Sunday, October 3, 2010

WoW!! has it really been that lon?

I really have been bad. Not blogging at all in almost a year!! Wow!! has it really been that long? To those of you who follow my blog or at least used to, I apologize. I am going to try and be better. I am still crocheting my heart out. The cost of DMC Cebelia thread had gone out of this world. Still it is the only thread I use. Love the I guess it is worth it. For those of you looking for the best place to buy DMC Cebelia..not counting yarnand threadsby Lisa is extremely friendly and is quite helpful. She will make sure your thread is the same dye lot if at all possible, and will leave the thread in the boxes if you request it. She ships quickly and the times I have ordered from her, the thread has been here in about a week. Oh and she also carries tons of different go check her out before buying anywhere else. She should give me a dicount for advertisement.'s really why I am blogging today..I am looking for runner patterns..really would love oval ones..It is really a shame as I have tons of pattern books, new and old, and there are very few runners. So if you have a favorite runner or oval pattern you like and would like to share let me know and we can swap some patterns.


Bobbi said...

hi there... can't help with the pattern. sorry. glad to see you fixed your background, I will make you a new one when I get time, and if I remember how. :)

love ya

vikki said...

hey...thanks..I am still looking for the wall thingy stuff..vinyl?..someday i will run across some