Thursday, December 17, 2009

It is December..what did you expect?

Merry Christmas to all who visit me here. I have to apologize for not blogging more often. It is December what did you expect? I have been busy. Went to a new craft show up in Monticello Il. It was the first year for this show, and I think it will be a decent craft show with a little more organization, and a bigger building as I believe they will outgrow the building with just a few more crafters. I am pretty much finished with my gifts for people. I didn't make alot of homemade gifts..I think people are getting bored with my doilies. I could have done trees, but that takes lots of time and it is December, what did you expect? I need to take pics of my finished trees..they are awesome..I love them. I did make a thread tree..LOL did not use enough stiffening stuff and now it is the leaning tree..I like the pattern though and will make another one I am sure..Maybe I could restiffen it? I have this new computer and I havent figured out where my pics order to post them..someday I will find them..Again Merry Christmas I pray that we find the joy, the love and the peace that Christ was born, died and rose again for.


Fran, said...

Cool... my thoughts are also on our CHRIST...peace, love and joy that He gives us! MERRY CHRISTMAS every day my child.

Bobbi said...

Hi Vik, Merry CHRISTmas to you too.
Thanks for doing the show in IL.
Can't wait to see your pix.
LOVE you too.