Friday, November 5, 2010

craft room

I am trying to post at least once a month, even though I may not have much to say. Mom and my sister came down a few weeks ago to help me with my craft room. I wanted to make it look nice as theirs. My mom's room looks nice and organized, my sister's room is just cool. They seem to be really creative and it shows. Anyway, I have had things that were made by my great grandma, my grandma, and sister. I have been wanting to put the work into shadow boxes and show them off. My mom made me a doily for her shadow box last weekend, so now I have 4 generations of needlework on my wall..It looks awesome. Thought I would show it husband's grandma made me a blanket and I have been waiting to do something with it. I found a quilt rack at a craft show for 25 dollars...what a steal. So my hubby hung it for me in our bedroom. It looks good.

I finished another doily..a pineapple is in a pile to be blocked. I think I said this before..I don't like blocking. The pile is growing. It is now up to 6 to block. When I get them blocked I will post pics.. but for now I posted this pic of a table topper that is finished and blocked. It is from a pattern from Trish her patterns.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog..let me know what you think..Love hearing from you. That way I know someone is reading my thoughts..

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