Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wow...I can't believe it has been a month since I last posted..goodness the older I get the faster time flies.  I have been telling myself I need to get my to my blog for at least a week or two.  I try to read some blogs and blogger says page unavailable..so JO and Moe...please know that I am trying to stay in touch...OK..what is new in my world...not a whole lot.. Went to Florida with my mom and one of my sisters to visit another sister.  That was a fun trip...my sister has never flown before.  She really made me laugh..Mom broke her foot a few weeks back, so she was wheeled around in a wheelchair..found out she has trust issues..like we are going to run her into something on purpose..Hey I will be honest here..you get a lot of help getting through the airport, ticket and security if you are in a wheelchair...I highly recommend it..

I got home from my trip and found that I had a couple of big boxes of DMC thread waiting for me.   Of course it is Cebelia...but there was a box of BABYLo......brand new colors!!! The colors are awesome....I can't remember who suggested I look into Babylo..but thank you whoever you are...I love this thread...It is right up there with Cebelia...

I moved in April....To be really honest...I am not sure I like where I am at.  It is only temporary, but I need just a little more space.  I can't seem to get my craft room organized and together....I need help...seems like it is just there..some of it is still in boxes..got the important stuff unpacked..like thread, hooks, and patterns...but the rest...not so much...

Hey if you get a minute ...check out the Babylo..it is in my shop ByHooks4u.etsy.com

I am still destashing my pattern books and am listing more as I find them...also as always DMC Cebelia Size 10, and neutral colors in size 20...at the best price you will find anywhere.. 

Thanks for taking time to read my thoughts, may you be wonderfully blessed.



Charlotte Huffman said...

Saw your picture on Facebook of you, your mom, and sisters. Glad you had a great visit.

Mereknits said...

Welcome back. Hope Florida treated you well and you got out before our tropical storm.