Sunday, February 21, 2016

Seriously destashing my pattern books......

In the next few days I am going to be listing these books in my etsy yes I am destashing in a big way.....I still have some binders to go through so there will be more in the future....if you see something here you want you can message me from facebook...byhooks4u is my name....and I can send you an invoice through pay me listing fees....or you can just hit my etsy shop   and see if they are listed yet...these are just some of the books......
$8.00 +shipping

$10 +shipping

$8 + shipping

$10 +shipping

$10 +shipping

$8.00 + shipping

8.00+ shipping

15.00 + shipping

10.00 +shipping

8.00 +shipping

10.00 + shipping

20.00+ shipping

10.00+ shipping
 Like I said these are just a few of what I will be listing in the near future....and I still have binders to go through.....argh!!


Faith said...

hi vikki, did you email me about a potholder swap. I'm not having one, something seems strange, any idea

Vikki Hooks said...

Faith no I did not email you about a potholder odd

Faith said...

heres what happened, it said count me in for the potholder swap, ( I'm not doing one ) then it says, don't contact me at my address use this one , and it gives ones similar to your without a s on your last name. I found it strange and did not click on it. So if you see anything strange, think may not be from someone you know.
I sent it to spam, but wanted you to be aware incase you see something funky.

Fashions said...

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Kathy Prickett said...

Hey any chance do you still have the hearts and flowers book? I's a long while ago. Just saw this post. If not it's ok. Was just wondering.