Monday, October 1, 2012

Just another Monday..

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Good Morning my fellow bloggers ..I am not sure what happened here..I just finished listing these in my Etsy shop.  I didn't do too much over the weekend.  I finished up one doily, and that's about it.  It needs to be blocked, but I don't feel like it.  Maybe tomorrow.  I am meeting up with some knitters this Wednesday Morning at some catering place.  I guess one of the knitters owns the business.  I just hope I can find it..I don't have an address just a location..I work better like that sometimes.  I will let you know how that goes.  I am not a social person and have a hard time getting out there.  So this is a big step for me.  I don't know what is going on with my isn't working right..I am curious on how this is going to look..sorry if it is funky.  I am thinking I need to get started on the CAL with a few of the ladies in blogland..I only have like 4 squares isn't going to get finished if I don't pick it up..maybe tomorrow..  Oh I put in an order for 100 balls of thread to restock my stash..had to order online as no store carries DMC Cebelia anymore.  The price has gone crazy,but..if you go to  you can get a decent price..on just about everything.   Check it out if you have never been there.  Oh for those of you who are interested..I am having free shipping in my store..Just so you know.  I need to get in my room and make room for more thread..So I need to destash my stash...hmm...a giveway perhaps? Anyway..I need to get busy it is already 11 and I haven't done a thing but play around in blogland.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope your day is more productive than mine appears to be..Blessings my friends.


Preeti said...

Those are amazing doilies Vikki! Very beautiful:)

The one with red background is similar to one of my mini doily done from the 99 little doilies book.

Debi Y. said...

Pretty doilies Vikki. Have fun at the knitters meeting. :)

Charlotte Huffman said...

Hope your knitters meeting goes OK. I too am not a social butterfly, that's why I like blogging. Have a great week.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Beautiful doilies (as always). :)

I am so happy you are going to learn to knit. Knitting opens you mind to a new way of thinking...and besides, a knitted doily is pretty awesome, too.

I think the idea of a give away is awesome!

I have been cross stitching today, working on the autumn angel...and still working on the knitted shrug, too.

Blessings always my dear friend and hugs to Buddy, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, very pretty Doilies. I am back in Florida for awhiule but might see u at Christmas. Have a great Evening.

Bobbi said...

I think it will do you good to check out the knitters... it will make you put on your bra at least once this week LOL -- love ya' sis.

Anna said...

And just an other...pieces of art !

Mary said...

Those doilies are all beautiful. My favorite is the large round one. So many stitches in those, they are so full. I am always amazed at your talent and speed. I am plugging along on my doily rug. Granddaughter just left. We baked cookies today and she went home with three cookie jars filled. Making memories. I hope you enjoy the knitting group.