Monday, August 27, 2012

Spider Webs and maybe a candle or two

 It is that time of year when the spiders try to move into the house.  I thought I would beat them to the punch.  I figured if I had these laying around maybe nobody would notice the cobwebs hanging around in my house.  Guess I need to put the hook down and do some real cleaning..Like that is going to happen. 

 I found this doily in  a Year of Doilies book 5 while I was looking for a pattern with pumpkins for Stichy McFloss. Like she needs another project like a hole in the know what I am am talking about go visit her at  tell her Vikki sent you. Anyway this pattern is for those that love those treble crochets..and triple trebels..
 This was originally a pattern for Christmas..but I kind of put my own spin on it.  It is a pattern by Ann White of BellaCrochet.
This is how it looks without any candles..ugly huh..but I figure the pattern can be used for alot of holidays..or decor..
Finally I am doing a CAL with a few of my blog friends..thought I would show you how far I have gotten and what colors I am using for my blanket..This may take me awhile to get it finished.  But there is no rush so they tell me.  I really don't like working with yarn after working so much with thread..maybe it is the yarn I am using..or that my stitches are just too tight..heck I just keep splitting threads..  So that is my week in review.. I am thinking I may grab some thread..not knowing what color yet..and that will be my color of the week...Oh I think I have gotten rid of the word verification thing on here.  I hate them myself as most of the time I can't figure the words out..let me know if it is still there..I hope it isn't.   I see I have more blogfriends..I hope that you will drop me a line just to let me know you popped in...Hey I WON!!! the thread I was bidding on..yippee...and thank you my dear friends for not driving up my bid...It is almost noon and I am still in my I need to at least get dressed and clean some cobwebs, and a toilet or two..yippee..see my sad face :(  I am so not into housework..Thanks for stopping by..don't forget to let me know if the word thingy is gone..Blessings to you my dear blogfriends..


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

OH I really like those spider webs! All your halloween stuff looks very cool!

Awww you gave me a shout out on your blog, you rock! :)

Clean? You mean cleaning is part of the housewife thing? Oh crap. I've been really a miss then. Hmmm does it count if you take the blow dryer to get the dust off the mantel? Or maybe turn the ceiling fan up real high so it can blow everything off the future?

Blessings always to you my friend and so far I don't see that pesky word verify thing. :)

glor said...

Love those doilies! I think I need some in black for October. Might not get them made for this year but do want some. They are beautiful. Love the colors you picked for the CAL. I know what you mean about going back and forth from thread to yarn, etc. Takes my hands a bit to get adjusted to and then I switch again. Have a great evening. Blessings.

Silvia said...

que bonitos, son preciosos, me gusta mucho tu blog, me quedo por aqui mirando mas cositas. Te sigo. Besitos

JENNIFER said...

Hi Vikki! I just caught up on the posts I missed...You have been a busy bee lady! Everything you have made is just gorgous, I love the fall candle doilies... Buddy is so beautiful! I miss my koda so much these days. A little secret,we adopted another small dog!!! I must be crazy...LOL! Her name is chloe she was so sick with tape worms and fleas, she had spots of missing fur all over her so we just couldn't leave her at the rescue...the funny thing is, the rescue left her like that and never treated her until we adopted her, then they gave her some shots etc...She is getting better everyday. she's a yorkie shih tzu mix which is called a shorkie...LOL! she's such a love even after being so sick and abused and she gets along with the other dogs well to. I'm such a softie...LOL! Anyway, I left you a convo in your etsy store, I have a project for you if your up to it...Have a nice labor day weekend! Hugs Jennifer