Monday, September 10, 2012

This is my middle daughter, Jody.  She was just beautiful this weekend.  This is the last of the weddings for me as a mother...All my daughters are now married off.   She would kill me if she knew I put the pick on here with her and her lack of clothing..but I think she looks cute.  I will post more pics up later when I get more.  I wish I had ran around more with my camera, but Jody wanted me to just sit still..and be with I did.  Hopefully someone will be sending more pics in the next few days.  The photographer they hired I think will get some really good pics as they seemed not to be in a hurry with getting them done.  I can hardly wait to see them.
No Crocheting happend at all over the weekend and very little the week prior to the wedding.  I think I might get some done this week.
My oldest daughter is moving away..Not happy about it, but I understand it.  You gotta go where you will be happy and make a good life for you and your family..doesn't mean I have to like it..I will miss my grandkids something awful..there isn't a weekend that doesn't go by that one of them aren't wanting to stay the night..and my daughter drops in at least 4-5 times aweek..Yep I am going to miss them very badly :(
They are moving up by Jody so they will all be in the same area..I just will have to make more trips up mom and dad are around there as are my sisters and brother..and Matt (her husband) family is all up around there..So I can understand it..doesn't mean I have to like it..Oh well...I need to get some things done around here so that I can grab a hook and not feel bad for neglecting my house...Thanks for stopping by


Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

Awww, thanks for sharing. She was a beautiful bride. I like it that the bridesmaids are wearing black! That's really different.

Debi Y. said...

Congratulations to the new bride and her hubby. And to you too. :)

Sorry that your daughter is moving away - I hope that they will visit you often.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

She's beautiful! Congrats on to her and her husband and I pray they have a life time of love just as her Mom and Dad has had. :)

I love weddings...I can't wait to see more pictures.

So sorry about your daughter moving away...but you know that road goes both ways, you can visit her and she can come visit you, too. :)

Blessings always my dear friend.

Mary said...

I love her dress and it looks perfect on her. She looks beautiful and her hair is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pics and she does look cute in the shirt and her garter. We won't tell her you posted it ;-)
So how far away is your daughter and her family moving? That is hard on moms and dads but sounds like they will have lots of family near and that is good for them. I agree, you have to be happy for them. I am crocheting again although it is going slowly due to working full time again. I am using a doily pattern to make a rug. It will be for looks only, using white cotton yarn. I may dye it when I am finished, don't know when that will be. Doing some laundry so I better get off this computer. Looking forward to pics of what you are currently working on. Hugs!!

glor said...

Your daughter looks beautiful, the dress is beautiful too. Ohhh, I can't imagine how hard it will be with your daughter and grands moving away, sorry for you. Hopefully you can visit often and with all the family there what grand reunions. Blessings.

Anna said...

Be proud...and enjoy are a lucky mom...