Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my new family member..

Hi, with all the holidays over it is time to get back into the scheme of things. I wanted a german shepard for Christmas, and my wonderful husband got me one. I could have had jewelry..hmm should have thought this out a little more. Just kidding. I love my new family member. Her name is Heidi, which means good girl in German. She is doing pretty good with the potty training although yesterday she had and accident, just as I was thinking about giving her a little more freedom. Take a look at the pic..she is just adorable..loves people.

I put a picture of my dad up. I don't usually put people in my blog..but dad is retired and thought he would try a craft show. He looks happy to be there doesn't he. I am hoping he will be at the craft show I do. He does wonderful work, and the ducks are just beautiful works of art. Not much new is going on in my world as of this moment. We are anxiously waiting the arrival of a grandson sometime this month. How wonderful is that? My baby having a baby..Life is Good..

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Bobbi said...

Cute dog, Come on Vik -- I even post more than this... LOL
Check out my blog. I figured out how to make templates. If you want one let me know. Love ya'