Monday, April 14, 2014

Sending Money to Uncle Sam...and a few random thoughts

I haven't been up to much around here.   This time of year plays havoc with my sinuses...nose spray, psuedafed, and tylenol are on the menu.  I love the warmer weather trust me, it is just all the blooming that drives me crazy.  I am having another surgery on my ears yet again tomorrow.  We are hoping and praying that this time will if you would also pray in agreement as there is nothing my God cannot do.  

This week I did finish and block two doilies..there is still a few doilies in a pile that need to be blocked, but hey, you all know how I feel about blocking.  Too bad there isn't a little fairy that can block our creations while we sleep.  Come to think of it...if there were a fairy that came in I think I would rather they clean my toilets and such..I like housework even less than I like blocking...anyway I have listed the doilies on Etsy like 5 minutes ago..and well they are already blessed am I?   

I am going to be going out later today to mail a check to Uncle Sam.  Yeah!!!  Seems like that Uncle always needs a check this time of year...and he wonders why I don't have a real job?  We would just have to write a bigger I will just stay home and play with my thread and maybe make a few reinvest in my hobby..

I have joined a group on   I think these ladies..oops they aren't all ladies, but you get my drift..are some of the most talented threadies out there.  The name of the group is pkdoilies if you want to look them up on yahoo under groups..feel free to join.  The have a CAL once a month and do Trish Kristoffersen designs.  You all know how I feel about this of the best..  These people are encouraging...and willing to help.  So any experience level person is welcome and if you have any problems with a pattern these wonderful people are more than willing to talk you through it.  You know how some groups there are some unhappy, caddy people?  I haven't seen any of that drama as of if you are a thready  check them out.

I am placing another thread order in the next few days..I am increasing my inventory of #20 thread...I am thinking white, ecru, cream and if there is a color that you want me to carry let me know asap and I will order it to have it on hand.

I have to get moving as I have some things to do of the computer...and a doily to make or block may you all have a blessed week.  


Sherri said...

Wow girl you have so much going on in your life. You will be in my prayers. I'll go check out the yahoo group, thanks for letting me know about it. Let me know if I can help you in anyway I can. Be blessed my friend!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Praying in agreement with you sweet Sis that the surgery will fix your ear for good.

So love your doilies. You are a true artist.

Sending hugs your way and wishing you a most lovely day...and know that you are wrapped in our prayers sweet friend.

Debi Y. said...

I love the doilies - they're beautiful. I wish you all the best, and I will say a prayer for you. :)

Charlotte Huffman said...

Hope your surgery goes well and helps you. What is your secret for selling so quickly? I can't even get any interest!

Mindy said...

Praying the surgery goes well!

Gorgeous doilies--I really love the long oval pattern. Are those the 2 you already sold? That's wonderful!

Pammy Sue said...

Good luck with your surgery tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you. And congrats on selling your doilies!

Kim said...

I really hope all goes well with your surgery Vikki. I've just realised I'm a day after you posted, so it's today.
Thinking of you!!

I love those doilies, they're absolutely beautiful, as always!

Take care


Gramma Rita said...

Hope your ear surgery went well, and that you are at home recovering comfortably! Your doilies are absolutely gorgeous, as always! :)

Nima said...

wishing you all the goodeness on this Easter day. Lovely doilies as always. Thank you for sharing about PKdoily group...i'm a great fan of her patterns, and would love to work more of her patterns.

Preeti said...

Both are very lovely doilies !!:) hope your surgery went well. There is a pkdoilies group in Ravelry as well who had a CAL for 99 doilies. I started but couldn't go beyond 10.
I started the same doily (the left one in the pic) few months back but the thread I used was too soft and thin so I left it in the middle. I too agree about blocking and cleaning stuff and frequently tell Raj how I wish I had a magic wand.

Jill West said...

I hope that your surgery was successful. We serve an awesome God! I am trying to obtain a pattern for the longest pineapple table runner on your April 14 blog. I have contacted Annie's attic and they no longer have this pattern. I was directed from Scotty's place to you. I hope you can help me. Thank you. Jill West