Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Put a fork in me...I am done

It is finally over.  I do one craft show a year..and I have decided that this year would be my last...it is just so stressful.  I crochet because I like it..it is a hobby..it is what relaxes me.  I can have the worst day ever and when I pickup the hook and a ball of thread and begin to create a doily, runner, or whatever..I just go to another world.  So when this became to stressful..I decided I wouldn't do it anymore....well that time has come..no more shows..maybe I will change my mind in a few years..who knows..maybe someone will want me to help them out..who knows..but for now..in my heart and in my head..I know I am done with the craft show... I did very well again this year by the way..in case one thinks it is because my things did not sell..I had a very good year...and walked away with a few orders also..

Don't get me wrong...I love talking to people..I like talking about my craft...I just don't like the setting up, the tearing down, and the stress of wondering if I am making the right thing..in the right colors...and you know in the end it just didn't matter...I would never have made just the right thing..there would always be someone who wanted something just a little different or in another color..but now that I have decided not to do the craft show anymore..I can make whatever I feel like making...I am still taking orders...I like orders as I don't have to really make any decisions..about color or patterns..for the most part.   And I still get to talk about the craft I love..and the thread that I enjoy...so it all works out in the end.

Speaking of thread...still waiting on the BABYLO thread...I am waiting for my distributor to let me know it is in.  I got an email..a few weeks back that said 5-6 more weeks...should be anytime now..Did you know DMC shuts down all production for the month of August?  I don't know why they do it...but they do..nothing is being made or shipped out...I will have to remember that and put in a big old order in July....Anyway..my plan is to have all the colors offered in Babylo...except for the white and ecru...just in size 10 until I see how it goes...and what kind of demand for other sizes..they offer it in size 10,20,30,40......but in case it doesn't go well..I use #10.  

I have also listed a few books that I have doubles of ...still going through my hoard of patterns..



Ann White said...

I am glad you did well at the sale, Vikki, but I can understand you not wanting to do it anymore. Just don't stop making those gorgeous doilies!

Faith said...

You continue to be an inspiration to me. You do lovely handwork, and however you make them, and to whomever is the receiver they are lovely, charming and awesomely created by hand. You can't beat that.

A happy hook is a moving hook :)

Charlotte Huffman said...

I always say I'm going to participate in a craft show but when the time comes, I don't for the same reasons you gave. Glad you did well. After working in the manufacturing business for almost 30 years, I may have the reason DMC shuts down in August. They are probably doing inventory and maintenance on the machines.

Preeti said...

Glad to know you did well in the show. Your stall is looking great!! Enjoy what you want to do and make:)

Mereknits said...

Good for you making the decision to stop the show, at least for a while. I think you had a fantastic layout. Well done selling so much.