Friday, September 16, 2011

So Distracted

Ok I was going to get on here, post a pic of a doily I just finished, and get off. Well, I happen to see that Linda, at Linda Crochets had answered my question about where I could find her pattern that she made. She made a wonderful doily that I just have to have the pattern for..The name of the Book is THE BIG BOOK OF DOILIES..american school of needleworks #1262. So I began my search through my pattern books...I do not have this book..I have hundreds of books but not this one. So now I go online. I found the book in a couple of places...$144.00!!!!! and that is the cheapest!!! Holy Cow!!! So I am asking my fellow bloggers do any of you have this book that you would be willing to sell me at a more reasonable like $30 or less? I really, really want this now that I have asked everyone I think I know to keep an eye out for this book I am going to shut the computer off and get my laundry done. Then I will come back later and post a pic of my doily..I have been on this computer for over 2 hours looking for this book..Thanks to all my blogger friends for reading this rant or begging blog..Please help me find this book!!


Charlotte said...

I found this site for $79.95.
I think I paid about $25 for mine brand new. Good Luck.
This book is one of my favorites.

Mary said...

Vikki, is it no longer for sale as in out of print or can it be found in stores? I will look up the book so I know what it looks like and I will keep an eye out for you and also ask my cousin...she finds so many things at sales. But...I am curious what the doily looks like now. I will have to visit Linda's Crochet.


If I did have the book, I probably wouldn't want to part with it! WOW< it's so pricey! eh?!

hope you find it somewhere out there...I'll keep my eyes open for you!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

Mindy said...

That's craziness!! I hope you find one. Man, that must be a REALLY big book... ;-)