Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not So Sure About Blogging?

Ok I am not much of a computer person..but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to go Blog searching . Heck that may not even be the term..I want to read and look at other people's blog that have the some hobby I do. That being Crochet..mostly with thread.. ok so if for some reason someone reads my blog and knows how to do this and can explain it in simple terms please feel free to tell me how to surf the blogs...I would be most this is really getting to feel like a diary type of thing..any way..have a good 4th.

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Merry said...

Hi there, I use the Google Blog Search....

I just type in a keyword and then it brings up all the blogs that have posted something with that. I enjoy cardmaking so if I am using a particular at the moment I am trying out 'eyelets' so I just put that in the search and go from there. Then quite often there are links on these blogs and I find I am going from blog to blog. Have fun!