Friday, August 7, 2015

DMC Cebelia prices going up

Good afternoon...I am going to keep this short.  DMC has raised their prices on Cebelia thread...with that being said I am not going to raise my prices until the end of August so that those of you who buy thread from me can make an order before the price increase of 50 cents a ball....that is 2.00 a box...  Until the end of August my price will remain the $20.00.  and until the end of August I will mix boxes of if you want a ball of yellow, a ball of red and 3 other colors..I will price the order of 5 balls at the box price...I cannot ensure dye lots on the mixed thread....but can of the box of 5 of one color..... so now is the time to order your thread..before the price goes up....

To place an order of a mixed box you will have to contact me..through etsy's contact seller  button.  If you follow my facebook page you can message me from facebook.   Look me up on facebook  ByHooks4u if you don't want to go through Etsy .  Have a great weekend

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