Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello Mr. Frosty and Old man winter..

Good Morning...hope everyone is staying warm and toasty.  My thermometer is saying it is doesn't read wind chill  so it is really cold.  The snow pretty much missed hitting us here in Mount Vernon Indiana and stayed mostly to the north of us....I wish the bitter cold had missed us too..but I do have things to do, and my house is warm and toasty..and I don't have to go all is well.  Now for those of you who were and are in the path of this storm..please take it seriously and plan for it...the cold air that follows is a if you have to go sure to pack a survival bag in case your car breaks down or you get swallowed up by a snow drift..and stay home if at all possible.    And please if you have outside pets..bring them in..

So what am I doing to occupy myself you ask...I finished up a runner last night..blocked it this morning.  I plan to start on a smaller one to match...I will post a pic..but you have all seen it before.  It is still pretty though.  I am going to make the smaller one in the same pattern but make it about 36 inches.  I really need to make myself a hat, but I don't go out when it is cold or snowy if I can help for my next project...I have a doily that I need to finish up...and then I have a filet of the last supper I want to do..started it and then realized that it was going to be huge so I am going to go to #30 thread..and then I have a friend that got me thinking I want to make a new tablecloth....I have a pattern that is gorgeous...I will post a pic ..anyway. I need to get things picked up around here so I can pick up the hook.

Thanks for stopping by..stay warm and safe....Blessings to you all.
Just finished one up like this..and going to make a smaller one today

Thinking of making this.......

or maybe this one next...

or maybe this me to decide!!!


Anonymous said...

You amaze me Vicki! I see those photos and think, "too hard". I love to crochet but stick with the 'big' yarn. I do love the pineapple runner you made, and the menfolk have been very careful not to place stuff on top. LOL. I just may have one flat surface in the home that does not get cluttered up;-)

Praying you all get through this storm OK, and with power staying on.
blessings, jill

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Oh the runner is so pretty. You always make such lovely things. :)

I love both photos one and two.....I guess it depends on it you are aiming for a big or not so big tablecloth.

Number one photo make me think of Easter and the number two photos is so lovely...hey...maybe I want to make it, too!

Keep warm and say a prayer for us we are in the path of the stuff next.

Hugs and blessings always sweet friend

Faith said...

You are the master I keep telling you....All the choices are lovely, the first looks like a long term project ( for me ) for you, you are so quick like a bunny it might be nothing to whip it up over the weekend. Looking forward to what ever lovely you conjour up....Staying warm, -2 here also, the sky is blue and the sun out...some clouds might keep the heat in...what heat? LOL.

Gramma Rita said...

It is ridiciulously cold here, too. I'm in Pennsylvania. We live on a hill and the wind is just roaring. :( I'll be glad when this major blast of winter is out of here. Thankfully, our electric is still on...hope and pray it stays on.

Charlotte Huffman said...

The weather set a record here in NC and SC today! Brrr! It's cold. I'm staying in as much as possible and crocheting. Love the runner. I don't like to use thread smaller than size 10 but sometimes you have to. Stay warm and crochet!

Debi Y. said...

The table runner is absolutely gorgeous! I love it. Sounds like you're going to be real busy for a while with all the projects on your list. Have fun. :)

Mindy said...

I've been away for a while and finally got caught up on all your amazing work! I love all the colors and patterns you've been doing. =)

I finished my largest doily just in time to block and give as a Christmas gift. Then, it was time to cleanse my doily palette and do a tiny one of a different pattern. ;-) It made me admire your skill and dedication all the more every time I picked it up! Anyway, I'll post pictures soon.

Hope you were blessed by God and surrounded by family and friends during Christmas and New Year's holidays! Blessings!