Tuesday, January 5, 2016

This is the only thing I have finished in awhile.  There are 3..count them 3 WIPS on my table...and if you have followed me for awhile you know how that drives me crazy....so my goal is to finish up one of those wips this week.  A runner...filet..and I get really bored with filet...I love the look and I really admire anyone who does filet as the time and the tediousness (is that a word?) of it.  Oh this pattern is designed by Kathryn White.  

I have a tablecloth in the works..been staring at me for at least a couple of months...a pattern from Patricia Kristoffersen...her swirl pattern..making it in a shade of blue that has been discontinued..I call it Steel blue..love the antique look of the color...and the table runner..

Waiting patiently for the new order of BABYLO to get here...I really like this thread..It is the smoothest thread I have ever worked with...soft and silky, with a sheen like Cebelia.  I do think it is a bit smaller that Cebelia..at least the size 10 is....the results are awesome...so yeah this thread is fast becoming my favorite..not that I would ever give up Cebelia..but this thread and the available colors are just awesome.  The variegated colors have no white..so if you want variegated pinks...it is all shades of pinks..or greens, or blues, or yellows...love it.  My stock is pretty low right now...I ordered every color available..so I am hoping it all comes in and there is no backorder....I thought I ordered enough for my first order..not knowing the thread...I should have ordered more....oh well...if you haven't tried it..I would encourage you to give it a try..I know it is a little more expensive..but you get close to 300 yards..and if you put alot of time into your thread items you want to make it with good quality thread...just saying...

My distributor raised their shipping costs as of the first of the year..making me have to order really huge orders...so I have to put some real thought into what I will carry and how much...I guess that was to be expected as everything has went up...oh yeah...postage rates are due to go up on January 17.....again!!!

Well that's all I got for today...may you have a blessed week....and thanks for stopping by.  You can check out my threads here



Mereknits said...

I have not finished a thing since way before Christmas, just seems like there is not time anymore!
Hugs to you,

Charlotte Huffman said...

Sorry I'm late in commenting. Bloglovin has changed and it's hard to keep up with my unread blogs. Cute doily. I don't like to have more than one project going at a time. Can't wait to see the finished projects.

Fran Lehigh said...

I like it so much, I want to make one!!

Donna Heber said...

So pretty!!!