Monday, October 5, 2009

"free shipping"? from Joann's

Good afternoon, I received my order from Joann's today. It arrived and I felt like it was Christmas. I was kind of upset with Joann's when I looked at the invoice..I was charged $22.95 for shipping and handling. I thought any order over $50 was free. So I get on the phone, call customer service, waited at least 5 minutes on hold (because of course all customer service representatives are busy) until someone finally picks up my call. She was very nice of course, but told me there was a code that I did not enter (I put my order in online, and did not have a code), Ok whatever, any way for this one time only she would refund the shipping. So my shipping is being refunded. So beware if you order from Joann's online, make sure you find whatever code there is and enter it . Do not assume they will do it for you, even if your order is over $50, and their ad online says it is free. Don't get me wrong, I like Joann' I will continue to shop online and in their stores. They have more thread and colors than any other store out there. With my rant over, I must leave you, there are balls of thread to play with, hooks with my name on it, and a pattern calling me. Happy Hooking to you all.

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