Monday, January 30, 2017

Doilies...and a thought or two..maybe

I have been busy trying to get some orders finished up, some test patterns completed..and then I developed a cold.   While I had this cold I realized I don't know how to spit.  The Dr.  said to spit the phlem? know that yucky stuff you cough up?  anyway to spit it out...well I was taught that ladies do not I guess I did not learn how.  I try to spit and I end up with snot, for the lack of better word, just hanging from my lips..gross I know.  So hubby in his fit of laughter tries to tell me how to now I am learning to the age..(not going there) I am just learning to spit...and not doing it gross..sorry guys...ok...but  I did finish up some things... yes I did wash my hands...many many times...and my face..
 This is a pattern designed by Patricia Kristoffersen and can be found in Exquisite Tabletoppers...I made this with DMC Babylo 415.
 This is the Between Meal Centerpiece pattern and can be found on the internet as a free pattern.  I used Alize Miss #476 a darker gray for this one. 
 And finally this is a new pattern I tested.  The name of the pattern is Constance.  It is not available to the public yet as it is still being tested.  I used DMC Babylo #783..a burnt gold color. 
I love the textures of this pattern...would look really good with the self striping Alize Miss Batik I think. 

You can find all the thread used in these doilies except the light gray Babylo in my shop..It is sold out.  I am undecided if I am going to continue to keep Babylo in my shop.  I had a shipment problem, and a charge to my account make a long story short I had no idea I had a backorder..charged my account without my knowledge until the thread just showed up on my doorstep...not a happy I am unsure if I want to deal with it again...but it seems that many people really enjoy this thread..myself of the best I have ever worked I am undecided...would love you guys to give me your thoughts..  anyway have a wonderful week...and if you are interested in the thread be sure to check my shop out.  You can just click the pic at the top right or just go to  

Saturday, January 21, 2017


This is a rant...just letting you know before you read too far...I hope no one takes it personally if you do well then I am sorry..but I too have a view point.  And this is my here goes

To all those congressmen and women, to all the senators....How DARE YOU...

What you have done this weekend is show me that you are above are untouchable.  How do we the people hold you accountable for the civil unrest you helped to create?  Our country swore in our...key word...OUR president...and you ...repeat...YOU our supposed Leaders...boycotted?  What message did you send to the world....I ask you this....How do we the people punish you for such childlike behavior?   How do we hold you accountable for saying to  unhappy people that is ok to say and do hateful and violent things if you don't get your way?    By doing what you did on January 20, 2017...there will be consequences..what they will be I do not know....I am wondering if I had protested Obama or if groups of protester,  rich white movie stars, movie makers...had rallied and protested our last president on his day of taking the highest office in our country...would you have been so tolerant?   Probably not....I would have been labeled a racist..for sure.....Let me tell you this Mr. Congressman/ have set an example of child like behavior..I want to put you in time out..I want to fire you from you JOB...I use that word lightly...Your Job is to work for this nation..not to further your political agenda...So if these protests get out of hand..if they get violent..I am going to blame you...If people get hurt or jailed..I am going to blame you...What you did tells me you think you are above Reproach...there is nothing we the people can do to punish you for your there?   You have set the have cleared the are responsible for whatever follows..

Ok for the protesters.....REALLY?    We as a country voted...He TRUMP is our president...all those protest are really cannot change the outcome of the election...You are protesting the very behavior you are exhibiting...HATE...Intolerance...Judgemental  You have become the very face of the ideas you are protesting....You are creating the division you are protesting.  And to the people who are listening to the rich white men and women spewing their words into a microphone..believe you me...those people do not pump their own gas..they do not shop at Walmart to save money..they live in multi million dollar homes...they wear designer clothes..but yet they FEEL your the the grocery store..when the light bill comes in..I bet they don't have to decide if they are sick enough to go to the dr...because their deductible is so high...Yeah If you are listening to them...and worse yet believing them...then I am sorry....I am sorry that the words coming out of a millionaire's mouth that is preaching hate, that is intolerant..that is judgemental makes you feel better....

So People...if you are still here reading my rant,please please...I ask that while you may have not voted for Trump...he is our president...he is the leader of this country...and now it is time to put on the big girl panties..chin up..shoulders back..and be proud of our country..and stand behind our president...stop believing everything you hear and see on the some research..find more than one source of some critical thinking....and make your own decisions..and not follow some movie maker....maybe even take the road less traveled...Because UNITED we STAND...DIVIDED we FALL

Any hateful comments..don't make them...this is my freedom of speech exercised.... 

Monday, January 9, 2017

First post of 2017..

Wow...already into the second week of 2017 and this is my first post....Well...HAPPY NEW YEAR..  I have been busy..I am not sure which doilies I have shown you lately..but my fingers have been busy.  I have tested a few patterns for Grace can find her patterns on ravelry..I think she may have an etsy shop also..not sure on that..but her patterns are some of the most textured patterns I have ever worked.  And the cool thing about her patterns ..most of them work with AMB..Alize Miss Batik..self striping thread...

All 3 of these patterns are her designs...all were worked with Alize Miss Batik (AMB).  You can find the thread in my etsy love the way it ends to weave in..I really like that..
This is also one of Grace's designs...gorgeous huh?   I love textured if you are so inclined..go check her out...I believe she has 2 self published books she also sells her new designs as individual patterns....the first pink and blue one won't be published until later this month..but the rest I believe are available.... Just tell her Vikki sent no you don't have to..

I have a few goals this year...I am going to work on me..I want to lose a few pounds...move a little more...keeping it simple... 

What's on my hook you ask...well I just finished a PK tabletopper and working on the Between Meal Centerpiece..making it in a gray color...I am really liking it.  Next on the hook is something I cannot talk about...but I can say is a CAL from Grace...the pattern will be free.

Ok I think I have bored you enough....I hope you all have a wonderful week...and thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read my thoughts...