Thursday, May 10, 2012

I am still here, alive and kicking

 Finally got some stuff on my craftroom wall..I call it my Threads of Life wall.  Each item was made by different women of my family..great grandma, my mom, my grandma, my sister and me.I am not quite done with it yet, but it is a start.
 I finished this about a week or so ago.  I have also made some potholders..maybe I will show you them at another time, but I think you have all already seen one time or another.

This is a Maggie Weldon doily..It is supposed to have little green leaves by the flowers, I didn't like the way they looked so instead of putting my own leaves in i decided to just frog the leaves.
 Buddy has a visitor from New Mexico.  His name is Italian Mastiff..belongs to my sister and brother in law.  They were on the way for a visit with us, but on the way here my husband's grandma died.  So the sister in law (Syd) and my niece (Adrianna) flew to New York to be with Rich's(my hubby) mom.  So Steve (brother in law) and Valkerie decided to stay here with us for awhile.
Surprisingly, Buddy is bigger.  They get along really well for 2 big dogs.  I thought there might be problems but I think the pack order was established early on.  They are both well trained dogs and it is almost funny to make them run through all the commands.  I will try to get a video next time.  Valkerie has a BIG bark..Buddy very rarely barks so I jump everytime he does it.  I think he barks just to see me jump..cause he always looks at me and walks away.   Now the backyard is like a mine I am going to hand the men walmart bags and have them look and clean up landmines. 

On the crochet seems to be slow going here..I can't seem to get my groove back..I think I am going to have to move my chair around and see if positioning it somewhere in the room will help..I am currently working on a black pineapple tabletopper.  If all goes well it may get completed by Monday.  We will see..with the visiting dog, and sister flying back who knows.   Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts and blessings all around.


Faith said...

your craft room very cool, I like what you've done highlighting work done by the generations..great idea. Your doilies are so lovely...

Debi Y. said...

I love the 'Threads of Life' wall - such a great idea. :)

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

I too have been 'away'. Sorry about Rich's gran.

Your craft room is nice. I wish I had one that big. Mine is small and full! But I have my spot in the livingroom and that corner is jam packed too. xo

glor said...

Your Threads of Life Wall is incredible. What a tribute to your family, to crochet. Giving me goosebumps! Can't wait to see how it grows.

JENNIFER said...

Hi Vikki! long time no "see" ...LOL!
I haven't been on much here, with more computer probs and yard work there hasn't been time....I was glad to see your post, I have missed your doily's and your pup which is not a pup anymore...he's beautiful! Koda has finally found relief for his skin condition. I'm using a spray called veteracin, I think that's how you spell it...We finally found out he has fungus and bacteria over load which is due to his being old and changes in his body. It works so well he's not getting fevers anymore either or licking excessively. I was able to get it at a local pet shop it's a bit pricey but not as pricey as the vet appts...LOL! I hope your doing well and enjoying your new beautiful home. Have a wonderful weekend and don't work to hard. Hugs Jennifer

Fran Lehigh said...

WOW.. glad the 2 dogs get along! Dogs make good company.. they don't talk back. (just bark LOL) Doily are very pretty.. Looks like the room is coming along good. (It take awhile to make it yours)

When you coming down to see your mommy?
Love you girl