Monday, September 19, 2011

getting ready for Craft show

I am so busy this week. I feel like I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off (no offense to those bloggers who are raising chickens..I read your blogs). I wish I could teach Buddy to run the vacume, after all it is his hair that makes me have to vacume so often. but to no avail..all he wants to do is protect me from it..Has anyone tried the rumba? you know the little robot that just vacumes all the time? I am curious..Oh I digress..thought you might want to see my craft room and the total mess that it is in. I put pics of my bins of doilies that will be displayed..and then the reason for my having to vacume. Still looking for the book The Big Book of Doilies..I can't justify paying the price that some are asking for it..oh well maybe I will find it at a garage sale..Oh and a question...The doilies I have in my Etsy shop..should I take them with me to my craft sale? I am thinking I will..leave them posted for sale...but still take them with me and delete the listing when the sell...sounds like a hassle..I will have to take a laptop..hmm..I gotta go I have so much to do and so little time..Have a great week you guys..


JENNIFER said...

Hi Vikki! Your puppy is getting big...LOL! I have to vaccume almost everyday. I think the roomba would get clogged in my house not two seconds into running it. :o/
I know you'll do great at the sale, I love your pretties! I say take the doilies from etsy with you. You can always take them off if they sell or make another one if someone on etsy buys one that sold at the sale. Have an awesome week and don't work to hard ;o) Hugs Jennifer... by the way, in no hurry for the pink doilies...Haven't started making my cupcakes's not looking real good for this week either...LOL!

Mindy said...

Take them with you and just remove them from Etsy when you get home. That's what I would do. ;-) Hope it goes really well for you!

Tea at Weasel's said...

Hi Vicki,
Thank you so much for taking the time to come and comment on my blog! It is a bit chaotic in our house! LOL! Sounds like you have quite a big family too, how lovely! :)

What gorgeous crochet you do! Hope the craft fair goes well xx


Lostinblue said...

Wow, you are busy! I love looking at your craft room, you have so many completed doilies, I would LOVE to get lost in there with them for awhile.
Can't promise you'd have many left when I went though! haha.

Hope all goes great for you and I would take the Etsy dolies along as well.


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Buddy is so cute! :) Love the Buddy pics. :)

I'd take the dolies and try to sell them and do just waht you said! That sounds perfect.

Love the craft room shots, too.

Good luck on the sales (I know you will do more than fine with all the same things you make). :)

Blessings always