Friday, December 8, 2017

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!! My trees are up and I am working on a different type of tree..hoping to get it finished up before Christmas.  It is a bigger project than I thought..  Not much going on here, which is a good thing..Enjoy and May you always find the joy in whatever life throws your way.  Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A week until Thanksgiving....this year has been a whirlwind.  First of all thank you guys that keep stopping by here to check on me..or to find me on facebook, or message me, or contact me through my etsy shop.  It means a lot to me that you care..and wonder where I have been and what has been going on....thank you.  I think we have found our new normal around here...almost 6 months in the making..and we are still trying to sort it all out.  But I have hope and faith that God is in control and has a good plan..Let me backtrack for those that are trying to catch up.  In May my son-in-law hung himself.  He left 2 boys behind.  My daughter is caught up in drugs and is homeless..refusing to go to rehab, to a shelter or any place for help.  So the other grandmother and I have the two boys.  No it is not ideal, but neither of us felt like we could handle 2 boys.  Ok, that's all I am going to say about this situation for now.  But you all know me and sooner or later I am going to have it all out there..

Patricia Kristoffersen has remastered, reworked some of her patterns and is offering them at reasonable prices on her Etsy shop.     I am currently working on Tala.  One of my favorite patterns to start with..but the remastered one is awesome!!!!

This one is Irene..also a remastered pattern...yes they are worth the investment as they are really truly different patterns.  I have the original books so I was hesitant to purchase the remastered version.  I am so happy I did..they are similar patterns, but enough difference to make them different ...If you don't do etsy..Kristoffersen is also offering them through Ravelry.  She also released a brand new pattern..I bought it also.  Trish says she has more unreleased patterns but is hesitant to publish as there is so much illegal downloads that many designers are not putting there intellectual work out there. a site where there is a lot of piracy.  I have even had pictures of my doilies used as someone else's work...that's why the business card on the pic.  If you can afford a fast food can afford to buy the least that is my opinion. 

Monica..I found the waiting on the thread. I understand if you want to forget the entire thing...

WELL....I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving...count your blessings that you do have..and not the things you do not.   Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Making Lemonade...

I am making know when life throws you make lemonade.  Well that's just what I am doing.   I am now have a grandson living with me...a 15 year old teenage boy...I am doing the best I can with a bad situation. I would go into more detail, but I don't want to hurt anyone, especially people I care I won't.   I am blogging on a fluke..I haven't been here in a very long time...and my blog just popped here I am.  For those of you who follow know eventually I will go off on a rant and spill everything that I bottle check back often.  I guess I can use this as therapy?  Probably not a good idea..the bat shit crazy is liable to come out..and then the people with straight jackets will wrap me all up nice and neat...

On the crochet front....I don't hook as often as I used to.  I do enjoy it.  But there doesn't seem to be much time anymore.  I try to grab at least an hour or two a day, sometimes more.  The hook soothes me. The hook relieves the stresses of the day.  I think everybody needs a safe place to go and my hook and thread is a safe place.  I can think, I can analyze, I can reflect, but most importantly I can find some peace.   I can say shut up..I am counting..and no one gets offended...try saying shut up to someone when you don't have a hook in your just sounds mean..

I am trying to get my store restocked with thread..there are some colors that seem impossible to get..dusty rose, lilac, maroon, and a few colors of blue...I have a runner that I should have had finished months ago..but all kinds of crap started happening in my life..and I can't even find the pattern...argh...

                             Yarn Porn

You can see I am trying to get my shop stocked back up.....I have another order of DMC Cebelia I am waiting on...Hopefully those colors I can't seem to get will be in the box.  Who Knows... 
If you want to pop in and have a closer look

I have a sink full of dishes, clothes to wash, and floors to I guess I better get when life gives you lemons..make lemonade...

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Pretty Doilies..and more pretty doilies

Hello...I haven't blogged in a very long time..If you are still reading my thoughts let me know..maybe I will start blogging more often.

