Friday, August 28, 2015

UPDATE on DMC threads LAST 3 DAYS before price increase....

Good morning...better hurry up and get this done as in a few minutes it will be afternoon...and I am still in my pajama pants.  Going to be one of those days.

Ok here is the update on the BABYLO thread...I won't have it in my hands until more like the end of September.  Boo Hoo....but I have been crunching numbers and trying to figure out what the cost will be...and I believe it will be about the same as Cebelia.  Which brings me to my next topic...the price will be going up..not my fault..with that in mind I am going to change the way I offer it to my customers...I am going to sell it by the ball..the reason for this you ask...I think maybe it will be easier for someone to buy thread if they don't have to by a 5 ball lot.  If one wants they can still do that...I will guarantee 5 ball lots to have the same dye lot...for those larger projects..I just can't make that guarantee for those that want 2 or 3 of a color...I will try to get the same dye lot..just can't make that promise.  I am hoping this helps threadies that want to use Cebelia, but don't need 5 balls...BabyLo will be offered by the ball also...makes it easier for me to do it this way...and this way people can mix and match colors..or even do both Babylo and with all that being said...on September 1st...Cebelia will be sold by the a price of $4.35 + shipping....

So for those that hoard thread...this is the last weekend for you to get Cebelia thread at $4.00 a ball ( I am doing mix and match colors)....but you have to contact me.  You can get in touch with me through Etsy...   look me up on facebook Byhooks4u and message me or shoot me an email at  

May you have a wonderful and blessed weekend...I look forward to hearing from you..

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