize how hard that must have been for them not to have their daddy home every night to tell them he loved them or for them to tell him that they love him...not to see him for birthdays, or holidays, or just to make you feel like a family.  How strong of a woman my aunt Marilyn was and is..for going through all of that alone....or what felt like alone.  But I always remember her laughing or having a good time when all of us got together to go swimming or the root beer stand...and we got those really tiny mugs of root beer.. I don't remember all of the everyday things, but some things just stick with you...Vietnam wasn't a real popular war and unlike today alot of people were angry with the military..the government, whatever..but regardless at the time the men and boys (yes boys..18 yrs old some of them..) were not honored when they returned home, no parades, no handshakes, no uncle flew home from his first tour in the middle of the night and it was just our family that met him and welcomed him felt like he was being snuck in to keep the protesters away.  I was young, but that is what it felt like to me.  I wondered why..why he would make such a sacrifice when it would have been easier to stay home with his family..not to have been shot..not to have shot someone else..He could have died many times over and nobody would have known or cared but us...So to all the Uncle Daves, Phil, Frank, their wives, their children out there..thank you so very much for your sacrifice.  


Knot Forgotten Studio said...

You are so right Vikki! They never ever received the gratitude that they deserved! Lovely post and your doily up there is beyond STUNNING! WOW! Hope your evening is cozy, penny x

Anna said...

Gorgeous !!!!!

Mereknits said...

A beautiful post today, it is a shame they were not welcomed home with pride and thanked for their tours of combat. My Dad was in WWII, he still has nightmares.
Hugs to you,

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Bless all our brave military past, present and future. Without them, we could not remain free. Freedom is never free.

blessings always

Gramma Rita said...

Vikki, your post has given me major chills. Well said, my friend! When I was little I knew of people in the Viet Nam war, but yet heard very little about it. Of course once I grew up I learned more and more things about it. I've been told that the soldiers were actually spit on when they returned home. My goodness. How awful! To have gone through what they did and to be treated like crap when they got home. So very sad.

Crafy Lady said...

Morning, what a lovely Doilyl. You have a very nice talent that is for sure. I am making a beaded Doily right now. I will add it to my blog later this week.
Have a nice day.

M. J. Joachim said...

i had the pleasure of sharing a very lengthy conversation with my nephew on Veteran's Day. He's served in Iraq and Afghanistan - multiple tours of duty. He was finishing up training some men the other day. I'm so proud of him. The work our military does to preserve our freedom and protect our country is phenomenal. Listening closely to a Vet gives one a whole new perspective on what they go through, and why. We all should feel so proud and honored to have such wonderful people on our side, each and every day of the year!

Faith said...

Hi Vikki, the shawl is coming along I'm at row 43, and then 10 more and hood part, and the scalloped prepared this is a counter pattern..:(. Here is the link to my original posting which gives the link for the pattern from Annies.

looking forward to see if you give this a try. I can tell you one thing, it's going to be warm, and it's starting to get weight, good for stitching up on a chilly night. But I am looking forward to getting back to know how we threadies are?