 Recently added these hooks to my inventory at my shop

I don't have much to say so I hope you enjoyed the pics.
My hook doesn't seem to moving as much lately.
I have a few orders I really need to get finished up, but there is a problem with one of the patterns and it doesn't seem to be working the way it I kind of put it to the side.  Maybe I will pick it up today and have a look see. 

Thanks for stopping in and having a look.  Leave me a comment or two because I am thinking I might just leave the blog thing to the real bloggers..unless I hear that some are enjoying visiting me..have an awesome day..

Saturday, March 11, 2017

OH MY!!!

So two months have passed since my last!  Time passes so quickly...Let me catch you up.  Since the last post..I have been hooking, but it seems to go husband had a small heart attack...and we bought a house.

Lets start with the heart attack.  I took hubby to the ER due to him saying he was having chest pains...come to find out while talking to the has been going on for a week....It is scary to have them move you so quickly into the ER...and the amount of attention one make a long story was a small heart attack...after staying there a few days, and having multitudes of tests ran...he found that he is a pretty healthy guy....We need to make some lifestyle we are walking more...eating less..eating less processed food, fresh fruits and salads..and he must stop will be slow changes, but we are doing it...

New HOUSE!!! for those that have been following me for know we sold our house last year and never did find our new house and had to go into an apartment.  Well after a year of looking we finally found it.  It is closer to my family and still close enough to his mom (2 hours) that we can get together often...It is about the same amount of time to my mom, and 2 of my daughters and some of my grandkids...there is one daughter that is still about 6 hours away.  So we are looking at moving around the first or second week of April....  Now I am thinking I don't want to move all of this thread so I may be reducing the price or putting up a discount code.  I am running low on a lot of the thread, and will not be putting another order in until after the move...and then it takes a week or two to get it here...even longer for the if you are thinking of ordering ..just saying

I think these are all I made during the month of Feb...I have a runner on my hook that is an order.  Hoping to have it done this weekend.  I have an order for an oval runner, but she is happy to wait until after the move..but I think I can get it done...I also have a test pattern for Grace Fearon to start and get finished up..The last 4 doilies that you see pictured here are her designs...  Ok I think that is it...Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my thoughts....    You can find all the thread used here in my shop

Monday, January 30, 2017

Doilies...and a thought or two..maybe

I have been busy trying to get some orders finished up, some test patterns completed..and then I developed a cold.   While I had this cold I realized I don't know how to spit.  The Dr.  said to spit the phlem? know that yucky stuff you cough up?  anyway to spit it out...well I was taught that ladies do not I guess I did not learn how.  I try to spit and I end up with snot, for the lack of better word, just hanging from my lips..gross I know.  So hubby in his fit of laughter tries to tell me how to now I am learning to the age..(not going there) I am just learning to spit...and not doing it gross..sorry guys...ok...but  I did finish up some things... yes I did wash my hands...many many times...and my face..
 This is a pattern designed by Patricia Kristoffersen and can be found in Exquisite Tabletoppers...I made this with DMC Babylo 415.
 This is the Between Meal Centerpiece pattern and can be found on the internet as a free pattern.  I used Alize Miss #476 a darker gray for this one. 
 And finally this is a new pattern I tested.  The name of the pattern is Constance.  It is not available to the public yet as it is still being tested.  I used DMC Babylo #783..a burnt gold color. 
I love the textures of this pattern...would look really good with the self striping Alize Miss Batik I think. 

You can find all the thread used in these doilies except the light gray Babylo in my shop..It is sold out.  I am undecided if I am going to continue to keep Babylo in my shop.  I had a shipment problem, and a charge to my account make a long story short I had no idea I had a backorder..charged my account without my knowledge until the thread just showed up on my doorstep...not a happy I am unsure if I want to deal with it again...but it seems that many people really enjoy this thread..myself of the best I have ever worked I am undecided...would love you guys to give me your thoughts..  anyway have a wonderful week...and if you are interested in the thread be sure to check my shop out.  You can just click the pic at the top right or just go to  

Saturday, January 21, 2017


This is a rant...just letting you know before you read too far...I hope no one takes it personally if you do well then I am sorry..but I too have a view point.  And this is my here goes

To all those congressmen and women, to all the senators....How DARE YOU...

