Saturday, March 11, 2017

OH MY!!!

So two months have passed since my last!  Time passes so quickly...Let me catch you up.  Since the last post..I have been hooking, but it seems to go husband had a small heart attack...and we bought a house.

Lets start with the heart attack.  I took hubby to the ER due to him saying he was having chest pains...come to find out while talking to the has been going on for a week....It is scary to have them move you so quickly into the ER...and the amount of attention one make a long story was a small heart attack...after staying there a few days, and having multitudes of tests ran...he found that he is a pretty healthy guy....We need to make some lifestyle we are walking more...eating less..eating less processed food, fresh fruits and salads..and he must stop will be slow changes, but we are doing it...

New HOUSE!!! for those that have been following me for know we sold our house last year and never did find our new house and had to go into an apartment.  Well after a year of looking we finally found it.  It is closer to my family and still close enough to his mom (2 hours) that we can get together often...It is about the same amount of time to my mom, and 2 of my daughters and some of my grandkids...there is one daughter that is still about 6 hours away.  So we are looking at moving around the first or second week of April....  Now I am thinking I don't want to move all of this thread so I may be reducing the price or putting up a discount code.  I am running low on a lot of the thread, and will not be putting another order in until after the move...and then it takes a week or two to get it here...even longer for the if you are thinking of ordering ..just saying

I think these are all I made during the month of Feb...I have a runner on my hook that is an order.  Hoping to have it done this weekend.  I have an order for an oval runner, but she is happy to wait until after the move..but I think I can get it done...I also have a test pattern for Grace Fearon to start and get finished up..The last 4 doilies that you see pictured here are her designs...  Ok I think that is it...Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my thoughts....    You can find all the thread used here in my shop


Charlotte Huffman said...

Glad to hear from you. Hope hubby is doing better. My husband is slowly weaning himself off of dipping! Bad as smoking! Glad you found a new house. I would honestly hate to think of moving all my "hoard"! Good luck!

Bee Lady said...

Oh my gosh how scary for you and your Husband! So glad he is ok and healthy and lifestyle changes are in the works. Congratulations on finding a new home. How exciting for you. And it's always nice to be near family.


Monica said...

Aha! The first doily is mine! I have it on my nightstand at home in Canada.