Monday, May 12, 2014

Pretty in Pink

I hope all you mother's out there had a wonderful day yesterday.  Hubby cooked salmon and chicken on the grill for my MIL and I.  I was blessed with flowers, chocolates and a basket full of yummy cookies.  My girls and hubby really made me feel special.  

I have pulled out the thread eater.  I wouldn't have started work on it again, but Hubby asked how it was coming along.  I told him I had about 40 more rows to do and that each row took over 2 hours to do...and the rows keep getting bigger.  I just didn't know if I felt like even doing it anymore.  Bless his heart..he says...If you were only to do a row a day eventually it would get done..and I really want to see this one.  It would be beautiful on our are more done than you know..just one row a day....and you will feel really good about getting it done.    How is that for a cheerleader? I am working on it row a day before I pick up any other hook or project.  

I did finish up this one this week...I belong to a group on yahoo, and we do a CAL every month..of Trish Kristoffersen designs...and this was the one for May.  I used #3326...a rose color..not light pink, or the really bright pink..but in between the two.  I think this pattern looks pretty good in pink.  Maybe any bold color would look good in this pattern...

Ok I am off to work on the thread eater..just one row for's hoping you all have a wonderful week..


Debi Y. said...

Your hubby is right about the thread eater - one round a day and eventually it will get done. And you probably won't tired of it.

That pink doily is gorgeous - very intricate. :)

Pammy Sue said...

Oh my gosh, that is just gorgeous and the perfect color. I LOVE IT! I have nearly all her books, but I don't recall this one. I see there are twists in it. Is it in the Doilies with a Twist book? I'll have to go look.

Glad you picked up the tablecloth again! Even half a row every day is FINE! :)

Sherri said...

Oh my I love that color! What an awesome doily. I may have to buy some of that thread color. Let me think on it.
Girl you put me to shame, I'm still working on the Lords Supper. I may finish some time this year one row at a time! Lol

Preeti said...

Very pretty doily !! Looks lovely in pink:) I have a PK doily book with twisted designs but haven't tried one.
One row a day keeps the depression away; your hubby is right:)

Anna said...

Gorgeous !!!!

Mindy said...

That's a beautiful pattern! And way-to-go Hubby!! Such great cheerleaders they are. =)

Happy Mother's Day!

Charlotte Huffman said...

Yeah! Thanks to the hubby for cheering you on! Can't wait to see the finished project.

Gramma Rita said...

Love that your hubby is cheering you on with the thread eater! :) Your doily is gorgeous! I love PK doilies, but rarely make them because all the directions can give me a headache. :p LOL

Mereknits said...

Vicki, any husband that shows that kind of wisdom about crochet is a keeper.

Crafy Lady said...

Very Nice, always pretty in Pink.
Hope to see you soon.
Barbara In Florida

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Your Husband sounds so wise! So glad you had a nice Mother's Day. :)

Your pink doily is awesome. I love that color.

((hugs)) and blessings always sweet friend.

Alka said...

You make the most wonderful, detailed doilies! I love your work :)

Kim said...

Oh you make such amazing doilies Vikki!!
I wish you'd send some of that talent my way. Honestly, they're amazing.

I'm so glad your husband has convinced you to pick the thread eater back up. You will be SO happy when it's finished and it'll look fantastic.

Well done you for getting back to it.