Friday, October 22, 2010

newspaper article? really!!

Hi all. Trying to do this blog thing at least once a month. I received a call from the local newspaper..evansville courier press, asking if they could do an interview and pictures for the sunday lifestyle section. I thought it was a joke. Apparently it isn't. I did my yearly craft show about a month ago. I always get the same questions and comments year after my grandma or great aunt used to do long does it take you..anyway you all know the questions. I am sure you have heard them also. I guess one of the people that asked some questions is a writer for the newspaper. I didn't know it at the time.

So yesterday I get a phone call wanting to know if she could interview me and take pictures of my doilies and stuff..I hope she doesn't want too many pics of me..I am not photogenic at all. I started laughing thought it was a joke from one of my wasn't.

It got me to thinking maybe if I do this then the art of crocheting will make a comeback..wouldn't that be nice to be able to walk into a craft store and see all kinds of patterns and thread? I don't know about the area where you live..but finding thread esp DMC is tough..and the price has gone crazy..around here...So will do my part to revive this "lost art" as she called it...I am sure hoping that it will be found again..

Oh I keep meaning to put pictures of my newest creations..but they need to be blocked and you all know how I put that off..Well that is it for today and this happy hooker is gonna go hook..


Bobbi said...

that is so cool.. I am going to have a "published" sister. I will make sure I get a copy of that paper. - love you

Fran, said...

WooHoo! We know you are good!!!Thats why you should show off some of your work. -- love you..