Friday, July 8, 2016

One Proud grandma!!!

I haven't been moving the hook too much in the past 3 weeks...I have my oldest grandson with me.  He just turned 14.  I am blessed beyond measure because he wants to be here.  Someday he will be too old for his grandma and his life will be busy so I am truly enjoying the time I have with him.  I did get this name thingy done for a customer..and while I was making it may grandson stood behind me...and yes it drove me crazy...I didn't know he was watching and learning...He asked if I had any extra crochet stuff, so I dug him out a ball of yarn and a hook....he wanted thread and a small hook...we did start out with it, but he soon realized he wasn't quite ready for it.  So with the yarn I was gob stopped shocked....he is a lefty and since he has been about 4 or 5 he wanted to help me...and I tried teaching..we got as far as a chain...every year he comes down and every year we go through the learning of crochet...well this year by George he got it!!!! well kind of...but he got it!!! I have posted pics of his wrist bands...he did them all by himself while watching tv !!!! So yes I am one proud grandma...his dad may have a problem with it, but his grandma....NOT!! 

The name thingy (Breadcloth) is made with DMC #20 thread, and is color 3033 (taupe)...I make these by requests can contact me at for more information ...

Thanks for stopping by..yep one proud gma!!!


Charlotte Huffman said...

What a blessing! I wish my grandkids would get interested in crochet! I've tried teaching my girls but they just aren't interested.

Mereknits said...

Lots of cool guys are crocheting these days, I love it!
Well done to your grandson and you of course too!

Sherri said...

Vikki, I love that my granddaughters asked me to teach them. If for som reason I couldn't I took them to someone who could. And they both crochet and knot. I'm so proud that they even tried and now they can if they want to.
Your name doily is beautiful. I always wanted one but our last name is so very long! Lol

Gramma Rita said...

How wonderful that your grandson is interested in crocheting. He did a great job! Adelyn was here on Saturday and I had her working on a chain. She needed a lot of help, but she seems interested. I told her that she is young yet and as she gets older it will be easier for her to get everything coordinated. :) She is almost 7, so still pretty young. She is giving me hope though. :) <3