Thursday, August 20, 2015

Frog, Stitch and Stash

Good Morning...I meant to get started a little earlier today.  It just doesn't happen.  I get sidetracked so badly anymore that it is just a lesson in frustration to have a from now on I am just going to wing it..

I received these in the mail the other day...these are LeeWard Hooks..I like my Boye hooks...but these...see the long shaft?  These are made in Japan..I think prior WWII..don't quote me on that..
This is my second set...the first set has a hook missing..I love these hooks.  They just glide.  If you have vintage Boye hooks..and like would love these..

 This is in the frog pond...I do not know what happened here...tore our about 3 rows..and it is still messed up...I don't usually have have made this pattern many I know it is not the pattern...but it is in the frog pond..
Here are my WIPs (works in Progress)  on top..a tablecloth..that has not moved from row 56 for a very long the silver bowl..a halloween doily that I started last night...and in the other bowl with white thread is a pineapple runner..I must buckle down and get this one finished as it is a customer order..

Just finished this up last night...believe it or not ..this is the same doily ..just on different backgrounds...the color is the frogged one...#745 on DMC color chart..weird how different it looks..
I received this in the mail the other day along with a bunch of other books...this is one I already have so I am going to list it in my Etsy shop..but if you are interested let me know ...I am thinking $15.00 plus shipping..Oh Yeah I also have  
Pineapple Elegance..a Kristoffersen pattern book..that I have an extra of...thinking $15.00 for it also...send me an email   if you are interested...

Just a reminder...DMC is raising their prices again....I am holding off raising mine until the end of this month...when I place my next order....

Thanks for stopping by...hoping I didn't bore you too much...many blessings...


Sherri said...

I love you calling it the frog pond! I hate when I visit it there! Haha
I already have those books but what a nice price you have on them.
Ok go make more plans.

Charlotte Huffman said...

Get out of that frog pond! You can do it! Beautiful doilies! I answered your questions in an email. Hope you got it. If not, let me know.