What you have done this weekend is show me that you are above are untouchable.  How do we the people hold you accountable for the civil unrest you helped to create?  Our country swore in our...key word...OUR president...and you ...repeat...YOU our supposed Leaders...boycotted?  What message did you send to the world....I ask you this....How do we the people punish you for such childlike behavior?   How do we hold you accountable for saying to  unhappy people that is ok to say and do hateful and violent things if you don't get your way?    By doing what you did on January 20, 2017...there will be consequences..what they will be I do not know....I am wondering if I had protested Obama or if groups of protester,  rich white movie stars, movie makers...had rallied and protested our last president on his day of taking the highest office in our country...would you have been so tolerant?   Probably not....I would have been labeled a racist..for sure.....Let me tell you this Mr. Congressman/ have set an example of child like behavior..I want to put you in time out..I want to fire you from you JOB...I use that word lightly...Your Job is to work for this nation..not to further your political agenda...So if these protests get out of hand..if they get violent..I am going to blame you...If people get hurt or jailed..I am going to blame you...What you did tells me you think you are above Reproach...there is nothing we the people can do to punish you for your there?   You have set the have cleared the are responsible for whatever follows..

Ok for the protesters.....REALLY?    We as a country voted...He TRUMP is our president...all those protest are really cannot change the outcome of the election...You are protesting the very behavior you are exhibiting...HATE...Intolerance...Judgemental  You have become the very face of the ideas you are protesting....You are creating the division you are protesting.  And to the people who are listening to the rich white men and women spewing their words into a microphone..believe you me...those people do not pump their own gas..they do not shop at Walmart to save money..they live in multi million dollar homes...they wear designer clothes..but yet they FEEL your the the grocery store..when the light bill comes in..I bet they don't have to decide if they are sick enough to go to the dr...because their deductible is so high...Yeah If you are listening to them...and worse yet believing them...then I am sorry....I am sorry that the words coming out of a millionaire's mouth that is preaching hate, that is intolerant..that is judgemental makes you feel better....

So People...if you are still here reading my rant,please please...I ask that while you may have not voted for Trump...he is our president...he is the leader of this country...and now it is time to put on the big girl panties..chin up..shoulders back..and be proud of our country..and stand behind our president...stop believing everything you hear and see on the some research..find more than one source of some critical thinking....and make your own decisions..and not follow some movie maker....maybe even take the road less traveled...Because UNITED we STAND...DIVIDED we FALL

Any hateful comments..don't make them...this is my freedom of speech exercised.... 

Monday, January 9, 2017

First post of 2017..

Wow...already into the second week of 2017 and this is my first post....Well...HAPPY NEW YEAR..  I have been busy..I am not sure which doilies I have shown you lately..but my fingers have been busy.  I have tested a few patterns for Grace can find her patterns on ravelry..I think she may have an etsy shop also..not sure on that..but her patterns are some of the most textured patterns I have ever worked.  And the cool thing about her patterns ..most of them work with AMB..Alize Miss Batik..self striping thread...

All 3 of these patterns are her designs...all were worked with Alize Miss Batik (AMB).  You can find the thread in my etsy love the way it ends to weave in..I really like that..
This is also one of Grace's designs...gorgeous huh?   I love textured if you are so inclined..go check her out...I believe she has 2 self published books she also sells her new designs as individual patterns....the first pink and blue one won't be published until later this month..but the rest I believe are available.... Just tell her Vikki sent no you don't have to..

