Tuesday, December 9, 2014

sale at my shop...

I. want to thank all who favorited my shop last week, it helped.  Etsy has redone how a person's shop shows up in searches.  Mostly Etsy wants a shopowner to pay at least $1 a day for something from your shop to show up in the first page or two of a search.  I don't know about all the other shop owners...I cannot afford to do that.   I opened my shop with the intent to just keep my hobby going without cost to my hubby ( those that collect patterns, threads, and yarns, hooks understand this ).  I started selling Cebelia thread to protect my supply, as it can hardly be found on any shelves at any store.  I don't make a bunch of $$$ from the sell of thread...I sell to fellow hookers who are looking for a good quality thread and a good and reasonable price.    

Never did figure out how to get a pattern from my kindle to my laptop to read Tricia Kristoffersen's new pattern.  I have people working on it for me...hopefully this is not the way of the future.  They say it is so designs stop getting stolen..or copyright infringement..please people..pay the designer.  I have never tried to design a pattern..I enjoy making them too much and it looks like work.  I understand sometimes people ask outrageous $$$ for out of print books, but most publishers if they get enough requests for more copies will reprint..I know Leisure Arts will, as will Annie's Attic....The way I look at it is this..if one is selling their pattern books, they must not want or need this book..put it into the hands of someone who really wants it...at a fair price.  Oh and while I am at it..a pet peeve of mine is those patterns that have been ripped out of a book and listed for sell...I will not buy just on the principle alone of tearing up a book.... Goodness I never meant to go on a rant.  

From now through Saturday December 13  I am having a 10% off sale at my store as a way to thank my customers and blog followers for just putting up with my rants..  There is a coupon code to enter when you check out   CHRISTMAS 2014  is the code.  just enter Christmas 2014 when you check out and it should give you the discount.  Merry Christmas.   Be sure to favorite my shop



Gramma Rita said...

Sorry, I forgot to go favorite your shop last week. I just went and did it right now so I wouldn't forget again. I am hoping to open an Etsy shop sometime next year, but sometimes I wonder if it'll be worth the time and energy I put into it. There are soooo many Etsy shops out there. I do have a question that you might know the answer to. Do I need to get a tax number and charge sales tax, or how does that work?

panavia999 said...

Actually, I like being able to buy a single pattern cut from a magazine. (Never bought a pattern clipped from a book, just never saw one, or the pattern didn't catch my eye.) It is a way to sample the one item you really like at a cheaper price than buying a whole magazine. Anyway, it is something that works for many people.