Thursday, April 28, 2016

Good Morning....thanks for stopping by.  Our move was a rough one.  I am getting too old to do this stuff.  I don't like having to pack up my stuff...unpack and find a place for said stuff.  I have a lot of stuff....not to mention that we moved from a rather large house for two people to a much smaller space....and to think this move is another temporary one..if I think about it too much I will go crazy....I am going to pay someone to move me the next time..and I will go on a trip or something until the move is complete...that includes the unpacking too....I understand why psychologist say there are 3 large life changes that cause the most stress in our lives.... death, marriage/divorce, and a move....I think the last one mentioned is the trigger for the other two....anyway the move is complete...I still need to find a way to get my craftroom organized...the thread is on the shelves as are the pattern books..but I feel so out of place...and it feels so crowded...and unorganized...oh will get there....any way.....I kept a hook...some thread and a pattern out that I could work on to keep me know that knitting and crocheting have been medically proven to relieve stress right?  Well I kept a large tablecloth pattern and lots of thread handy..where I could find it...ok I am not going to lie...I carried it around like a toddler with a favorite blanket....I have about 20 more rows left to do on it....I guess if I wanted I could put more rows on...I will have to see how it fits..I need to dig out some more ecru thread...hopefully the change in dye lots won't show...I started out with 10 balls...I have 1 more ball after the one I am on....It's ecru..surely there won't be much of a difference..right?
Ok I think I have caught you up...oh yeah...BABYLo thread came in...I have like 22 or more colors of it.... you can check them out at my shop   there is a shade of red that is gorgeous...and a shade of brown/tan that was discontinued in Cebelia, but is available in Babylo..... Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my thoughts..have an awesomely blessed weekend.


Charlotte Huffman said...

Glad you've completed the move. I would hate to have to pack my "hoard"! It's bad enough when we paint! Good luck!

Gramma Rita said...

Congrats on your move being complete. I have only moved twice in my life. First when I got married and left home. Didn't have much "stuff" so that wasn't bad at all. The second time was when we moved out of our trailer and into the house we built...right here on the same property. lol Lots more stuff had to be moved that time, and I don't look forward to ever having to move again.

Mereknits said...

Bless your heart, moving is horrible. I would be carrying around my kitting and babbling incoherent words if it was me.