I have a few goals this year...I am going to work on me..I want to lose a few pounds...move a little more...keeping it simple... 

What's on my hook you ask...well I just finished a PK tabletopper and working on the Between Meal Centerpiece..making it in a gray color...I am really liking it.  Next on the hook is something I cannot talk about...but I can say is a CAL from Grace...the pattern will be free.

Ok I think I have bored you enough....I hope you all have a wonderful week...and thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read my thoughts...

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas

Good Afternoon....Christmas is almost upon us.  I have been pretty busy this past couple of weeks trying to get everything done and on the way to the new owner....I think this week things will slow down and I am hammering to get the little odds and ends done around my house....We aren't doing much as this year everyone has to travel so far with kids to do Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa..Grandpa is on call this year so it is better we don't plan a thing...New Years Eve we will celebrate our family works out ....

I just want to thank everyone who visited my etsy shop this year and helped make it a successful year..I am now carrying more threads than ever...just so we can have them in our hooking hands.

So Have a wonderful Christmas ...and I will see you after the New Year..

Monday, November 28, 2016

And moving on to Christmas!!!

Today is Cyber Monday....whatever....I don't buy into the hype of doing my shopping on these days....I don't know if I am missing out on something or not.   I just haven't figured out what or how I am doing the gift giving this year.  My grandkids are growing up and are getting harder and harder to shop for.  I have a few that are still young and will enjoy anything grandma and grandpa hand them.  Most of you know I am not a shopper...I don't like crowds, don't like shopping period.  I can do it...but usually I don't if I don't have to.  Although to go shopping with mom and my sisters can really be long as I don't think about it too long and just do it.  As for Cyber Monday...well...I think the prices will be about the same if not better a week from now.  But that is my opinion I could be wrong..but I highly doubt it.   I have a tiny shop on Etsy...and it does no better, and no worse on Cyber Monday...I don't discount my things.  Little shops like us already price our items as low as we can..most of us give away our time on our items...otherwise they would never sell.  We cannot compete with the big box stores..nor do we try.  Our shipping costs are more, we still have to pay all the fees for Etsy, for paypal.  So Cyber Monday is just big business trying to entice us to spend our $$ in their stores. I will encourage you if you are looking for something unique..something special..something that means something...please shop small..whether it be online, or in your that small business owner out and keep them afloat...small businesses are getting sqeezed so keep that in mind when shopping this holiday season. 

Ok....I made these two during the past week....both are listed in my etsy shop...along with the thread I used to create them....
This is a design that I just tested for Grace Fearon....I used self striping Alize Miss Batik..I love the way it worked out

 This is the thread I used to create the doily
Both doilies and the thread used to create them can be found in my etsy shop....

My Christmas runner that I finishedup over the weekend.

Ok I think it is time to go...I can't figure out how to get out of caption mode......argh......have a great week everyone.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Hi, once again I have neglected my blog.  It has been over 2 weeks.  To be honest I just didn't feel like it..I tend to write whatever is in my head, and I wasn't sure what was going to come out...Let's just leave it at that... 

I tested another doily for Grace Fearon...This one is called Lorraine.  It is a highly textured doily, most of Grace's patterns are.  I used DMC Babylo #882..a shade that is darker than ecru..but a beigy gray color....I love the way BABYLO is still marked at clearance prices...She has her 2nd book coming out shortly..if you want to look her up she has a shop on Etsy...just type in her name in the search bar.  It should come up...or you can find her on RAVELRY....I am not a fan of Ravelry ..besides I can never remember my password for that site anyway...

I am going to list a few more doilies in my shop this week...I hadn't realized I haven't been listing there is a pile to be listed..yuck...maybe there is a listing fairy that will list them for me..

I finished up all my now I am at a loss as what to make..I have a to do pile...but there are so many choices...maybe I should just close my eyes and pick one...color choice won't be so hard as I hoarded 2 colors that came in with the last order of BABYlo....a gray and a fushia whatever I make will be made with one of those 2 colors......anyway I finished up my orders so there is a pic in this blog somewhere....Butterfly doily...the wedding ones are done..I don't remember if I posted a pic of them or not a few weeks ago...I think I did... 

