Monday, June 11, 2012

Way too much time reading with the grandson...

I sorry I have been away
My grandson came for a few days.
We have been crafting, beading, and gluing stuff together you see.
For four days and four nights, we have been reading books as we please.
Can you tell the favorite appears to be Dr. Suess?
And it is making my marbles quite loose.
I can't help it. I have really tried to keep the words out of my head.
They are there.  Even when I shut my eyes and go to bed.
I am tired so the words just come you see.
Why can't my tongue just let the words be?
My house is all dirty and dusty
and beginning to smell a little bit musty.
But I figure it all can for a few more hours just wait.
Because I don't know tomorrow's fate,
They aren't young forever, and time goes way fast for me.
So I have them over as much as they please.
I will tell you though, this poet in me..Has Just got to go.
I'm driving myself nuts and totally blows.

Hey guys thanks for stopping by, no pic, nor finished works.
I have got to lay down, my head is starting to hurt.
Blessings to you all
isn't life just a ball?


Debi Y. said...

Sounds like you can give Dr. Suess a run for his money. :)

Mary said...

Loved your poem! Those little ones can really keep a Grandma busy. I love Dr. Seuss books. Thing One and Thing Two always makes me laugh.
Boy did I do a dumb thing. I bought what I thought would be really neat yarn. It was a large skein on clearance. It is a fringy type and I cannot even tell where my chains are. How on earth anyone crochets with this yarn is beyond me. Clearance so I can't take it back. I may try again in bright light and feel my chains so it doesn't go to waste. If I get the first row done from the foundation chain, I don't think the rest of the pattern will be too bad until finishing with a sc all around. I will keep you updated. Hope your head is better.

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

LOL. You did good! And grands grow up quicker than the kids did so you have to spend what time you have with them now. Don't ever apologize for being away from the bloggy world too long. Family is where it's at! :o) Hope your head is feeling better.

And Mary - use a large hook, like a P or a Q. That might help and you could at least make a hat with it. That's what I did not long ago. Worked great!

Fran Lehigh said...

well... did you miss the Green Eggs and Ham.. LOL Love you!

Bobbi said...

Hey, Sis - it's been awhile. Glad you enjoyed your little one, anytime you get to lonely I have a couple I can ship down LOL

Dr S. does that to me too.. for day is seems.

Love ya.

Debi Y. said...

It's me again - if you accept blog awards, I have one for you on my blog. :)

JENNIFER said...

Hi Vikki!!! wow, it's been a long time since I visited everyone...I find myself overwhelmed in a good way, reading all the posts I missed...LOL! Love the poem...LOL! I used to love Dr Suess's green eggs and ham. I hope your having a great day! it's so hot here, I can't stand it! but it to shall pass.... I hope soon!!! real soon!!! hugs Jennifer :O)