Monday, January 16, 2012

Heart shaped doilies and a Rant!!

 I just finished this one up over the weekend.  The pattern was written wrong and had to work from the is an Annie's Attic publication.  I have found so many mistakes in their publications that now when I decide to work one I just assume there will be a problem.  But it turned out in the end.

 I finished this one up too.  It was a very quick and easy pattern..I found it online at Crochet is called Trio of Hearts doily pack.  It is only 12" smaller than what I normally make, but pretty none the less.  I just listed both in my etsy shop, maybe they will sell and maybe not. is what it looks craft room has been invaded by a machine.  I am not happy about it, I don't like it, but I have to do something.  So...There is a tv on the opposite wall..makes the walking a little more bearable..You know walk and hour..crochet 2....Ok..I have a rant and you don't have to stay around to read it if you don't want..remember this is only my opinion, I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings and it is not directed at any one person..It is what it is...Just a rant...You all know that I have a shop on Etsy..I make doilies and maybe they will sell and maybe they won't.  I only have an Etsy shop because I make so many and it helps me get more thread.  My rant it can some shop owners sell their crochet items so cheap?  It almost doesn't cover the cost of the yarn or thread.  I believe it devalues our craft and the time and effort to create this wonderful things.  I also believe that the people that buy these cheaper good believe that most of us are over charging, because the of the few that really devalue their goods.  I know the thread I use is more expensive than other brands and I take that into account..but really how can they sell the exact same doily made with cheaper thread for less than 75% than mine?  Don't get me wrong..I am not going to get rich on Etsy..I do so many more sales out of my home and at the one craft sale..but to undervalue and undercut not only myself, but the other crocheters out there just to make a sale?  I guess what I am trying to this..if one values their creativity, proud of what they create, and considers themselves good at what they do..then let your price reflect it.  Ok rant over..Did I go over the top? Like I said at the beginning of the rant..It is just that a Rant..not directed at any one person..and definately did not mean to offend anyone of you.  What is your opinion..and am I wrong?


barbaraD said...

How Lovely. You do such great work. A true artist.


Debi Y. said...

I love the heart doilies. :)

I agree with you about not charging enough. But like you said, there's alot of people that think hand-crafted items are over-priced. They just don't think it's worth it. I used to work with a guy who was fussing because his sister knitted a scarf for his girlfriend. He was saying that his sister was too cheap to buy a present. I told him about the price of nice yarns and the time it took his sister to knit the scarf - he stopped fussing after that.

Mindy said...

Such a beautiful heart doily. Fun!

You're right about the price of doilies. Knowing how much time you spend on those, they should be priced accordingly! You do GREAT work.

JENNIFER said...

Hey miss Vikki! If I like something, I'm going to pay whatever the price is for it. When I sold things, I took into account what I purchased/spent to make the item and my time... making doilys is very time consuming and some of yours are so intricate and detailed, I actually thought some of yours were priced to low for what they were. I will pay the price for handmade vs mass produced anytime! Handmade Doilys are one of those things that are handed down from generation to generation and to me you can't put a price on that...One day it may become a lost art... I bought the heart Doily! Love it! have a super day friend! hugs Jennifer

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Your doilies are lovely. I am gonna have to pull out the V-day stuff and make one, too. :)

I am so with you on how it hurts others when some people sell their items for less. I am not sure if they really know what they are doing, but it hurts everyone.

I have never, ever understood why handmade items are so devalued. Why pay more for something because a machine made it and less for something because a person made it. It makes no sense to me. Of course the people who do not value hand made items are the ones who have never made anything in their life and do not have a clue what it takes to make something. It's not just time, and supplies, it's also love and skill.

Hang in there and do not lower your prices. Your doilies are beautiful, made with high quailty thread and love, they are worth every single penny you have them marked for, if not more!

Blessings always

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

Hi! I have the book that the first doily is in...glad I didn't try it or I would be po'd! I hate when a publication has an error in a pattern. And I truly love the second one but I see Jennifer bought it!

And hey, you rant all you want because you are right, and it's your blog and you have the right to say whatever it is that bothers you! I've had a lot of people tell me to get an etsy shop but I can't see paying anything to anyone for what little I may or may not make in a shop. I've already paid for the materials, and my time is worth something. Why should I pay it to Etsy if I sell it? I understand they have to pay web costs but come on, it can't be that much!?

I'm going to try local selling first and if that doesn't work then I know. And it does suck that others undercut the rest of ya'll, when your prices are low to begin with. They're jerks. xoxo

Sheila said...

I love your doilies. You really do great work.
I have an elliptical in my living room--makes for an interesting decorating statement!!
I agree with you about pricing your work. I'm in no way good enough to sale my work but my daughter is. People ask her to make things but then when she tells them a price, they get upset. What do they expect? It's not like things are made in a few minutes--factor in the price of supplies and your time and it all adds up. I don't find your prices to be outrageous though and your work is lovely.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Love your intricate crocheted heart! With the red outline it just pops!

Ciao Bella
Creative Carmelina

Debi Brim said...

You're not wrong regarding the pricing. I've seen full size afghans priced online for $35 to $50. No way they got their money back even if they used cheap yarn. My solution for my friends? I charge them "cost of materials plus $50." (cost varies depending on what they want). I also make sure to tell them "Hmmmm.... that will take me about 20 hrs....." I provide the receipt showing what I paid for their yarns and many are shocked ... but they hand over the (over $100) price. I also make wedding cakes (for the last 30 years) and it happens in that world, too.