I seem to have lost the butterfly doily pic...oh well...maybe I will find it in the near future...odd how the computer just loses

Would love to have you stop in my store...where you can find DMC Cebelia, Alize Miss (solids), Alize Miss Batik (self striping), alize Miss Melange (shaded colors)..and DMC BABYlo....   or you can use the link at the top right to take you there....

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week

Friday, October 28, 2016

Today is the last Friday in October...goodness...I had a plan for today.  The plan was to finish up a pineapple doily that is the last of an order...who knows I still may get to it.  I got sidetracked and ended up cleaning up my bedroom from the ceiling fan down to the floor.  I don't know how that one room gets so dusty and yucky..but it does.  Anyway it is done now.  I also need to run out and pick up a few things at the store.  I don't know why I seem to be the one that has to pick up groceries.  I don't like shopping at all...I think I need a maid or something..

Anyway I am taking a break and sitting in my craft/thread room and realize that I need to get in here and put the pile of patterns up.  I have binders that I keep most of my patterns and pattern books in.  And for the most part I know where each pattern is although I still make such a mess looking for the "perfect" pattern or the one I am in the mood to now I have a pile that I really need to deal with. 

Oh I received more thread..more Alize Miss...this time it is the Melange is like a variegated thread, but there is no white in the colors. So it is more like know..when the green has different colors of green and gradually changes color...but this has no white..and All of the Alize Miss line co-ordinates with each I now have the self striping Alize Miss Batik, the solid Alize Miss, and now the variegated Alize Miss Melange..and the colors all mix and match....I have a shawl pattern I am going to try and work with all three of them to see how it works together. 

BabyLo has been marked down to $4.00 a ball...I think I have decided not to reorder it....for a few reasons...I can't know that what I order is what I will receive, I don't know when the stuff will arrive, and I don't know if it will be backordered or not...and I cannot have money taken out of my account without knowing about it unless I have a change of heart...I don't think I will be ordering anymore.  Don't get me is some of the best thread I have ever worked with...if it were a more dependable delivery system I would continue to carry it.

OK want to see the new thread colors of Alize Melange? 

There are 11 colors of this thread.....all co ordinate with the others in the Alize Miss line of size 10 cotton mercerized thread..there is 309 yards to a ball...  you can find it in my shop.  Stop by to have a look  you can just click the link at the top right of my page.....  

Remember to be safe this Halloween ...Have a wonderful weekend

Monday, October 17, 2016

Too much thread!!!

I have been pondering this all weekend long.  I received 2 rather large boxes of DMC Babylo thread last week.  For those that don't know but I have trouble ordering this one my distributor only orders it for me..I am patient with it.  Last year about this same time..I placed an order for Babylo..a rather large one.  To make a long story short, not all of the order came in.  So apparently a year(last week) most of it came in...and without notice my card was hit with the cost of the thread...anyway...I talked to the distributor and have made the decision to not carry this thread anymore (there were still more on backorder).  So what I have in my shop is it.  I have decided to reduce the price to the lowest point I can and when it is gone it is gone.  Too be honest I pulled a few of the colors to keep for myself...I am a hoarder...yes..

There are colors that I have never seen in a really bright orange, an almost neon color yellow, a lime green, and a really strange color of red, purple, blue color...I am keeping all 10 balls of it for my stash..just a weird color.  There are shaded pinks, yellows, orange, blue, green, reds, and browns.  For those that don't know the difference between shaded threads and variegated threads...shaded threads only have hues of that color...for instance..shaded reds will only have shades of reds, and dark white....and shaded blues will only have shades of whites..perfect for those roses and flowers we love to make.

