Sunday, August 16, 2009

Too Busy To Blog

Oh my, how time does fly. A month has passed since my last blog, without me even aware of it. I have been busy with family stuff, wedding shower, visits from relatives, and visiting relatives. My husband's sister and her daughter came for a visit. It is always good to see family. My niece is getting married next month, so there was a wedding shower. Oh and my youngest daughter is having a baby in January...She and her husband are so very happy and excited about it..So are the two grandma's. This will be my 6th grandchild..I love much easier than your children.

OK so I haven't posted any new pics lately. It doesn't mean I haven't been making anything. I have..I just haven't blocked them. I told you before I do not like blocking and put it off until I have so many it takes me days to get them done. Maybe tomorrow I will block and take pics.
My computer is old and I really need a new runs so slow that putting pics on here is really a pain..Craft Show is coming up really quickly.. Last full weekend in September!

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