I did finish a doily this past week...It is called Charlotte, a design that is still in the testing stage, designed by Grace Fearon...I used Alize Miss Batik..self striping thread #4144   it is about 14 inches across....

 Really need to move this thread.....way to much...even for a hoarder such as myself
 Grace Fearon's Charlotte......made with Alize Miss Batik #4144.....self striping...can you see the textures?  I really enjoy her patterns.
Thanks for stopping by...I hope you will check out my Etsy shop

Monday, October 10, 2016

New threads have arrived!!!!!

Good Morning....Hope all is well in your world.  OK....had a small hiccup with my store this past week. Well maybe a few hiccups.  Let me tell you about it.  I get up one morning because I heard one of those weird sounds you don't hear often on your phone.  The sound of someone taking $$ from my bank account. So I look..yep..somebody took over $670 yeah I get out of bed quickly...  I called my bank and apparently it was one of my thread suppliers...I have to wait until almost noon my time as my supplier is on the west coast..they aren't even open.  I don't know about you but, when I have something like that happen I have a hard time waiting to talk to someone.  So I got my bathroom cleaned, vacume, dusted and mopped the floor...still had another hour or two to wait...ugh...picked up a hook...and hooked all the while doing time checks.   I finally talk to them...and you know the Babylo the thread...well it is hard to get all at once..apparently I placed a large order around a year ago...not all the colors came in...well they finally did.  I did not even know I had a pending order from them....I ask if there are any more "back orders"  yes there is....I said cancel them.  This thread is ordered just for me and my tiny I kind of felt obligated to take the order.   I work with 2 other vendors...have orders out with both of was delivered on the same day as the account was hit.  The other is still out there.  And now Babylo is on the way.  I do not have room for all this thread....Argh!!!   BabyLo may be going on sale upon its arrival...keep an eye out.

However...look at the colors of the thread that was delivered...unbelievable colors....This is the Alize Miss solids that co-ordinate with Alize Miss Batik, self striping thread.....This stuff is gorgeous!!!!  

You can find DMC Cebelia, DMC BabyLO and Alize Miss solids and Batik in my etsy shop.....would love it if you can help me get my inventory down to a more manageable level.  I will let you know when the new BABYLo arrives.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

It's Wednesday already!!!  I really need to make myself out a I make sure to get things done....but I tend to wing it better.  Schedules seems so rigid..Ok..what's new?  Not a whole lot...I am really working hard on getting the orders done that I have put off...Never...and I mean NEVER tell me "I'm in no hurry...whenever you get around to it."  NEVER say this to me when you ask me to make something.....I am easily distracted..I see a new pattern....the next thing you know I am making it... and because you said you were in no hurry I am putting whatever you wanted me to make on the back burner...I haven't forgotten you...I am happy you trusted me to make your doily, runner or tablecloth..but man please do not tell me you are in no hurry or I am making myself, encouraging myself to stay on with that being said...I finished the 2nd of 3 runners that were ordered months...I mean months ago....each one is a different I have to do math....see sad face?  Hubby is really good about helping me figure out what I need to do to make it close to the right length.   I have now started on the third one...yippee....when I get this completed I have 2 more doilies to make ( for a wedding)...and I am still testing patterns for Grace Fearon(you can find her on ravelry)..and I have a butterfly doily that I need to get to.  So yes..self discipline is a must.  It is a good thing I didn't do my craft fair this year...did I miss it...yes....maybe next year if they have a spot for me..  Ok...want to see what I made this week.......
 This is the runner I told you about is approx. 34 inches..the last one will be about 48 inches..and the first one I did I think was 68...not sure on that...the color is DMC #3326...a French rose color...
 This was my distraction....I tested this pattern for Grace Fearon...It is called Alice...about 14 inches across...I used the Alize Miss Batik..# 3711...self striping worked out beautifully on this can find the thread in my shop  and the doily will be posted shortly for sale also..
Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my thoughts....May you always find the blessings....